Having a way cool new record player (my bday gift from B!) is like having a time machine to all the great places I could hide from reality when I was a kid. …Not Barbra Streisand’s butt — no, but to her music. And, the music of others! Anyway, I’ve discovered a great way to waste time, spend little money and manage to hide my anxiety issues of late from others —- used record shopping! I do so love a musty record store with crates full of musical memories. And, as it turns out my fave memories are rather cheap in today’s market. However, it doesn’t mean that they are easy to find.
I’ve been spending hours crawling on the floors of these shops throughout the greater San Francisco area to find certain LP’s — and Barbra’s highly successful, but forgotten 1977 gem, STREISAND SUPERMAN seems to be next to impossible to find and when I do find it — it is in such poor shape it would never play. Well, today I found the LP in West Portal and in exceptional shape!!!! It even has the inlay pullout card featuring many more shots of Barbra’s ass and her notes about the LP!
And, really, who doesn’t need more shots of Barbra’s butt?!?! Back when I was 10 years old I played this LP so much that you could almost see through it! I had to buy it five times! My Grandmother used to ask if I could play “that A Star Is Born record instead?” …sometimes I would comply and other times I just refused — and the house was filled with the rock easy sounds of Superman. My father used to take the jacket for this record, cover the head and say “She looks pretty damn good without the head part!” …and I would kick him. “Answer Me” and “I Found You Love” remain two of my favorite songs. Like warm hugs or mugs of hot chocolate — they bring me comfort. And, the silliness of the pictures entertain me. Well, Babs was workin’ it the best she could. I still think it might have been easier had she just posed nude.

And, another added benefit of having a record player is that the love of vinyl has fully returned and most cool artists are releasing LP’s of their work. And, I have to say — the vinyl sounds more “alive” than the CD’s or the MP3 files. After finding Streisand Superman for only fifty cents, I was thrilled to find this …on vinyl for all of five dollars!!!! For some reason most new vinyl tends to sell for sixteen dollars and up, but this one is just slightly used and I don’t think Bonnie Prince Billy is so popular in West Portal. But, I play this a lot on my iPod so it is really awesome to have it on vinyl!

…I saw a lot of Liza Minnelli records for even cheaper than Barbra’s.

I started to pick some up for Ing because, in case you didn’t know, ING LOVES LIZA!

…actually, I think Ing aspires for that mid-70’s Liza look. Anyway, then I realized that she probably already had most of these on CD and doesn’t have a record player. Too bad. Because Ing could get all the Liza she needed for less than twenty-five cents a pop! …And, it didn’t look like most of them had ever even been opened. …excepting the CABARET soundtracks.

“…Do you wake up very slowly?
Does it take a while before you smile
Are your dreams like premonitions
Have you lived them through
Some people do
I hope you’ll answer me with patient eyes
No hurried words, foolish or wise
Answer me, answer me with soft silent touches
They’ll tell me as much as I need to know
Answer me with deep and restful sleeping
And if you dream in sleep
They’re yours to keep
No you need not answer me
If we must part
Should someone ask
Who’s touched your heart
Perhaps you’ll answer me…”

from Streisand Superman

December 12, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. scarlet hip replied:

    No record collection is complete without Andy Gibb’s Shadow Dancing.

    You have totally made me want a record player. And a puppy. And a loft.

    Why can’t I be you?

  2. matty03 replied:

    Scarlet Hip! I’ve both “Flowing Rivers” and “Shadow Dancing” — got them for $1 each and they are in exceptional condition. Of course, I already had Flowing Rivers framed and hung up on the wall!

    And, yes! You must get a record player!!!! …and a puppy.

    Loft living is not for everyone — you do lose a certain amount of privacy and it gets cold.

    …and, it may seem quite glam, but it isn’t easy being me. lol! Can I be you instead? We could swap places like in Freaky Friday — only it would be Thursday!

  3. hot-lunch replied:

    i go record hunting every other weekend! I’ve seen Superman numerous times – had I but known u were seeking it! What else are you looking for? I’ll keep an eye out!

  4. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Oh, I’d love to look at your record collection! Mine is growing really fast, but as most of it comes from $1 record bins they are probably not in the best of shape! Should have known that Canada would have ample supplies of Streisand Superman! I need out of this country which even fails to give me enough 70’s Barbra! Anyway, thank you for the offer — but I have such fun looking!

    …However, if you should find “Homogenic” on LP by Bjork. I really need that.

    Really bad.

    Like, I seriously NEED Bjork’s Homogenic on vinyl! Really.

    I do!

  5. ing replied:

    Oh, dear Matty. Dear, dear, dearest Matty. I know that you admire me, but I think you need to stop confusing yourself with me because we are not the same person. As evidenced by the fact that YOU love Liza (and Neal Diamond, I might add), while I love only Bonnie Prince Billy.

    What was the title of that Liza DVD you bought? I can’t remember now, but I do remember how you bought it and own it. . . Or am I confusing you because you’ve bought and owned so many over the years that they are one big hyperactive panting blur of excitable Liza?

    Which, by the way, I finally realized that Bagel’s voice sounds sort of like Judy Garland’s, but not quite, but almost. . . Could it be? No. Yes.

    P.S. I finally developed those pictures of you posing in your Halloween costume. Super cute!

  6. ing replied:

    P.S. Forget the nails, I wish I had Barbra’s great ass! I guess I’ll just have to find solace in my gargantuous bosom.

  7. matty03 replied:

    Ing! Oh dear, someone is having some confusion. It is not me that has the Liza shrine set up in her gorgeous apartment. I mean you did bid on that pantsuit worn by Liza in ARTHUR!

    I love Barbra. It is you who adores Liza. Own it. It’s OK.

    However, I’m glad you got my costume pictures developed. I looked so cool in my sequined number! So Bob Mackie! So 1972! Gotta love it! I rock!

    Your ass is as good as Barbra’s was! I don’t know why you don’t wear short like that when you’re riding thru the Castro on your rollerskates and busting moves to Liza’s disco music?!?!? With that rack and butt — you’d be the Girl Of The Castro in no time. Probably not the Haight, tho.

  8. Old Cheeser replied:

    Great album shots of Queen Babs. Her bottom is protruding out of those shorts a bit though isn’t it?

    Do you think she has corkscrew pubic hair as well as that on top of her head?

    Okay…I’ll stop RIGHT there.

  9. matty03 replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! Yes! It was protruding — 70’s short short shorts! I’m sure Bab’s was sporting a Brazilian long before we knew what that was! So, no! And, stop right there, Mr. Cheeser! We shall apply just a bit of decorum and stop short of that just like Barbra did in her spirit of ’77 freedom! LOL!

  10. ing replied:

    I thought the seventies were all about the “natural” look! But if the carpet matched the curtains, I don’t think Barbra would have been able to hide it in those little white shorts. . .

  11. matty03 replied:

    The 70’s were about the natural look, but Barbra was simply Barbra! …and not all that natural, really. She is a star. …A superstar, baby! …and she is a natural brunette.

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