…and, this is one example of this. I loved this LP when I was a kid! And, no, I didn’t get the double meaning at the time! Anyway, I recently found this LP in a dollar bin. There were two copies: One was almost pristine and the other was the one I purchased. It has a lot of surface scratches and noise pops as it plays. I think 70’s Heart sounds best this way too. I have a near mint copy of “Dreamboat Annie” but I think I’d rather have a surface noise copy. It seems to add something.

Questions I Made Up:

1. What toy do you most miss?
My Winnie The Pooh stuffed toy. It made me feel safe.

2. If you could bring back any dead person, who would it be?
My Grandmother. I’m always thinking of things I would like to tell or show her. And, I often wonder what she would think of me as I am now.

3. If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?
Forget Jesus or Ghandi, I’d like to have dinner with Amy Carter and gay porn legend Joey Stefano.
Maybe Patty Hearst could join us for dessert! You have to admit it would be interesting. …Or, maybe not. I don’t know. But, seriously, think of the stories each could share! Somehow, perhaps, John Waters could turn it all into a great musical!!!

4. Who was the hottest Brady Bunch member?
Peter! Peter! Peter! I (heart) Peter in his perm!!!

5. What, in your opinion, is the coolest LP cover of the 1990’s?
After much soul searching, I’d have to say it would be Hole’s “Live Through This” CD. One cringes just looking at it. Painfully real. …And, uniquely American somehow. I don’t know.

I’m not so sure I’m good at thinking of questions. I think I will so sit by the bay and watch the water. It is a beautiful and sunny day!

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  1. Steve replied:

    Amy Carter? Bwahahahah

  2. ing replied:

    Amy Carter! Yes! Awesome!

    From what I’ve heard about your grandmother, I think she’d be proud of you for continuing to strive for happiness, no matter what the obstacles. And for being an inspiration (I think). And for making so many people happy just by being you.

  3. joe replied:

    Peter?! No, it was that Oliver kid. so hot, I still get nightmares about it.

    Love your questions. Love you more.

  4. pakipoptart replied:

    Probably the most interesting set of questions I’ve seen in some time now! I always found that hole cover to be interesting. I listened to that cd so much during college. I used to wonder who that girl was on the cover. Any ideas?

    Who is this porn star, I don’t think I know this one!

    Hey did you hear the cast of “One day at a Time” is going to do a reunion show?

  5. matty replied:

    Steve! I grew up watching Amy Carter — and, from what I can tell, she continues to be a normal person living in extraordinary socio-culture surroundings. I think she’d be a great dinner partner! Besides, I used to pretend she was my friend when I was a kid!

  6. matty replied:

    Ing! Thank you! lol! …Oh, I hope so. I think more than anything I’d like to show my Grandmother Big Sur — and the Golden Gate Bridge. I miss her.

  7. matty replied:

    Joe! No! I love you more!!

    Oh, my! Don’t bring up The Dreaded Oliver! (shudder!) …and to think that the producers thought he would bring the child cute factor back to The Bunch as poor Cindy was still being forced to pig-tail her hair and say really stooopid things!

  8. matty replied:

    PakiPoptart! Thanks! You should consider yourself tag’d and answer them yourself! (not really, only if you want to!)

    …You know, I do believe the cover of the Hole LP was taken by an American photo journalist at a Miss America pageant. Not sure, but I DO KNOW — it is a real picture from some beauty pageant. I had seen the picture before Hole used it to such great advantage!

    Oh, my! Well, I suspect Joey Stefano was before your time but he was the first Gay Porn “Bottom” who became a star — he was a power bottom to say the least! He was LaRue’s first star when he was first breaking into porn. And, he became quite infamous — interviewed by Andy Warhol for Interview magazine and Madonna recruited him to be in her SEX book. He died of a drug over dose in the early 90’s. Sad life — recounted in a really poorly written book called Wonderbread or something like that. You can find it on — and his vids or all over the place. He was so pretty. …but, sad life and not too smart either from all accounts.

