I sort of fell off the planet for a few days. Sorry! Before the week is out I have to catch up on all my blog reading! We’ve been busy little gay beavers (so to speak) — we pretty much finished the apartment (yes, I can sort of paint a small wall), my mother visited, B made a kick ass Turkey Day meal, I had doctor appointments, we put up a holiday tree and listened to a lot of great music on my way-cool record player!

Oh and to whomever found and sent me that perfect and still factory sealed copy of “Barbra Butterfly” — “Thank you! Who are you?!?!!?” …It was neat. It still had a Sam Goody’s sticker on it and this odd sort of bar code label with the date of 2.8.79 on it! I opened it with gear and was soon jamming to Barbra covering the likes of David Bowie and Bob Marley! I don’t care what Barbra says — I love this LP! I love it!

Anyway, no real blog but here are some up-to-date pix of our home now that we have finished it. …for the most part. I’m still sort of working on one of the bedroom walls and B still needs to organize his work area, but here it it is!

Oh! And, Bagel is growing soooooo fast! She was 2 pounds when we got her and she now weighs in at 5.2 lbs!!!

No, she’s not sick or anything — she was sound asleep, but so cute I had to wake her and take her picture. No worries — she fell right back into her land of puppy dreams. with her chew toy… B made a fantastic Thanksgiving Day meal! My mother and my B enjoy the view of the Golden Gate Bridge …not sure what my mother was saying to B, but he appears to be quite afraid. Her logic has been known to send many over the edge. …our 2007 Holiday Tree! Please note the gifts from Tiffany! the entry way to the apartment! kitchen, part of dinning area and B’s work space. Please note that Salty Sailor does not care for our pink kitchen, but I rather love it! Let’s take a closer look at the kitchen! Aren’t my tiles wicked cool!?!!? They were made by a local SF artist, but I can’t remember her name and she signed the back of them and now they are on the wall. Maybe Ing will remember. She was with me when I bought them about a year ago. Ing? what one sees from the kitchen… Look at our new dinning table!!!! It is from IKEA. One can’t go to IKEA without spending the day. It is an odd subculture which entraps you!!!! Be warned! And, now some shots of the living room from various angles and some shots of me and Bagel in my green chair!

kisses with Bagel!
My mom bought Bagel a dress. This is what one sees when sitting on the sofa or in the green chair. It is a giant plasma TV that belongs to B, but I painted that little wall. I think it is a sort of avocado color. Anyway, that is actually our bedroom — you just can’t see it — yet!
me and B — yes, I’m fat! And, B has become very East Bay with the whole socks and sandals thing! But, quite cute, tho!
my mom made this really great dish she calls watergate salad but everyone else calls ambrosia.
My record player! Vinyl rules!
Now, this is MY desk/work area and what you see when you look at our bedroom from the kitchen! …I painted that little wall red! Impressed much?!?!?
my crystal ball — one of the very few things I own which is actually worth money. I do so wish I had a less cheszzy stand for it!
view from one of our windows… …so, I took this picture of The Golden Gate Bridge. It’s really pretty enjoy!
Oh! So, that day after Thanksgiving where nutty people wait in line to buy things? Well, B is one of those people. He was out of the apartment before 5am. Anyway, he came home with lots of neat things and this pink chair for me. I’m sure Salty Sailor will hate it, but it matches the kitchen wall behind me.
…I call this the “Fat Block” but mark my words! I’ll be back down to 155lbs by February! I will I tell you!
This amazing work of art created by Ing and Miss S was inspired by their viewing of one of my fave movies, MRS. PALFREY AT THE CLAREMONT! Isn’t it fashion!?!?!
As I decorated our bedroom wall with “krazy” old LP art I knew I had to get that amazing work of art created by Ing and Miss S! Can you see it? …Let’s take a closer look!
Bagel loves my mom!
Cute B and Bagel!
Bagel at my feet being impossibly cute!
Another wall, that’s me. The doctor(s) tell me I’m fat due to the medications they have me on — causes one to crave sugar and changes metabolism, but they promise me we will address after the New Year when all the tempting sweets go away and I’m sleeping better. I am getting better! Some days are pretty good — some, tho, are pretty damn bad/grim.
now, we are up in the loft which B built and this is one wall of our bedroom! This is the wall on which I’m still working! I will not show the fourth wall because we are still working out the mess of shelves. Sorry.
Come to our bedroom. Follow me!

OK, so – I just realized that I screwed my post up due to the way I drafted and uploaded pictures. Let’s blame the meds and the fact that I am running on 4 hours sleep today. I figure it is bound to make some form of sense — besides it is mostly a “pictures page” blog posting anyway!

