I’m feeling much better! Last week (and, really, the week before pretty much sucked!) So my hope is that this week will totally rock! Sometime in between doctor visits, drug-induced sleeping and writhing about in pain — I heard some of our neighbors saying the most interesting things! It was total scandal! I’m telling you! Not to sound like This Block of Castro’s Rona Barrett, but I took note of a few of the random comments made between neighbors, their guests and prospective domestic engineers! I shall share a few choice comments as I heard them. Who knew such things happened here while I am normally at work!?!?!?
…and, I suppose I heard everyone all the better because my head hurt too much to play music. It was just me lying on the floor as these random conversation echo’d thru our building’s light well. “We were out of lube, but we brought some of the rope we had mentioned during our chat.”

“Do you have change for a hundred?”

“Oh, daddy! Yes! Yeah, man! Ah, daddy, I’ve been very baaaaaad!”
“Get it, boy!”

“You will need to be cool with starting work at 9am sharp every Wednesday and Friday morning. We tend to have some extreme parties the night before and we want everything cleaned up by 2pm on those days!”

(shattering of glass)
“Oh, shit!”
“I’m so sorry!”
“Shut up pig! You’re about to pay for this mess!”
(odd sound/followed by thud/groaning/moaning)
“Oh, daddy!!!”

“I charge extra for cleaning toys and you have to agree to stock clean latex gloves or I will not touch them.”
“You mean you won’t clean the sink or —”
“Oh, sweetie no — or the floor unless you’ve moved the toys.”
“So, it’s a problem for you?”
“Oh, baby. No! But, I think of that shit like maids used to think of windows!”

“I just got your page. I only have half an hour so if this is going to be pulling taffy, we don’t have time. Your call.”

“Not so hard! Damn!”
“Shut up, boy! You love it!”
“Time! Dude! This is not working for me! Give me a towel!”
“Oh, you little bitch!”
I am so not kidding! He actually wanted me to kiss him! And, after that! Jesus!”
“So, do you have that fifty I loaned you, babe?”
(door slam)
“Well, I guess you and I need to discuss a plan on how you’re going to pay me back. What’s up Monday morning? Yeah. OK. See you then, boy!
(scurrying down the stairs on his cell)
“No, honey. I’m just sayin’ that it tasted kind of funny. Not so much salty-bitter but more like salty-sour. Look! I’m just sayin’ you might want to have that checked ou—”
(building entrance door slams)


August 5, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. S replied:

    Wow! I so wished I lived in your building! I love scandalous neighbors, and it sounds like yours are the best. My wire tap really only covers your apartment, so I never would have even known such lovely things occured elswhere!

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better!!! Please keep it that way!

  2. matty03 replied:

    Miss. S — Yes, you would get more thrills if you spread those taps out to the hallways or into a couple of the other apartments!

    Thank you! And, thanks for helping Ing get me help in my hour of need! Yes! I plan on staying better! This is my plan!!!!!

  3. Dessie replied:


  4. Kevin replied:

    Stop listening in at my window. I thought I saw someone lurking out there.

  5. matty replied:

    Dessie! …more like triple x i suspect! shocking! …but most interesting. …and, our neighbors are all quite nice!

  6. matty replied:

    Kevin — I know it is wrong but I just can’t help it. I not only listen at your window, but I watch. Actually, I’ve made a few films. There are selling quite well on xtube. You’re becoming quite the star!!! But, could you move that furniture thing in the living room? …you’re obstructing your public’s view.

  7. ing replied:

    Matty, what does O.O mean?

    I’ve been putting on a show for my neighbors, since they aren’t doing much in my building. I hope they like it!

    Thursday, Huppert, yes? Is your headache gone? Don’t overdo!

  8. matty replied:

    Ing – you know, i’m not sure. my hope is that Dessie will drop back by and let us know!

    Yes, you’ve a very quiet building. I think, tho, that only the folks across the street will get to see your shows. Are you going to be using those puppets again?

    My head is sooooooo much better! Yeah, I’m not supposed to do any lifting or anything. But, I took the last bit of that medicine so I hope to be less “cloudy” tomorrow.

    I will get back to you ASAP on our meeting with Ms. Huppert! …I so want to go! I think I can I just need to make sure.

  9. Minge replied:

    Fabulous – but never worth being poorly. I hope you’re altogether better now.

  10. Kevin replied:

    Well why didn’t you say so? There’s an extra key under the doormat. Let yourself in. That way you can get whatever angles you want.

  11. hot lunch replied:

    i so want to move there!!! pulling taffy, that is genius.

    And have u ever seen this daddy/boy couple? maybe u can take some photos on the sly!

  12. ginab replied:

    I LOVED “Convoy” on HBO when I was 12!!! I loved it. I was stupid, but I loved CONVOY. I did.

    now look at me!

    I completely forgot about Greg Evigan. What was the fuss about BR? Did he have one?

    Brooke is still divine.

    how funny. I forgot what Farrah really looked like. She’s turning into a Tammy Faye.



    PS: Henry Winkler attended Emerson College (so did I!)

  13. Robert replied:

    I used to looove Greg Evigan… He was hot! Do you think he did it with Bear? Hmm… *makes monkey noise*

  14. matty replied:

    Minge! Yes! I quite agree, but at least there was something to listen to!

    Kevin – The producers’ found the key and secured the footage. I, for one, am simply shocked!

  15. matty replied:

    Hot Lunch! LOL! You never know what you might hear around here! Yes! And, they are all quite nice! I could never do that for fear they might see! That would not be cool. …and, they might kill us! lol!

    Gina! I, too, saw CONVOY and loved it! Tho, I remember not fully understanding some of the trucker lingo. Poor Farrah, but you are correct. I think the smart angel aged the best. I think. Now, I’m confused. Greg. Yummy! You know, I think he is still bouncing about making records! And, yes, Brooke always rocks! …I used to live next to Emerson college when I first moved to Boston! That is an exceptional school!

  16. matty replied:

    Robert – Ah, yes, well — we all loved Greg! I never watched the show, tho. I always thought BJ was the monkey and Greg was the bear. Hmmmm…

  17. ginab replied:

    probably Greg is pulling taffy.

  18. matty replied:

    Gina – That gave me a laugh! …and, trust me! I needed one!!!

  19. Daniel replied:

    Ooh, you have a fun building! That mag cover of Travolta is sooo sexy. Waay hot.So is Brooke Shields, in an entirely platonic way.

  20. matty replied:

    Daniel – I know! Weren’t that all so dreamy!?!?!?!

  21. matty replied:

    Daniel (part 2) …I’m not sure it is a “fun building” …but it can be interesting! lol!

  22. diamondfistwerny replied:

    My Mother had that Burt Reynolds Playgirl issue. I used to sneak a peek at it from time-to-time!

  23. matty replied:

    Mr. Diamond! Wow! I’m most jealous! However, I actually own a little hand mirror designed that has the full picture on one side! It is one of my treasures!

  24. brooke replied:

    Pulling taffy? Oh how I love you.

  25. matty replied:

    Brooke! I love you, too! If only I had been the one to say it. Wait. No. Anyway, I simply recorded what I heard in my haze.

  26. Kris replied:

    That poster’s hot. Why is it always you that get to overhear these awesome convos!!? You’re such a magnet.

  27. matty replied:

    Kris — Which Poster? Convoy?

    …yeah, I’ve always been a sort of magnet for odd things. Of course, this is just an interesting city full of interesting characters.

    of course, if you look and listen — all of the world is interesting and interesting characters.

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