(love and sharks) 1 HOUR TODAY AT THE BEACH

…it can’t be captured on any audio tape or sleep machine — that magical vibe one gets from sitting on the beach. today was the first day that i wasn’t too cold when i stepped off the streetcar and on to the sand. i took off my shoes and sat for an hour. …iPod off. …watching. …listening. soaking it up like a dried out piece of drift wood that wanted to be a sponge.

…it was a great hour. …maybe on wednesday i can go out there for longer. (i hope so)


March 4, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Pants replied:

    Oh Matty, I am so jealous! I would kill (KILL!) to squish sand through my toes and listen to the crashing of the waves.

  2. johnmichael replied:

    Great pictures.

  3. The Sagitarrian replied:

    Oh, is that Ocean Beach?? Or something like that…I took some pix from that beach in um 1992, loved it. I always head to the sea for comfort, dunno why that is. Maybe it’s a reminder of the womb or something…

  4. ing replied:

    Remember that relaxing trip we took to the beach last Easter? The wind howling through our hair, lying back on our blankets as they flapped in the breeze, the sand in our eyes, the swearing beachcombers? Remember the adorable children and their Easter candy, which they chucked at the backs of our heads?

  5. Werner replied:

    Looking at your pictures, makes me DREAM dreams! I can hear the waves splashing onto shore, the different birds making their calls, the wind blowing freely in the open space,-alone,with your thoughts and oh…the aroma,the smell of the Ocean….heavenly!!!!
    The best of all the medicines available,can not give the tranquility,the peace of mind that only nature is able to provide.
    Sunsets,sunrise on a beach,changing to different colors over the hours of the day,fascinating!

    Matty, may the peace and tranquility fill your heart abundently and give you the inner peace and healing you so desperately need.
    ((((( Big Hugs))))) and Love,


  6. Steve replied:

    Beautiful shots which make me miss the West Coast and long for Spring.

  7. Old Cheeser replied:

    Lovely pics Matty and like everyone else I wish I could be there! There IS something very recuperative and calming about being by the sea, it chills you out and soothes you and it’s good for the soul I think (all cliched points but true). Plus the healthy aspect. It’s good to be in a place with sea breezes, clears out your head and lets you breath properly! Living in London I definitely feel “hemmed in” sometimes and that the air here is just so stifling. I lived in Brighton (by the South coast) for six years prior to being here and miss it lots sometimes! When you step off the train you can really smell/taste the difference in the air…lovely! Hope to twist my husband’s arm and make him move there with me someday…

    Anyway hope all is good at your end and hope you get to make another beach trip real soon!

    OC xx
    PS Downloaded most of Goldfrapp’s latest album and it’s wonderful.

  8. hot-lunch replied:

    you know, i live on the West Coast too, yet I don’t take advantage of the lovely beaches and awesome weather as much as I should… i like the ipod off part… way to enjoy the moment!

  9. Meredith replied:

    It never ceases to amaze me how totally different your beach is from mine on the same ocean. What I wouldn’t give for a bicycle built for two on a sunny beach!

  10. pakipoptart replied:

    Is matty ok? I hope so. ( :

  11. Dessie replied:

    I do hope you’re not planning a Reginald Perrin, Matty. That would not do at all.

  12. matty03 replied:

    Oh, i’m so glad you all enjoyed the pictures!

    i’m ok — just trying to come out of something dark i guess.

    ing – i could never forget that day — or the way you sweetly tossed the candy back to the gentle children.

    pakipoptart – i’ll be ok. i guess it just takes time.

    dessie — no, i don’t plan on faking any suicide (no matter how hard i try i seem to be noticed all the time — a magnet for persons — some of whom i cherish and others from whom i want to run ) …and, i certainly would never take my life — how cruel and selfish an act. i think.

    everyone should get to a beach soon!

    sorry i’ve been so out of the blog loop — i will be back in soon! i promise!


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