Anyway, you can get a feel for the way our Oakland apartment looks. I’m looking forward to catching up the doings of all my blog pals. Sorry I had some of you worried. I’m OK and will beat this. And, I promise to get back to a more regular blogging schedule soon!

Kisses from the Ghetto Fabulous!


November 28, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. ginab replied:

    everyone looks so happy but I think B is acting while facing your mom. he looks like he’s being funny.

    bagel weighs about as much as one of beab’s calves.

    um, I like the pink kitchen.

    but I expected to see Ing and her big BOOBS here but she’s no where here.

    tomorrow she’s, you know…more than boobs can buy!


    PS: I love your flat!

  2. matty03 replied:

    Gina! Yeah, I think we are all great actors these days! But, the show must go on to some extent! Ing with the boobs was present on Turkey Day and looked THAT GIRL-Tastic! However, we didn’t really take that many pictures and the two I had of her — one gave her that red eye glow — and the other was an out of focus streak as Ing moves like the wind! Yes, Bagel is quite small — but she seems big to us! …she’s grown so fast!

    Thank you for the sweet compliment. No changing things now — we are here and working Oakland for all it is worth! Oakland needed a pink kitchen and tiny dog!

  3. diamondfistwerny replied:

    There’s nothing wrong with busy! And man you’re place looks awesome! The dog I’m planning on kidnapping, by the way!

  4. pakipoptart replied:

    Hey Matty! I’m so happy to hear that you are doing well! The pictures were fun to view. Cute couple, cute dog, cute apartment, cute mom…so many cutes!! I’m glad that you are taking care of yourself. Maybe you could write something inspiring about coming out of a negative space.

  5. ing replied:

    Is B being funny? My favorite comment of hers was the one where she explained that because of the way she looks, people mistake her for a certain kind of person and that you and your brother tend to date this kind of person, so it all goes to show that you love your mom! Hee hee!

    As I have always said and argued most vehemently for over at Old Salty Sailor’s, the apartment just wouldn’t look half as nice without the pink kitchen. I mean, sheesh!

    My breasts have been weighing me down, so I better strap on my back brace and haul myself to the kitchen. They need feeding.

  6. matty03 replied:

    Mr. Diamond! Thank you! …and, if Ms. Bagel misses her wee pad one more time — I just might give her to you! (not really!)

  7. matty03 replied:

    Pakipoptart! Thank you! Well, I’m not out of Negative Land yet. Doctors have extended me out till mid January. But, I WILL be ok! …just hard. Some days are much better than others. However, you can bet I will do my best to come up with something inspiring if I can. For now, I just feel sort of worn down.

  8. matty03 replied:

    Ing — We were surprised to see those pictures. They were just talking about the day (and me — I think that they thought I couldn’t hear them) but it looks like she is scaring the shit out of him, eh?

    …yes, she made many interesting comments! lol!

    I’m sorry your pendulous breasts are causing so much misery. However, feed them well. Tomorrow is your Big Day! Only fitting that the rack should match!

  9. Old Cheeser replied:

    Wow! What a plethora of pictures – they go ON and ON! The apartment is looking fabulous – glad that completion has been reached. It’s looking very spick and span indeed and such an amazing space. I feel the pink kitchen space needs a few more camp/kitsch touches but you may well disagree with me there!

    Oddly enough our new pad is almost ready to be unveiled – all the painting is now done, and the final bits of furniture are on the way. It all takes time as I’m sure you’re aware, Matty chuck! But it’s worth it in the end, eh?

    We just got out new dining table too, not from IKEA like all the other gays (miaooow!) but Homebase (English store that I don’t think you have in the US). It is sooo nice to sit down at a table and be able to eat properly eh? Anyway like yourself I hope to be able to present an exclusive Hello magazine photoshoot on my blog…

    I also absolutely LOVE that vista shot of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Fran – amazing. Really must visit one day!

  10. hot-lunch replied:

    your place is ginormous, I love it!!! And are those really gifts from Tiffany? How do you know her? Did she break out into “I Think We’re Alone Now” when shopping for those gifts for you at the mall, I wonder?

    I went down to Seattle during the Thanksgiving weekend hoping for sales, but I guess it is just a one day thing? There were not many good sales, except for that batch of soap I pillaged at Bath and Body Works. Otherwise, everything else was regular price it seemed…

  11. Kris replied:

    OMG! Your apartment is amazing! Straight out of a catalogue 😀 That sums it all up..

