Pakipoptart and I were recently emailing about music and it turned out we’ve both been listening to this CD quite a bit. In fact, it has almost been all I’ve played for the past week. I remember doubting if I should even download it from iTunes because one is always a bit suspect of movie stars who make a record album. You know? But, this one features tracks co-written with Air and some other great artistes. And, certainly, Charlotte Gainsbourg must have inherited some musical chops from her mother and father. Tho, I’m still trying to figure out that whole “Lemon Incest” song she recorded with her father back in the 80’s. I think that worries me more now than it did when I first heard it!

Anyway, this is the best CD I’ve yet to purchase this year. Tho, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Goldfrapp CD!!!!

But, for now, this collection of personal and reflective songs is perfect for me. As I work on healing and getting thru these headaches — Charlotte Gainsbourg’s chill-out/mellow alternative/electronic vibe is just magical.

I think she might be a better recording artist than a film actor.

“…I feel you all around me
You are everything I cannot see
As the ocean crawls onto the shoreline
So you lap at the edges of me…”

I’ve also been playing the new one from Feist quite a bit. Electronic but not too heavy on the ears in terms of beats — and, interestingly, it lightens my mood.

And, of course, this has been a major part of my play list these last several weeks. The new Air CD is probably not one of their most commercial, but I do think it is their best work yet.
…but, if all you know of Air is their first CD which featured trip-hop dance tracks like “Sexy Boy” — you might be disappointed. …the new one ain’t no dance record.

…If you’re looking for music that will enhance the moment but not take it over — you might want to check these three works out.

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  1. hot-lunch replied:

    i have some good samplers that i like to listen to as background music sometimes. i should burn you some copies if you like… send me your new address and i’ll ship them over in time for a housewarming…

  2. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! You’re so sweet! I would LOVE that!!!! Will send you an email!

  3. Daniel replied:

    I’ll definitely look her up. Another actor who’s as good or better a musician is Minnie Driver. I’m really interested in her work.
    But the one I’ve been listening to for the last few weeks is Shostakovich, the preludes and fugues, op. 83. I can’t get enough.

  4. matty03 replied:

    Daniel! I will have to check her out — I knew she could sing as she was the best (only) good thing about the Phantom of the Opera movie. And, I think I remember seeing her CD when it came out a couple of years back.

    You know the only classical music I’ve been able to get into is Schubert. Tho, I do love Dawn Upshaw’s voice.

    …Is Michael Nyman considered a modern classical composer? I do like his stuff. Love that movement he did called The Kiss (or something like that — it is on my iPod)

  5. Minge replied:

    You’ve inspired me to go looking for songs labelled ambient…!

  6. Andrew replied:

    I’ve loved the Charlotte Gainsbourg album for so long now. I actually think that 5:55 is Air’s best work and their collaborations with Neil Hannon and Jarvis Cocker are genius examples of songwriting.

    The two bonus US tracks are great too, which made me go out and buy the album for a second time.

  7. matty03 replied:

    Minge! Oh, I do so love it when I inspire anyone! Especially when it is to mood-altering sonic pleasure!

  8. matty03 replied:

    Andrew! Yes! I quite agree! I’m so glad I got her CD (or downloaded it from iTunes) …and, yeah, I love the bonus tracks and the vid-clips. Still not sure why they are just not a part of the “normal” release.

    Why all this bonus bizness. …money, I guess.


    And, I do believe Ms. Roisyn Murphy has a new CD coming out this week in the UK!!! …I doubt it will ever be released in the US. …the rat bastards!

  9. pakipoptart replied:


    You’ve listed some amazing music. As you know I’ve been listening to 5:55 for about a year now. To me that cd is timeless-meaning I will never grow tired of it. I posted a song on my blog that you might like by Fantastic Plastic Machine.

  10. pakipoptart replied:

    I forgot to mention. My favorite AIR song is “Jeanne” which they did with Francoise Hardy (who i love). Do you know this one?

  11. diamondfistwerny replied:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to check them out. I love Air!

  12. matty03 replied:

    Pakipoptart! I LOVE FPM — Tim of Non-Stop Tokyo blog fame turned me on to them back when I did that fave song blog idea! Love them!!!! And, yes! I have always enjoyed Francoise Hardy so I could never have missed her working with Air!!!! …not sure why I love French music so — I don’t speak it. However, I think I love Mylene Farmer and Arthur H. the most! Air just seems to keep getting better and better.

  13. matty03 replied:

    Oh, Mr. Diamond! …If you love Air, you will love this CD by Charlotte Gainsbourg (which as Pakipoptart points out is over a year old but only just this month made it to the US)

  14. scarlet hip replied:


  15. matty03 replied:

    Scarlet Hip! Oh, I know! …we should all be receiving a new dose before the year ends!!!!

  16. johnmichael replied:

    Usually when an actor turns to recording, it doesn’t turn out good. I’ll try and see if I can listen to some of this CD that you recommend.

  17. matty03 replied:

    johnmichael — Yes, I know. It makes me think of all those bad records made in the early 60’s when celebs were expected to all sing as well as star in tv shows. But, I was really quite impressed with her CD.

    …and, of course, her father was one of the great musical artists of France. He had her recording when she was only 13.

  18. Old Cheeser replied:

    I love AIR, will have to check their new album out. They don’t exactly get much publicity these days though, do they? No wonder I didn’t even know about it.

  19. matty03 replied:

    Old Cheeser! You’re back!!! Welcome Home! Yeah, they are not as commercial as they once were. Seems like their last CD came out either the very end of 2006 or earlier this year. Can’t remember — but it is called POCKET SYMPHONY

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