My beloved Goldfrapp released their new vid-clip in the UK last week. It makes me smile… Thought I would post it before the weekend officially starts — especially after my sad little poem.
kisses from just east of GayTown,

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  1. The sagittarian replied:

    You know now I’m going to have to listen to this whole thing, it even got a write up in the papers over here!!

  2. matty03 replied:

    The Sagittarian! Oh yes, you simply must listen to ALL Goldfrapp! They are magical!

  3. hot-lunch replied:

    thanks for posting!! I only wish a couple of Kylies were spotted somewhere in the background with grocery bags and dropping a big parcel on the ground.

  4. scarlet hip replied:

    You know I love the frapp!!

    Miss ya. I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately. Sending love and hugs.

  5. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Oh! That would have been cool!!!! Oh well, Kylie is on a mission to conquer the US! I’ve my fingers crossed for her!

    Scarlet Hip! Hi! I was out of the loop for a while, too! Sending you love and hugs right back!

  6. javabear replied:

    I’ve seen you post about Goldfrapp but this is the first time I have ever heard anything they’ve done. I like this one. Watching the vid, though, bout wore me out. My knees are sore from watching that guy bounce the whole time.
    Hang on to the happiness, Matty my dear.

  7. Old Cheeser replied:

    Lovely and funny vid! And clever too – was it really all done in one continuous take or is it just trickery? I wish I could jump up and down like that!

    Yes have downloaded most of her latest album now and it really is brilliant!

    Hope you’re doing okay, Mister.

    OC xx

  8. matty03 replied:

    Java! LOL! It makes me want to jump all around just like that boy in the vid! I think Ing and I should go jumping about the Castro just like that! I could drop lots of weight quick! Listen to more Goldfrapp!!!! It clears the soul! (i think that is a good thing)

    Cool Old Cheeser! Yes, Goldfrapp is brilliant! No, I think there is much trickery as both Allison and Will are featured throughout the vid-clip in various costumes. But, it is just so fun and cool! yay!

    …I’m ok. Will get thru this crap soon(er) or late(r)

  9. Pants replied:

    OK, I think the Happiness video might be my most favorite of all time…and not just because I could use some right now.

  10. matty03 replied:

    Pants! Me, too! Tho, I think I am getting a lot of pleasure from trying to find Madonna in her new video with that kid from NSYNC. …or was he a BackStreetBoi?

    …that former boy band member who dated Britney.

    But, Happiness is such a happy sounding song and vid-clip!

  11. Steve Rebooted replied:

    I keep hearing about Goldfrapp! I never even heard of them before, until recently. I like the video!

  12. matty03 replied:

    Steve! Goldfrapp is the most important musical group in history! It’s more than just music — it’s a lifestyle choice filled with glitter, sunshine and a few strippers!

  13. Pants replied:

    How is it that I don’t own any Goldfrapp? I’m beginning to see this as a major offense against my musical tastes…must be righted immediately! I am sooooo in lurve with Happiness!

  14. matty03 replied:

    Pants! Yes, please correct this matter as soon as possible!!!!

  15. walter J. Briski, Jr. replied:

    don’t you just LOVE that bouncing dog, in the end of the video?
    i think this is my fave goldfrapp video.
    though i do like “number 1” a lot too.

  16. matty03 replied:

    Walter! I do so love that doggie jumping about! Tho, I think Strict Machine is my personal fave Goldfrapp vid-clip. I can just stare at it and get lost in the animation. Plus, thus far, it is from the very beginning of my fave Goldfrapp era!

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