…For me, it was a bit of a soap opera weekend. …a long soap opera weekend. I feel it has been most like an ABC Soap Opera Marathon Weekend because my Grandmother always told me that her ABC stories were more about medical issues and the characters wore better clothing. She also enjoyed the more twisted story lines which I believe she felt were lacking on CBS and NBC. However, she did enjoy her “Young & The Restless” which I think was on CBS. Anyway, I had more medical drama, I like to think I dress well even when I feel like shit and things are always a little sordid. …as they should be. …keeps it interesting.

I grow weary and fear those near to me grow even more weary of me expressing any knowledge of how crappy I might feel. So, I do my best to not discuss it. I don’t always succeed. I had been getting abdominal cramps for a couple of days and a few other “unusual problems” which I had decided were not worthy of mention. But, by Friday I was feeling worse than usual and getting a wee-bit ‘a-scared’ — by Saturday it was really causing me discomfort on so many levels. I had told B about it. But, I think he could tell it was really starting to take its toll on me. So, poor B’s long weekend took a turn for the worse. He was cast as the noble husband and I the faltering and fragile one. Looking ever so glam as I cramp’d and paw’d down the hallways. Yes, it was — — a General Hospital moment — only a bit more intimate and real.

I think we arrived to the emergency room at about 5:30pm and I think I discharged around 11:30pm. I was a little out of it and freak’d by the whole time we were there so time sort of did tricks on me. I was just relieved to get to leave. B was great and assisted me in answering the 5,000 or so questions asked to me. I so suck at answering some of these questions:

“Matt, are you in pain?”
“Well, I don’t know if pain is the right word. It feels odd. Something is not right.”
“I think he is in pain.”
“Well, Matt. B thinks you’re in pain. Are you?”
“Uh, yeah. I guess so.”

These are not exact quotes, but this was the sort of conversing that went on.

As the girl on the other side of the curtain of my bed received an emergency spinal, the guy next to her kept hurling and the lady at the far end waited for ‘the head to crown’ B and I sat. He looked incredibly stylish in his vintage All Stars and designer casual long shorts. My Diesel jeans looked really cool on this metallic tray the staff provided. I think I’m getting close to my goal weight so I’m pretty sure my bare ass looked as close to good as a butt can look in that sort of lighting. I seem to remember much better lighting on “General Hospital” and hotter doctors. However, the female nurse who took my blood looked fairly chic. She took quite a bit of blood. They had already taken quite a bit of my urine. Tests were rushed on a STAT basis. I like to think that these tests were run by some hot male technician with plenty of back lighting.

We were visited by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and few lost naked individuals who had wandered out of their designated bed areas while we waited. Several manner of things were done to me which might have been fun under different circumstances but were simply quite painful and discomforting. It was all quite worrying.

Tho, B and I walked away with different interpretations of what was concluded — the upshot seemed to be that I have a bladder/urinary infection which can cause quite a bit of discomfort/pain and is often a bit challenging for men to shake. The cause? That, my friends, is a good question. They seemed to think it might be from a combination of the pain meds I’ve been having to take for the on-going headaches and stress.

Stress??!?!? Stress can cause a bladder infection???!?!?!

….Apparently, it can play a role.

Well, if one is taking so much medication that it has probably caused a bladder infection it only makes sense to prescribe more medication. So, I was given more dope. And, guess what? Both meds can cause “chronic head aches” !!!! …Yes. However, the main thing right now is to rid my body of this infection and get my bladder to empty. I get that. I’ve had 5 doses of the anti-biotic and 6 of the other. I am starting to feel some relief. Tho, I guess I would be lying if I said it felt significantly better yet. I’m to drink loads of water, no milk, no vitamins, soda to a min and go to the can a lot.

Welcome to my world. I am supposed to call my primary care person tomorrow and intend to have all these meds checked and will need to schedule an appointment to get results of a few more tests which were done at hospital. And, then I am to schedule an appointment for after the anti-biotics to be sure the infection is cleared, etc. Oh, and I have to find a way to be able lie in a tube for over an hour while they do a full MRI later in the week. That should be fun as the red pills are forcing my bladder to empty every 4 to 5 minutes. Ugh!!!!

It just feels like I can’t get a break. And, based on a conversation I had with a doctor last week it would appear that I will not be released to return to work until next month. Oh, yeah. And, there was a mix-up with my paperwork which is causing a two week delay with the state to provide many funds from my disability insurance.

Still. It is not a total loss of a weekend. We received the keys to the new loft apartment and B had drafted all the plans to make the place look awesome!!!! He plans on taking the third week of September off to do all the work. Poor guy is doing it all alone. I can’t do much but sleep and look stunning.

I kind of hope the new place is haunted. I really want to amp up the drama a bit more. …that really is killer wall paper!

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  1. S replied:

    Oh Matty:( I feel like I should develop a sympathy bladder infection and suffer along with you.

    This simply is not fair. I resolved a long time ago to believe that the universe was chaotic especially when I see the truly good people around me endure so much pain and hardship, while other people just kind of float through with such tiny things to worry about.