  12. matty03 replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! Yes, I agree — a few more touches in the kitchen might be nice. As all homes — it is a work in progress. And, unlike you — we don’t own ours! Lucky boy! Can’t wait to see your place! Yes, IKEA — land of gay and cool suburb shoppers — for now, anyway. However, it is the best bang for the buck! No, we don’t have that store that I know of! Bummer! I wanna be in the UK!

  13. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! No, not from 80’s mall Tiffany but the glam store, silly! But, I am alone now. Anyway, yes — the sales are only on that one day usually — people actually camp outside of Best Buy the night before. Nuts! I guess it is like Boxing Day, no?

    Kris! Thank you! You’re so sweet! I think it is more like out of Oakland Chic, but would not make a catalog. I like my orb lamp. And the antlers Ing gave us — which now reside on my office wall!!!!

  14. Pants replied:

    Your apartment looks great!

    I swear to god, I fall more and more in love with Bagel every time you post pictures. Terminally cute.

  15. matty03 replied:

    Pants! It is too bad we didn’t or couldn’t have met up when you were visiting SF — you could have met her. She is even more impressive in person! lol! …and, thank you!

  16. karyn replied:

    Your flat kicks ASS! I love love love the red office wall, the green chair and the pink kitchen. The view is incredible, I adore your floors and your Ikea table, and lovey, you DO NOT LOOK FAT – you look FABULOUS. That turkey didn’t look too shabby either.

    Glad you’re having brighter days. I’m back on the Ativan train for the moment, but hey, this too shall pass.

    Love you –

  17. Fin De Fichier replied:

    Wow, your crystal ball is quite riveting. I can imagine coruscating lights dancing within it as pale and shimmering mists envelop your apartment. I might have nightmares about that tonight.

  18. matty03 replied:

    Karyn! Thank you! Well, we’re both on trains — mine is run by so many meds I get confused! But, you are correct! This shall pass and the days are getting a bit brighter. I think.

  19. matty03 replied:

    Karyn – And, I love you too!

  20. matty03 replied:

    Fin De Fichier! Oh, don’t have nightmares! It actually sends out a pink glitter-like disco glow! Most happy! Nothing to be “a scared” of!!! kisses, matty

  21. hot-lunch replied:

    Sadly, Boxing Day has turned into Boxing Week, and sometimes even Boxing Month. Some places have pre-Boxing Day sales so that whole excitement of the one-day Boxing Day sale has been watered down and oversaturated and no real deals are had anymore. It’s just a way for stores to get rid of their unwanted merchandise from last season! BOO!!! 😦

  22. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! I’m sorry — that takes all the fun out of Big Sales. …they could just ship their stuff off to Marshalls, TJ Max, Ross or some places like that. Oh well. I did notice that everything still shuts down on the actual boxing day! …that is cool for the workers I should think.

  23. salty replied:

    5.2lbs Bagel?.. Oh the very thought! Can you imagine how much cream cheese and bacon that would need?

    Anyway, your dog is looking contented, lol…. And seems to be sleeping on an Ikea day-bed… don’t tell me you have Ikea over there! I thought Pottery Barn was the thing there! And that other store they’re always rummaging about in “Extreme Home Makeover: US Edition”. Maybe I watch too much Friends and W&G.

    I think your mothers’ crossed arms and B’s expression says it all: “Did you just pump?”, she’s saying, bless ‘er. Pump means Fart over here, btw.

    And I’m starting to love the pink kitchen. I only mentioned the “alternative wall” because I was feeling creative!

    “And, B has become very East Bay”.. how fabulous. I’ve no idea what that means but I like it. Just like I adore when you say “BART”. Never ridden it, but I know I’d enjoy it… lol, yes, that WAS meant to be as dirty as it sounded.

    Actually, I wasn’t even looking at B’s socks & sandals. I was staring at the cooker. It’s massive. Or do you call it a Stove over there?

    Ambrosia? Watergate Salad? Rubbish…. It’s quite clearly a trifle. Looks very tasty as well. And your mum’s hot too….Sorry. I’ve a had a vodka this evening.

    “I painted that little wall red! Impressed much?!?!?”…. very impressed, it looks really nice. But what do you do when you want to stay up using the computer and B is in bed? All that tapping must be very irritating to him?… I’d fucking shoot you!

    I don’t hate the pink chair! It’s cute. I’m kinda upset with the dead antlers in your face though. You wouldn’t want to slump over, drunk.

    “Back down to 155 lb’s”.??? Is that even a weight? Sounds like a medical condition. That’s the same weight as one of my legs! Eat more!

    Anyways, loving your introduction to Oaklands, loving B & Bagel, getting to like the pink wall and chair, not liking the dead horns, and, most importantly loving yer ma. That’s Scottish for “your mum”.

