I’m not sure what made me think of it, but there was a vid-clip created for Unkle a while back. I find it somehow inspiring — the man (a bum? a crazy? an anger filled individual?) refuses to give the way of the road. He refuses to let the cars keep him down. And, in the end, he triumphs. He builds a sort of strength beyond chrome – beyond steel.

Maybe we all build up a sort of strength beyond the road blocks life presents. Maybe we all need to learn to not give up the road without a fight. …the song is from Unkle’s Psychic Vision LP: A pal recently introduced me to a new word: “Discotastic” I wish everything and everyone could be discotastic. I hope you have a discotastic week!!!…and, I was listening to Sebestian Tellier’s new work while I created this post: …I rather like it!! And, I rather love the cheesy-chic cover for the sleeve! How can one not love it?!?!?

February 18, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. ginab replied:

    sometimes it’s all a cowboy tellier can see of a landscape.

  2. Dessie replied:

    Love the ending… 😉

  3. matty03 replied:

    Gina! I know! Isn’t it just like a cowboy! Did you watch the vid-clip!?!?!?

    Dessie! Isn’t it awesome!?!?!

  4. Java replied:

    I like that graphic. The promised land for a straight cowboy. (or a lezzy cowgirl)
    Get up more often that you fall down, sweetie. Love ya’

  5. Old Cheeser replied:

    That is a very cheesy, not to say naughty album cover! But naturally I love all things cheesy.

    Is Sebastian Tellier “discotastic” kind of music?

  6. matty03 replied:

    Java! Wow! I hadn’t thought about the fact that it might be a cowgirl’s ride! I love that!

  7. matty03 replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! I knew you would appreciate it! No, I don’t think Sebestien is quite discotastic. He is more Air-lite. You know?

    Goldfrapp Supernature is discotastic! …so the bar is raised!

  8. johnmichael replied:

    Yes, I think we all need to stay on a journey of self discovery and not let obstacles keep us from discovering who we are.

  9. pakipoptart replied:

    That’s one of the most interesting videos I’ve ever seen. I wonder what went on in the creative process.

  10. Meredith replied:

    Darling, glad to see you are, as ever Discotastic! xo

  11. matty03 replied:

    johnmichael! Yes!

  12. matty03 replied:

    pakipoptart — Isn’t it cool? Yeah, I’d be curious to know more about the production, but it is not new. I first saw it several years ago when Unkle released that CD. I just thought of it.

    Lovely Meredith!!!!! I’ve missed you!!!! How are you?!!?!? I wish that I were feeling “discotastic” — but, maybe some day soon I hope!

  13. Meredith replied:

    I’m good! Haven’t read many of your posts so I’m not as caught up as I’d like to be on what’s been happening with you. Glad to see that you and B are as blissfully domesticated (in a good way!) as ever! Can’t wait to read more!

  14. hot-lunch replied:

    i just heard a bit of this Sebastian fellow over on PakiPopTart’s blog and it is SOOO you! it’s like, if you made an album, it would sound like this! (Well, the song I listened to at least – Divine). It’s like a magic show coming out of my speakers!

  15. matty03 replied:

    Oh! I’m so flattered!!!!

    I love the idea that I’m like a magic show coming out of someone’s speakers!!!! What a great description of a song!!!

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