It is 5:50 AM on a Friday morning. I’ve just taken a dose of Maxalt — which I find to be rather magical for migraine pain! I’ve done my deep breathing and positive thought attempt at meditation.

This morning I’m more nervous than ususal. So, I wanted to think of something that has brought me joy. So I thought of the evening of Monday, May 8th of last year. It was that night that Ing treated me to see Goldfrapp in concert at the legendary Fillmore.

This was one of those memories you treasure. And, not just because we saw a kick-ass show by one of the coolest bands since Blondie at THE coolest rock hall in the US — but, also, because I saw it with a best friend who can make me laugh, smile and just feel great. Our enthusiasm and excitement feeds between each other. The energy is usually always high and we totally rule the evening.

I’m thinking of hot British strippers in horse, monster and deer heads. I’m thinking of hot Jesus-like electronic fiddle players. …Of painfully thin and cute rockers.
…of a perfect, petit singer who could do all manner of moves in impossible heels and never stray from the notes. …of a tweaked audience jumping and cheering. …and, of me and Ing just having such a fucking awesome time!

Monday, May 8th 2006 — that was a fun night. Well, Goldfrapp is finishing up the new LP. A track or two has been leaked. Could be a whole new sound. I just hope that they come back our way!

And, now — time to get dressed and visit my pals at the medical clinic!!!
I can’t wait! Well, yes, I could. But, no, I can’t.

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  1. hot lunch replied:

    Matty, you’re my number one.

    i can’t wait to hear the new Goldfrapp!

  2. Old Cheeser replied:

    So is she recording a new album then? Or were you referring to the last one, “Supernature”? I really love some of her stuff and bet she’s great live. One of my faves is her take on Olivia’s “Physical” – ace!

  3. ginab replied:

    sent you some blooms-in-form-of-fruits all virtual-like and I’m thinking could feed animals in the ether. pretend everything, in other words. Pretend it’s March 2006. Pretend pretend PRE(tend).

    by all means.

    hold on to your papery clothes. there’s a mist, I hear “fog”, and chilly-chill-chills. Rhymes with “more ____”.

    and a dose of Goldfrapp. ahhh.


  4. pakipoptart replied:

    Love Goldsfrapps! Matty I had this experience with a good friend of mine here in Chicago who took me to see Belle and Sebastian at the Riviera theater. They put on such an amazing show that even if you weren’t a fan you would still enjoy yourself. Also the venue was an old time theater that showed a lot of wear and tear, but seeing them in that setting really added to the whole experience. Will never forget that show!

  5. diamondfistwerny replied:

    What a great memory. Hold on to that one!

  6. ginab replied:

    today, I am a BLIND TIT!

    MAY 8 2006…I see now.

    blechy mwa,


  7. ing replied:

    I reposted!

    I still can’t believe you didn’t want to see Dark Side of the Uke with me. . .

    Well, okay, I understand that you haven’t been feeling well.

    But the entire Dark Side of the Moon album played on ukeleles to the Wizard of Oz vid?!? It was inferior to Goldfrapp mainly because you weren’t there with me. You’d just started dating B! I remember that you really really liked him, even way back then!!

  8. Daniel replied:

    Hey love,
    Tell the girls at the clinic Hi for me!

  9. Robert replied:

    *big hugs from me to you, Matty!*

  10. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Oh, you’re so sweet! …And, you’re my Saturday!

    Cool Old Cheeser! Yeah, doesn’t their cover of “Physical” rock!?!?!? Love that! Yes, I do believe the new LP will be out before the end of the year. They have leaked one of the new songs — or a fragment of a new song on their myspace page!!! I’m so excited!!!!

  11. matty03 replied:

    Gina – I love that first comment! I really do! You so rock!

  12. matty03 replied:

    Pakipoptart! Oh, I’m so jealous! I LOVE B&S!!!! That must have been an incredible experience. Still, I would never trade my Goldfrapp “moment” shared with my Ing!

    Daniel! I shall! I will be seeing them tomorrow! I wish I could say I was looking forward to it. ugh! …but, so it goes!

    Robert! Thank you, sweetie! Kisses from GayTown!

    Mr. Diamond! No worries! I’ve got that feeling safely stored!!!!

  13. matty03 replied:

    Ing!!!! Yes! I think I had only just finally met my man about a month before we went to the show! Wow! …Time so flies!!!?!?!?

    Um, I’m sorry but it will take a lot more than some ukes and covers of Pink Floyd to beat out that Goldfrapp show!

    Ing?!?!?! …Goldfrapp is total glitter magic!!! Totally!

  14. Kevin replied:

    Hope you’re doing ok. Great memory!


  15. matty03 replied:

    Kevin – Hey, I’m OK. I’ve been put out of work for about a month while they try to get all the tests done. Can’t seem to get the migraines under control. ugh. But, I’ll be fine

  16. Dessie replied:

    I did love her cover of Marilyn Manson’s “This Is The New Shit” I found through that Youtube link you sent me… especially the Dietrich moment at the end!!

  17. matty03 replied:

    Dessie! Isn’t that cool!?!?? If you ever find it on CD or an MP3/4 — you must let me know! I can’t locate it! She so rocks!

  18. Kris replied:

    Live concerts rock. Now, I kinda wished I would have driven to NY to see them last year. Can’t believe it’s been a year already!! Saw Keane few months ago and I grin whenever I think of that evening..

    Matty, will you fly me away on an aeroplane?

  19. matty03 replied:

    Kris – I wish you had made that drive, too! One has not lived till one sees Goldfrapp live! lol!

    …and, yes, if I could I would fly you away on an aeroplane —- but it would be a strict machine.

  20. Dessie replied:

    You mean… like here?

    [audio src="" /]

  21. matty03 replied:

    Dessie — I’ve said it before and I will say it many more times again — you so totally rock!!!! Thank you!!!

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