We were going to watch our new HD DVD copy of THE SHINING but I decided I really wasn’t up for watching a child get chased by his father with an ax. So, I put this in the player. We had just received it from NetFlix. It was sooooooo bad it was almost scary. So bad, in fact, that I put Luke Wilson’s commentary track on instead of the actual audio after about 10 minutes. He sounds like a guy I knew who used to play on our high school football team if one could get him to watch actually good film.

…the only thing good about this movie was that it was filmed around 2002 or something and Luke Wilson was still really thin and perfect back then. Not that he is fat now, but he is less perfect in 2007 than he was in 2002. Tho, in the end — he is always a fun thing to look at. However, I’d hate to be the one to hold up the other end of a conversation with him. He is simply too good looking for his own good. Do people actually wake up and look like that?!?!? I suppose his head is a bit too wide. No. Nevermind. He is perfect – looking , but this movie he wrote and co-directed is really bad. I understand why it sat on a shelf for so very long. Maybe we should have watched Jack chase Danny with the ax. Maybe if Luke had gotten naked in it it — or at least removed his shirt. I don’t know. Just a suggestion. And, there was far too much country music! And, not cool country bluegrass music — more like bad trucker music. I think he was aiming for a sort of Robert Altman kind of free flow thing. He didn’t manage that to any extent other than a plot that was more than a little too loose.

Oh! I did, however, watch this newly pristine DVD copy of David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD which some kind soul sent to me as an early birthday present!
Tho, not scary — I consider it a sort of coming of age comic spiritual journey of a movie — Mr. Lynch has put together a great new transfer — and I can’t wait to watch his stories section!!!! I particularly enjoy the print ad for his coffee. David Lynch Coffee —
I feel Ing and I need to secure some for Thanksgiving. My mom is coming and she is big coffee drinker. Ing likes hers with a whole lot of whiskey. (not really)

…I’m just jealous that Ing and Alan got to watch this on the big screen at the Castro — and an earthquake happened while they watched it. So cool! How I would have loved to have been there.

Anyway, to whomever send this to me: Thank you very much! This will make turning 41 and my decision to not have children go much easier!


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  1. Old Cheeser replied:

    So you skipped on “The Shining”! Never heard of that Luke Wilson movie. I think he’s quite cute but also quite plastic – liked him in the “Charlie’s Angels” movies though. His brother badly neeeds a nose job!

    Oh my God, Eraserhead again…and I see you have posted pics of that horrid mutant baby…yikes! Makes my skin crawl just looking at it!

    “Eraserhead” isn’t a particular favourite of mine but I’m quite tempted by the boxset of “Twin Peaks” actually.

    And David Lynch coffee?! All I can say is I hope it’s damn fine.

  2. ing replied:

    Luke AND Owen are so very good-looking!

    “We’re not sure that it is a baby!”

    I always thought that baby was kind of cute. I like the sound of its laughter.

  3. Old Cheeser replied:

    Dear oh dear, I am worried about the San Francisco State of Mind!! (Could be a new song by Barbra?)

  4. matty03 replied:

    Old Cheeser! I don’t really find Luke Wilson plastic as much as old school handsome. A bit worrying. And, I think Owen’s broken nose gives him some character. He would look plastic with a fixed nose I suspect. I could be wrong, tho.

    I think this move sat on a shelf for several years and played for a week on the west coast of the US — and then straight to the world of DVD. Deservedly so! Bad movie!!!

    I do so wish Babs would get a jazz trio and record a new song or collection of songs minus orchestra and David Foster. And, if it takes a stale state of mind in the City by the Bay to get it so be it! lol!

  5. matty03 replied:

    Ing! Yes, they are actually too good looking. I find it uncomfortable — and on top of that they have a hot third brother. Most unsettling and wrong if you ask me.

    Yeah, I thought the baby was kind of cute in an odd way too. However that cackle of a laugh is quite disturbing! It would drive me to distraction! I mean, Baby is laughing at Henry!

    As I was watching it last night I found myself wondering if Baby ate Henry or if the Radiator Lady just rescued him to Heaven.

    I’m just not sure.

    David Lynch tells great stories that ramble.

  6. johnmichael replied:

    Yes Luke Wilson is very nice to look at. Thanks for telling us this movie is a waste. I was going to check it out because Luke was in it. Still though, his commentary (because I do think he has a nice voice) may be worth the rental.

  7. matty03 replied:

    johnmichael! lol! well, i guess he does have a nice voice. sounds like a smart version of the good ol’ boy. actually, he sounds like a lot of the guys i grew up with/around. Very Texan.

  8. Daniel replied:

    Luke is far prettier than he is talented, and he’s not that bad an actor. Kind of.
    But I love the scene in the Tenenbaums when Gwyneth Paltrow comes to pick him up at the dock, and falls in love all over again. I want somebody to look at me like that.

  9. scarlet hip replied:

    I’ve seen the Shining at least a dozen times and I still hide my eyes throughout most of it. I’m sure I’d hide them even more if I was watching any movie with the Wilson brothers.

  10. matty03 replied:

    Daniel – I do like that film and the scene you mention, but as I remember you can’t really see his face because of those giant 70’s sunglasses. I remember being impressed by the use of music. Nico w/Lou Reed?!!?!? Great use of music!

    Scarlet Hip! Yes, well — we know the movie you’re waiting for! I saw the trailer for it the other day — a little film with Hilary Swank and Mr. Butler in which he appears to be nude most of the time! (Ok, I will probably be there too!)

  11. Java replied:

    I’ve seen Luke and Owen in various movies, but never made the connection that they are related. For some strange reason I seem to think of Owen as being related to Jackie Chan. Hmm. I thought Owen was really sexy in the movie “Cars.”

  12. Dessie replied:

    Well this will cheer you up… there IS a fourth season of Kath & Kim – it’s showing on Living2 at the moment…

  13. matty03 replied:

    Java! LOL! I don’t think Jackie Chan would be too pleased! yes, Luke and Owen are brothers — and they have a third called Andrew who is also quite dashing. I wonder if that gene pool will roam to the left in the way that the Baldwins’ did. Who could have thought that they would look the way they do as we enter the 21st Century!?!?

    Dessie! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!!!!!!! That is so exciting to hear. Must research on the Internet! I wonder if Series 4 came out on DVD in Australia!?!!??

    I’m dying here!

  14. Alan replied:

    remind me… ing with the boobs allows you to post this stuff unsupervised, right?


  15. André McFarlane replied:

    Owen Wilson makes my flesh creep.

  16. matty03 replied:

    Alan! …”Ing with the boobs” — Hmmmm… I wonder how she will feel about being ref. to being “Ing with the boobs” lol! Ing does supervise me. However, she is late with my salary!

    Andre! How you do I get that accent mark from my iBook for your name!?!? Really? I think he is pretty hot. Not as hot as Luke, tho.

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