    Still, there must be some resistance, some belief in cosmos over chaos because I’m shaking with the injustice of all of this.

    Don’t feel weary of your loved one’s weariness. We want to know, and it probably does some good to get it out.

    P.S. Don’t worry about ghosts! I’ll do a cleansing ceremony on the new space if you want. I’ll throw in some good ju ju for health, too, absolutely free!

  2. pakipoptart replied:

    Dear Matty,

    Its difficult for me to resond to this post without giving you my “i’m not yet a doctor” advice. First of all, you are really the trooper here. I’m sure you have and will go through so much with what you are dealing with now. Your threshold for pain has probably increased and thus you are able to tolerate more pain than the average person. But please do not hesitate to go to the emergency room whenever you feel you need to. I’m sure your primary care physician has told you about the seriousness of all this–no one has your best interest at heart than you.

    As for your bladder infection, stress may indeed have played a role. Did you know that your urethra is a sterile environment? There is no natural bacteria there, that’s why STD’s grow so quickly that are introduced via that route because there is nothing there naturally to kill them. Being stressed weakens your immunity overall–infections love this.

    As for your MRI, just ask your primary care doc what is best. You cannot be expected to sit in that machine having to urinate.

    You probably know all this stuff, but me telling you is just my way of trying to give you my support in this. You show us through your witty writing that you are dealing with this as best you can. Many hugs your way.



  3. matty03 replied:

    Miss. S! Please don’t develop a sympathy infection! LOL! And, thanks for the sweet post!

    Pakipoptart! Thanks! Yes, I’ve learned all about that stuff! LOL! I think they are going to have me delay the second doses of this medication for the MRI tomorrow. It has to be done. It will all be OK. I just know it!

    I’m feeling much better as far the infection goes, but annoyingly the meds that correct the infection make you feel sort of sick which has amp’d up the way I was already feeling. Sucks ass.

  4. matty03 replied:

    I’ve no energy.

    I’m just so much fun right now! I drink water, eat toast and sleep! Whoo-hoo!!!

  5. Brechi replied:

    Yes, Y&R is on CBS.

  6. matty03 replied:

    Brechi — Yeah, I thought so. I remember it was the one time she would change the channel during the day — then it was back to ABC. LOL!

  7. Steve replied:

    Well, you are a trooper; as other’s said. And thank God Y&R hasn’t gone off the air. I don’t know what you’d do! 😛

  8. matty03 replied:

    Mr. Diamond! I don’t feel like a trooper — I feel kind of pathetic. LOL! You know, I haven’t seen a soap opera since I was in junior high school and would skip class to hang out with my Grandmother. …however, if we had cable/TV reception — I would probably check it out as I seem to be either at home or at some doctor’s office these days. …or just sort zonk’d out.

  9. ginab replied:

    I am so sorry for the slippery opera you are starring in unwittingly. I only watched General Hospital those years ago when Luke and Laura were the ‘item’. I was 12 and therein lies my complete understanding of them. Except I remember my mother watched Days of Our Lives and The World Turns. i remember Dorian from Days and Rachel from World. Rachel went blind and then she was able to see again. Dorian was to be feared and then she’d redeem herself. oh, I had a roomate once who was hooked on All My Children. Hooked. She wore false fingernails, pancake make-up and her hair in a disaterous perm.

    But the haunting you do not need. The infection will go away. Answers will come and you will enjoy the new loft attic SPACIOUS apartment with B.


  10. hot lunch replied:

    and here i am complaining about the sniffles! sorry to hear you’re not well, i hope you feel better soon!! *hugs*

  11. matty03 replied:

    Gina! Yes, I keep reminding myself that this will pass. And, so I wait! It does feel a bit slippery at times.

    You know, my Grandmother got so upset with that whole Luke & Laura story line! I just remember thinking that she was passing up that hot Scotty for that guy who raped her. Odd and twisted. Aside from General Hospital, All My Children and Y&R — the only other story I can remember that she loved was Edge of Night. After that — we got The Brady Bunch.

    No, I don’t want any more drama — so a big “no!” to any would-be ghosts!

    Hot Lunch! I’ll get better! It is just going to take longer than I thought. ugh! …and, no! You’ve every right to complain! Colds suck! You feel horrible but just not horrible enough to be knocked down. Sucks. And, it is all about perspective as well.

  12. Kris replied:

    Sucks to hear that you’re not completely well Matty. I’d make you a chicken soup (for the soul from the can) if it would help you feel better. Take care and keep us posted ok? I haven’t watched soap operas in ages, I used to watch Mexican ones. The singer Thalia used to be in a bunch and I watched hers EVERYDay. Know the opening songs for them too! lol

    That cracked me up when you said most you can do is sleep and look stunning. Had a feeling you were gonna say something to that effect and you sure did! Enjoy the new flat! I wouldn’t even have to ask since you’ll be posting pics 😉 *Hugs

  13. matty03 replied:

    Kris! You’re such a sweetie! Thanks! …Oh! Mexican soap operas! Love the colors and all that make up! Man! I’m stuck at home. All this talk of soaps makes me sorta wish I had TV reception! LOL!

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