    Wow! A One Day At A Time reunion!!!! Bonnie Franklin Lives!!!! …but, I think Schnieder died a few years back.

  9. hot-lunch replied:

    The 90s. i can’t think that far back.

    I really liked the cover of Madonna’s Erotica album. I love the thin pencil sketching of her face in ecstasy.

    Or how about any of the Bjork covers?

    Oh i know, It’s gotta be Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories – Tails. That kitty cat is so farkin’ cute!!!

  10. johnmichael replied:

    Those are great questions. I guess I like my things a little ironed out…I like listening to CDs rather than vinyl.
    Greg Brady was better looking!

  11. ginab replied:

    I didn’t get the double meaning until oops I saw the cover of I’m In You right here on your blog Matty.

    I’d want my Mrs. Beasley returned, thank you, for all her comforts and probably for her (?) similarities to my grandma (I’d like to see her especially). I’d rather do dinner and an all nighter with someone I haven’t met yet and I’d also like to be 22 in that moment (and probably he’d prefer me to be 22 also).

    Where have I gone?

    I wonder what Frampton thinks of the cover. He should do a Krapp’s tape…but for each year commit himself to record his reaction. As in, “Aye, two thousand and eight and I haven’t seen the cover in a year!? Well that gismo jacket reminds me of a butt buff back when these were in in…Los Angeles, I think it was”. click-errrr.

  12. matty replied:

    Hot Lunch! Ahhh, the 90’s. Well, in truth — I don’t remember them all that well. Actually, that is not true — I was livin’ the life of the single gay boi until about 1994!

    You know the cover of Erotica is a crop’d moment from SEX. …And, you would be so shocked to see the rest of that picture!!! LOL!

    Lisa Loeb! Oh, no! Stop it! I had pushed her from my brain!

  13. matty replied:

    johnmichael! well, I used to prefer CD’s to vinyl. However, since receiving my way cool record player — I prefer it. The music feels more fringe and unhinged. However, a group like Hot Chip is much better on CD (or in my case — downloaded to iTunes and played thru our stereo system or my iPod. I rarely actually buy CD’s anymore. Tho, I just got the UK Goldfrapp 7th Tree box! …and, I’m in love with it!

    Greg did have that groovy pad in the attic of a house which could not have had an attic. But, my heart belongs to Peter.

    Actually, a three way with Mr. Brady and Alice might be pretty hot! LOL!

  14. matty replied:

    Gina! LOL! I hope the double meaning didn’t throw you off course too much. I remember when I caught it and I was like, “Oh, yeah! Well, it was the 70’s! I should have known!”

    …I don’t think I ever want to be 22 again — but I could easily go for 27! …I think that was my best age overall.

    And, I love the idea of having Peter Frampton sit and discuss his personal feelings about the cover of I’m In You each year! It could be some VH1 special. Still, I do love that LP! And, the cover just makes me smile.

  15. ginab replied:

    Oh, I like the album too. And, Frampton Comes Alive (of course).

    I can’t remember being 22.

  16. matty replied:

    Gina! Yeah, Frampton Comes Alive was so cool!!!! (I have that on my iPod! — don’t tell anyone! lol!)

    I remember 22, but 21 is all a sort of blur.

  17. Java replied:

    Peter Frampton is all kinds of hot sexy in that picture.

    I like the sounds of a slightly scratched vinyl record. Tapes get too distorted.

    What does a guy do to be considered a power bottom? I can’t come up with anything. Please explain.

  18. matty replied:

    Java! Well, a power bottom subverts the concept of submissive bottom by taking charge of the situation – tho, in fact, it is the bottom who always holds the real power. But, essentially the power bottom ends up being the dominating party even tho being the, uh, “the receiver” — ex: “Show me what you’re made of!” “Can you work this?!?!” “Harder, Pig!” etc. …Joey Stefano was the master power bottom! LOL!

    This blog has officially become X-rated!

  19. Meredith replied:

    Weird… I was reading your post and, just as the Hole cover appeared on the screen, Rockstar came up on my shuffle. Twilight zone theme. xo

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