    By the way, the best thing about the whole post was Ing’s boobs. They’re the best!

  24. salty replied:

    and can I ask…. do you have any single friends who would like a British wife. And by “British Wife”, I totally mean Bidey-In (wiki it).

    You know I mean me, right?… Green Card here I come. I’ve seen Ugly Betty and I am not going through what poor Ignacio endured.

    Hot Californian husband, no baggage, not fat…own hair and teeth. Fuck, it sounds like I’m after your Governor.

    Okay, I’m off.

    Cheerio! xx

  25. matty03 replied:

    Hot Salty Sailor! You visited and said hello! I just gave you shit on your blog! Just quite literally did it! But, I enjoyed your post because I didn’t know one could gamble on line.

    B sleeps thru everything so stuff doesn’t wake him up.

    By going “east bay” I mean that he has been doing things like not matching and wearing socks with my old Birkenstock sandals. Those are things he would have shuddered about back in the castro.

    BART wants you to take a ride.

    Pottery Barn is so yesterday — we all go to IKEA now. It is the the hot gay home shopping spot in Northern California as far as I can tell.

    My mom will be so flattered — as will Ing’s boobs! I’m hanging with them in a few!

    kisses from Oakland,

    …Oh, and at 5’8″ 155 to 165lbs is what one should weigh I am told. You look good as you are — solid. I just end up looking pregnant if I’m not careful.

    But the weight is starting to drop and I’m growing a sort of beard. Hmmmm…

  26. matty03 replied:

    Salty! …well, I’m sure you’d be slurp’d up as soon as you step’d off the plane. But, I can’t think of anyone off hand. Ing with the Boobs wants a str8 boy, you know. And, B is taken. He is mine. But, SF is like a gay boy candy store.

    …I’ve only seen two episodes of Ugly Betty via DVD so I do not know what you’re talking about.

  27. salty replied:

    iKea is not just a hot property shopping location. It’s a proper European cruising ground that’s winged it’s way from Sweden, to Britain to the US. Have you tried the meatballs in the cafe yet? yum. Minge likes his meatballs, I’m told.

    And thankyou for saying “solid” and not “solidifying”. I’m now *down* to 193lbs and the diet’s going great! I only fainted twice last week. Mind you, I’m convinced I’d be “slurped” up over there… it’s all to do with the British accent! Screw the body, I sound good.

    Actually, that didn’t really come out the way I meant it.

    Did I tell you my Tarot Card Reader told me I’m going to get a man in December? I don’t actually HAVE a tarot card reader, but Tom at the airline does it and he told me back in June I’m getting a man! I don’t even want a man!

  28. scarlet hip replied:

    I am so glad you’re feeling better! I think you look wonderful and happy and gorgeous. Also, be glad I live so far away, otherwise I would never ever ever leave that fantabulous pad of yours!

  29. matty03 replied:

    Scarlet Hip! I am feeling better. Just wish I was feeling good or well again! I can fake it with the best of ’em most of the time, tho! And, thank you.

    …I love you.

    And, you’d be a blast! You can hang out here whenever you like!

  30. johnmichael replied:

    The apartment looks great!

  31. matty03 replied:

    johnmichael! Thank you!

  32. ing replied:

    Oh, Matty, I don’t remember the artiste who made your tiles!

    Tell your friend Salty Sailor that I’m keeping my eye out for him. There are lots of bideys out here for him (but not many for a large-chested straight lady like me. . .). I spent part of the day walking around Hayes Valley, and now I’m off to Valencia. Why are all the good-looking men in SF gay?

    Well, not every single one of them. I had a fun date last night, and I managed to keep my virginity, for once. Pretty good, eh?

  33. matty03 replied:

    Ing – Um, you’re my hip scene-ster! I expect you to know about all of the SF arts! Yes, there are more than a couple of good looking str8 guys in SF — I saw several leaving that office building we discussed. You need to go sit out there at about 11:45am with huge breastage-ture of yours!!

    I’m not sure if it was good that you remained chaste last night or not. I suppose it was. I suppose — and, besides, after that movie you couldn’t have felt like doing much more than a lazy hug and slouch into bed alone.

  34. karyn replied:

    AND the crystal ball? Fucking fabulous.

  35. matty03 replied:

    Karyn! “Fucking Fabulous!” …that just sounds awesome! Thank you, Gorgeous!

  36. Japanesewhispers replied:

    Your dog is so cute, the food looks fab and your house is amazing!

  37. matty03 replied:

    Japanesewhispers! Thank you so much! However, if you were here right now I think we’d give you Bagel. It is as if someone injected her with a dose of speed and she is driving us crazy! lol!

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