So, what else is new — right?!?!? I was checking out my fave blogs and came to Pakipoptart’s (see my sidebar for a link) and he had the guts to post about this bit of idiocy from the folks at Newsweek. Talk about responsible journalism! …not.

I did notice this cover today at a news stand in San Francisco as I fought through yet another panic attack. I think I rolled my eyes at it. But, after I read the online article and then my pal’s post — I could feel my anger swell.

Pakistan has some crazy people working their sick agenda. So does England. So does France. So does Isreal. So does Palestine. So does the nation formerly known as Burma. So does your apartment building. And, the US has plenty of crazies operating within its borders, too. …Apparently a few work at Newsweek and would rather appeal to fear and xenophobic hatred to sell a few more copies of their newspaper.

This sort of rubbish does not educate or help this ailing world.

I fear that headlines such as this will only result in bigotry and the likely opportunity for our truly scary ass president to decide to move over and bomb the hell out of Pakistan and kill even more innocent children, women and men. …who are unlucky enough to be living in a country Newsweek has decided to brand the most dangerous country in the world.

It all just makes me sad.

We all need to heal. And, we all need to slow down and actually think about these dangerous situations in a logical way. Knee-jerking is bad for one’s shoes and serves to confuse soccer moms and their wealthy husbands
— thus, giving the George Bushies of the world the power to further destroy.

…and labeling an entire nation because of the actions of a crazy/cruel/lost segment of it only serves to fulfill some sick/sad destiny. Think about it. We all need to think. …and, pray.

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  1. Pakipoptart replied:

    Wow! Thank you for writing this matty. I had a sense that you felt just as strongly about this as I have. Things like this do nothing to foster understanding between people. There are so many barriers that we create between each other, I believe this just adds to that. It truely is sad.

    I finally read the article. I know I definately have a biased view about it since I was already upset by the cover. But in all honesty reading the article was similar to reading Perez Hilton. Just as he writes with such venom towards certain celebrities, as did the writers here towards this country. For example take this quote:

    “Militancy is woven into the fabric of Pakistani society. At independence in 1947, the country’s whisky-swilling founder, used Islam to forge a sense of national identity.”

    It upsets me that in this one sentence alone they seem to forge the idea of militancy with the Islamic religion–that the the two go hand in hand. I believe one out of ever 6 person in the world is muslim, and how many of those are militants? Also the charge that the founder of Pakistan drank alcohol (which is prohibited in the Islamic religion) while trying to forge an Islamic national identity. Oh so just because you’re muslim you can’t drink or is it because you drink you can’t be muslim. Can you be gay and muslim? Who is to judge these things besides the maker.

    Also the worst part of all this is that if we are to really fear these countries, then why do we keep selling them our weapons?

  2. matty03 replied:

    Pakipoptart — Yes! Agreed! I don’t think there is much of a “liberal” or “responsible” news reporting agency anymore because it all boils down to getting the most readers — money. And preying on irrational fears/beliefs seems to sell “good copy” — even The Economist” has taken to using some very offensive racist covers when it comes to coverage of issues in Asia and the Middle East.

    Growing up I always heard complaints that the liberals controlled the media — it seems like the opposite is true.

    The real truth would probably really horrify us.

    In my opinion, The Powers That Be for the US understand the fear factor in control — and we sell arms and we start wars to make money.

    It is my opinion that we do not really live in countries anymore — we live in and under corporate rules and interest.

    …and I think the US is turning into or has already turned into a corporation hellbent on war, destruction and power with no interest in ethics or morals.

    It bums me out and leaves me feeling powerless, but I think more and more people are starting to realize or suspect this. So, I think there is hope.

    But, when we see racism or sexism I think it is IMPERATIVE that we speak up.

    Whenever I write about anything of import such as this I’ve noticed that no one reads it. We don’t want to face this powerlessness.

    I’m quite often in that same boat where I can’t bring myself to look at the news.

    And, it is my opinion that ALL news and reporting MUST be filtered.

    I don’t see much, if any, “fair journalism” out there.

    But, we have to hope and we must speak up!


  3. Daniel replied:

    Militancy is woven into the fabric of Pakistani society. At independence in 1947, the country’s whisky-swilling founder, used Islam to forge a sense of national identity.”

    Change one word (Islam) to Christianity, and you can apply it to America, just as well as Pakistan.

  4. matty03 replied:

    Daniel – Yeah, I think the US is a lot more dangerous than Pakistan.

    I don’t like organized religion. …and, I think all countries have been founded on one — one way or another.

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