Sometimes it feels like all your candy just got smashed and there is no hope of being able to put it in your mouth. But, if you just force yourself to concentrate and put one foot in front of the other you can get to the store and pick up a new roll. I was sitting at one of those noisy tables in the San Francisco Westerfield Mall food court digesting a good dose of aural candy as supplied by my iPod. I was examining the two cigar boxes that I had just purchased from some annoyed package store clerk when I could tell someone was standing in front of me saying something.

“Hey dude, are you Matty from Matty’s Bit of Space?”

I pulled the iPod ear buds out and chatted briefly with what appeared to be a gay 20-something skater boy named “Danny” — Danny made my day by telling me that I looked just like my on-line photos and he had imagined that I would look all “fat and fucked-up” but that I looked “cool” and “good” —- I thanked him and fought the urge to drop and offer to open a church up in his name. “Danny” also told me that I was the reason that he and his boyfriend discovered Goldfrapp. Then he asked me what I thought of a purchase he had just made at Nordstrom’s. A cool pair of jeans and a hoodie covered in an odd wall paper sort of pattern that was totally cool. I was a bit shocked at the sticker price of both clothing items, but he stressed that they were really bargains. I agreed that he had secured cool designer threads.

I asked him if he ever commented on the blog and he told me no. He asked about the cigar boxes and I told him I wasn’t sure why I liked them so much but that I do. And, he then wanted to know to what I was listening on my iPod. I showed him. I was, and, have been listening to Miguel Bose quite a bit. At that moment I was listening to an older “LP” called “Velvetina” …I confessed to “Danny” that I had discovered Miguel Bose thanks to the cover of his latest CD. He was so interesting looking that I had to check out his sound — and I was sold after hearing his first song.

Miguel Bose has been around a long time. In fact, he has been recording longer than Madonna and is quite popular in both Mexico and Spain. I knew of him as an actor, but had no idea he wrote and sang music. It seems that he has performed a wide variety of music — ranging from New Order-like synth pop to smooth Latin grooves to romantic Spanish love ballads and all (in recent years) with a touch of Hip Hop/Electronica cool. I don’t speak Spanish or French, but these two languages seem to say so much just by the phonical sounds. No matter what is said, it sounds sexy. I can tell that much of his recent work is quite political in nature. This is smart adult pop which almost seems like a Spanish/French twist sort of fusion that is infectious to the ear. “Danny” asked if I was going to be writing about my new fave musical artiste. I told him that I thought I would. And, so I am right now.

But, how to fully explain the sound and texture of Miguel Bose? For me, his music is a bit like sweet hot candy that melts in the mouth. You have to take care, tho. If you should happen to touch your lips at the wrong moment you’re likely to end up with sticky fingers. Yeah, this is how I would describe the sound of both Bose’s voice and music. Sticky, sweet and hot candy.

How I ended up with all of his music in such a short time is a whole other story which I do not care to share. But, I guess it was worth it. Miquel Bose pop rocks like no other!

“Danny” said goodbye, tossed his Nordstrom’s bag over his shoulder and grasped his scruff’d up board and headed toward Market Street. It was time for me to head back home. I put the cigar boxes back in the plastic bag and headed to the Powell Street BART station.

…As per usual, I started to feel a bit dizzy in my non-stop disorientation.

I trip’d and fell down the stairs at BART. …Luckily, I don’t think anyone noticed. Or, maybe, it was just that no one cared. I was ok. My foot hurt a bit, but the cigar boxes and my iPod were OK. I headed home to a very affectionate puppy and a sink of dirty dishes.

I was listening to my vinyl of James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James” as I wrote this.

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  1. Dessie replied:

    Honey… is it safe for you to be going out while you’re not feeling well? Perhaps you need some kind of, I don’t know, apartment vacation? I just saw how stupid that sounds… I guess I mean bed rest 😉

  2. matty03 replied:

    Dessie — It doesn’t sound stupid at all. And, I do so appreciate it. I don’t guess so. I’m supposed to be trying to “build” days while I work through this. Walking is the main choice of work I’ve been given. However, some days I do my very best to avoid stairs and crowded places. Today, the escalator going down was out. So, I had to use the stairs. Truth be told, I think I was overly confident about my abilities.

    I worry very much that “they” have me on far too many drugs. We’re going to get a second opinion.

    Plus, I have to get out of this apartment at least once a day or I go nuts. …well, i guess i’m nuts anyway.

    …but, i’m groovin’ to Miguel Bose at the moment. I’ve taken James Taylor off the turntable!

  3. ing replied:

    Yep, I agree, you need to get out of the apartment! And I also agree that you look cute, as always and ever. There’s not much circumstances can do to change the fact that you were born beautiful.

  4. ing replied:

    (You skinny Castro bitch!)

  5. matty03 replied:

    Ing, I just love you fucking much! I hope you know that. You are my sister. My family. I don’t know what I would do without you. I also hope you know that. I need you, baby.

    And, yes, I am incredibly good looking. Never mind my expanding butt and encroaching double chin! I am a sex god. I know. I know.


  6. matty03 replied:

    I do so wish I were back in the Castro. …but, I shall be skinny soon! I’ve decided to just stop eating! Diet Coke, hot tea and my meds for me!

    Never mind health! I want to fit back into my clothes from last year! Pronto! It’s a fashion emergency!

  7. javabear replied:

    OMG! Matty is famous! Recognized by fans in the food court! That’s pretty cool.
    I’ve got Sweet Baby James on my MP3 (not official iPod) and I love it. Listened to Gordon Lightfoot this morning. I’m an old fuddy-duddy.
    It is probably healthy for you to get out regularly. Just be careful, honey! Hold onto the hand rails! With my depression I also suffer agoraphobia, so I want to stay at home and never go anywhere. The longer I stay home, the harder it is to go out, and the more depressed I get. Rotten cycle.

