After the excitement of the LITTLE DARLINGS screening, B and I were truly what we could possibly do that would be as fun for the remainder of the weekend!

But, B came up with both a solution and a challenge for me! He suggested that we go for hike today! I invited both Ing and S but they seemed to have gotten into a bit of trouble Saturday and were unable to join us in our athletic jaunt into nature.

Now, I have never been on a hike so this was both a bit scary and adventurous for me. However, it turned out to be quite a bit of fun! After a hearty brunch, we jumped into B’s Element and headed off! As we crossed the bridge, I took decided I would be strong and forge ahead into the wilds of nature!

The plan was originally to go on this hike in Point Reyes and try to see sea lions mate or something. It was to be an hour hike or something. And, we would be on the ocean — which always makes me happy. However, things got a bit turned around. Still not sure why.

I think it all started when I was playing with B’s iPhone. I like using the camera feature. You’re looking at some of the many results. Anyway, we didn’t make it to Point Reyes. There was a lot of traffic, B and I forgot the Diet Coke and water and the iPhone was in need of one of those little cases that would prevent it from slipping out of my fingers as I play.

So, we ended up hiking in Tiburon. Which is a lovely patch of wilderness on the Northern California coast! We hiked quite a bit and were so far out that both cell phones lost all reception. However, I’d have to say that the hiking is more fun than I thought it would be.…isn’t B just too fucking cute!!?!?!? ….here he in nature’s splendor!

B told me that the house you see behind me is worth quite a bit of money. However, I’m not sure that one gets electricity or running water in such far-off places as Tiburon. Still. Quite a pretty house!

Luckily, no bears actually attacked us! …well, unless one counts that little incident in the scary public toilets!

B gettin’ some sun!

Sure, it was a bit difficult at times. However, as B pointed out — “no pain. no gain!”

And, I actually broke a sweat when we walked into that boutique in Sausalito. The sales lady was a bit of a bitch, too. But, we found some way cool shirts on sale! B picked up some odd looking things he calls “plants” which he says he wants to “grow” on the window sill in our kitchen. I worried that they might steal my oxygen when I might happen to be in that room (I believe the “kitchen” is where we keep the thing that makes ice and holds my Diet Coke) …but he assured me that they actually produce additional air. However, I am forbidden from clipping, drying out and smoking them. He said that they were not that sort of plant.

We also visited a large place called “a national park” — I had to use one of those scary public toilets!

(…for some reason I found a few of my dearest friends personal information listed near these odd sized holes in some of the stalls. …being a good friend I took the liberty of correcting the information as it had been listed. They actually had Alan and Ings’ phone numbers wrong!)

B explained that these holes, called “glory holes” by those in ‘the know’ are a part of nature that one has to take care when exploring. I decided it best to leave when these two burly truckers walked in and started grunting at me! And, B was correct. One should not wear flip-flops for a hike — especially when national park toilet stalls are involved.

Anyway, I saw some trees. I could actually smell nature. My nose bled a bit and I had a headache. However, I felt much better after we stop’d by that candy store and secured a Diet Coke and chocolate cluster.

On the long journey home we visited an Apple Store to pick up one of those iPhone cases and a cord which allows B to play the iPod function in the car.

Who knew B loved Britney Spears so much. I particularly enjoyed the “Britney Select” playlist!

Oh! And, we stopped by a Starbucks where I was able to make a glory hole and engrave Ing and Alans’ info correctly! I know that they will both be much relieved. I didn’t know Ing and Alan had been to Tiburon or Corte Nadera!

Corte Nadera has a very odd shopping mall — their Macy’s was horribly small. But, B had warned me that one has to tough it out a bit when visiting nature! And their Gap was under construction! Most worrying when navigating the stairs!

However, one can enjoy the Northern California Vistas from their parking lot for hours! In the end, I discovered I really like hiking. I am an outdoor’s kind of guy after all!

Who knew?!?!?


July 22, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Dessie replied:

    Hiking is one of my fave vacation pastimes, but I’ve never hiked with Britney… I shall try that this year!

  2. Daniel replied:

    I applaud your determination to experience the great world of nature outside of San Francisco’s city limits.
    And yes, they do have running water out there.
    And your public relations efforts, vis-a-vis glory holing and spreading your friends contact information practically guarantees them a whole slew of eager new friends and admirers!
    You just go about doing good deeds, don’t you!

  3. Old Cheeser replied:

    The glory hole story is just toooo funny. You get the same kind of thing in British toilets too….for sex phone 0798 **** and all that kind of stuff. Lovely. Not that I’d know much about these things…

    And it was sooo helpful of you to correct the numbers. One can’t supply inaccurate information, can one?

    The hiking sounds nice – oddly enough I’ve got into walking recently, although I don’t do enough! My last real hiking experience was in Wales. I do kind of envy you, London isn’t close enough to nature (not unless you count the parks here, but it’s not the same). