For the last couple of days I’ve been playing this and another LP a lot. I found both for very cheap at a tiny record store in the city that I really love. Anyway, what is interesting is that neither record is great. However, there is something addictive about both of them. The LP above was released in the early 70’s. A sort of Donovan-esque retreat into trippy hippie music. I love the idea of following Alice into adventures which is sort of what Mark Fry was doing when he sat around Italy in the years of 1968 to 1973 and made this record.
From what I can gather it has been a highly sought after record by collectors. Mark Fry no longer records as far I can find — he has become a rather successful artist in Europe. He was certainly dreamy enough to grace the covers of Tiger Beat. But, his record is like a dream. Just sort of quiet with harmonies hard to find upon first listen. …and this is the other record which has been getting a lot of play on my way cool player. Once again, this is not a really great bit of recording work but there is something quietly seductive and sexy about the way Kristofferson and Coolidge mixed their voices. Distant, but close at the same time. The music is simple but manages to wind the musical mind around some fairly complex thought. As I listen to both of these records I find myself relaxing and wishing I could have a glass of wine or bit of weed.

…so that I could really close my eyes and follow Alice and her rabbit down the hole into adventures of the mind rather the horror show of my memories.


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  1. ing replied:

    Mark Fry is dreeeeeeeamy! Wow! I’ve never heard his stuff, far as I know. What cuteness, though!

    (Kris, too, ‘cept I’ve heard him.)

  2. pakipoptart replied:

    This is what I love about your blog–your ability to take me places I never even knew existed.

  3. ing replied:

    Places like a dog’s vagine!

  4. anita replied:

    Poor little Bagel. She looks sooo sad. I am glad you devoted the whole weekend to her. As I remember my hysterectomy, the first two days were miserable and the third was the worst. I kept wondering why I’d done this to myself!. Then, on the 4th day, everything was good and I was glad all the monthly misery was at an end and glad I’d done it. I am sure will be the same for dear little Bagel.

    But, I am so glad you didn’t leave her alone that first night. How cruel of the vet. I think you better look into getting a new vet. Some things just cannot be tolerated. PS: You are wise not to go into the rabbit hole. Who knows what resides below. Stay focused on the good things that are yours now–claim them as much as you can–Lots of love coming your way from here and I know from a lot of other places in the world. I love you so very much. Anita

  5. matty03 replied:

    Ing! Isn’t he so incredibly dreamy?!!?! I can’t find a current picture of him — but he was so “do-able” back in ‘the day’ — and, I really like his music. It is “dreamy” on a sunny day in a field of flowers — daisies I should think. I would make a CD of his stuff for you except I only have it on vinyl and the software is no longer working! wahhhhhh! You will just have to come over to hear it!

    I think you’d like this Kristofferson LP, too. I think.

  6. matty03 replied:

    Pakipoptart! Oh, thank you! I do what I can! You should check out these sounds. Fry is best enjoyed while laying on the floor with your eyes closed ever so slightly.

  7. matty03 replied:

    Ing – Stop making light of Bagel’s ‘secret place’!!!!

  8. matty03 replied:

    Anita! I think Bagel is ok now. She is trying to play and we have to calm her down. No playing for a week after the surgery. Anyway, she seems like she is almost back to normal. Tho, she is taking more naps than normal — I think that is both out of some lingering discomfort and over all boredom as she can’t play or run around like she likes to do.

    I don’t think we will change vets. Bagel really seems to like going there (which makes life much easier) and they are very well rated on Yelp and the wealthier Oakland community at large. But, we will not board with them. And, I hope we never have to leave her there all night for a procedure!!!!

    I don’t plan on going down any rabbit holes. I’m still trying to get out of the one I’m in right now!

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