  8. Miss S replied:

    Wow! I want to go on that Diet Coke, hot tea and meds regime! Well, I don’t want to go on it. I just want the results! You are beautiful (and famous!).

    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I think I’m doing some nesting. I finally decided that I’m committed to living here and as thus, have begun to paint my kitchen a very charming purple color called Royal.

    My house smells like paint fumes and maybe like natural gas. It’s too cold to open the windows much, so likely, I will slip into a coma by morning. Oh well.

    When you need to get out of the house, remember, I’m just around the corner and there are some lovely nice places over here, too. Rock out, and hopefully we will see one another soon!

  9. matty replied:

    Java Bear — Yeah, I think I was just over-confident and didn’t think to hold on to the rails. Mistake. I think one of the main reasons it is important for me to keep rolling out of the house every day is to avoid that anxiety from hitting me. I so understand how it could happen. It isn’t easy — this stuff. It is damn hard. Thank you — and you hold tight, too. Can’t beat Sweet Baby James — no matter the format! Classic and near-perfect music! Sending you a hug.

  10. matty replied:

    Miss S! No! Don’t inhale! Unless it produces a nice high. Well, thus far I’ve already failed my diet. B made some really good Korean Tofu Soup dish tonight and I ate it two bowls.

    Maybe we could figure out how to rig up a lipo-suction unit utilizing your gas pipes and gorgeous kitchen sink! We could suck out fat from certain places and inject it to others! Or bottle it all, send it to Oprah and try to get on her show so that she can see how much fat was sucked out of me! It could be fun!

    I’m not famous. lol! Were I famous I’d rich and not dependent on shit insurance! Ugh!

    Miss you, Miss S!

    I don’t know how to get to your section of Oakland. I’m stuck in the ghetto.

  11. pakipoptart replied:

    OMG I am so jealous!! How juicy is that, that someone recognized you from your blog and shared with you such a nice comment. Matty is this the day you were waiting for?

    I agree you do need to get out. But can you take elevators instead of stairs? New Out list for 2008: Stairs!

    I have to check this guy out, can you suggest some of your favorite songs? Or is his music too diverse?

  12. matty replied:

    pakipoptart! LOL! I would not say it was that big of a deal, but it made me feel good. Mainly that I don’t look like a freak or something. I guess my self-esteem had taken a real nose dive recently.

    I would have used the escalator, but it was down. And, I don’t “do” elevators in SF or Oakland. No! You never know what you might find in there — OR what might join you for that ride! Noooooooo! I’ll chance the stairs!

    …I should have been holding on the rail. I was overtly confident after realizing I wasn’t a huge fat thing or something.

    For Miguel Bose: I would suggest one of two CD’s: either “Velvetina” or “Lo Mejor De Bose” I will send you an email.

  13. The Stewardess replied:

    I’ve no idea what you just typed. But I liked the pictures.


  14. matty replied:

    The Stewardess — Well, thank you. Pretty pictures are nice.

  15. ing replied:

    Your blog is fun to read AND pretty. Weeeee-hoo!

    I’m glad to hear that Little Bagel is all right. Scary!

  16. ing replied:

    James Taylor, if he was on fire!

  17. ing replied:


    James Taylor, if he was on fire at the bottom of a well!

  18. matty03 replied:

    Ing! I am so excited to know that it is pretty, too!!!! I don’t think The Nasty Stewardess reads anymore. Too turbulent on board — if you know what I mean!

    yes, thank God! I would have just died if Bagel had been harmed! Ugh!

    I can’t get the James Taylor links to work. Are they making fun of Sweet Baby James?!?!?! Isn’t that bad karma?

    OH! I found the CD’s you made me!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

  19. hot lunch replied:

    hey you’re a celebrity!! how fun is that!? did u havet o don a pair of shades afterwards to be all incognito? maybe u should hang around parks so that if you do happen to stumble and fall, it will be on soft grass?

  20. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Yes! I am! I am so tired of those damn photographers chasing me down the stairs at the MUNI/BART stations! No wonder I fell!


    Well, we are in our rainy season at the moment — so parks are off limits. Besides, are you suggesting that I spend time in — gasp — “nature”


  21. sinblancaporelmundo replied:

    Todos queremos a Miguel a pesar de su pasado oscuro.

  22. matty03 replied:

    sinblancaporelmundo! Oh, I wish I understood exactly what you wrote and could read your blog!!!

    …I think you wrote something like “we all want Miguel’s dark past” or is it “…despite his dark past”


    He was/is so pretty and what a voice!

    I will have to find an online translation tool and see if I’m at all close and if I can read your blog!

    Looks like a great clip!!!


  23. LOLITA replied:

    Miguel is the most significant italian/spanish singer songwriter of the last 30 years. He has pushed and modernized music both in Europe and Latin America. He has been for 30 years one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. Okay, im a die hard fan and I get really excited when anglos discover his music. Miguel is the male equal to Madonna in the other side of the world as far as controversy and a sort of infamous quality. He is however now that he is much older being respected as the musician/ artist he is. We can talk about Miguel anytime!!!He has a big following in you tube 24/7 LOL!!

  24. matty03 replied:

    Lolita! Thanks for commenting and for the info! I found some good info on him via Wikipedia and another blogger sent me info — but in Spanish — and even with the translation tool I couldn’t figure it out.

    Anyway, iTunes just put up some more Miguel videos!!! Yay! So hot — then, now and always!!!!

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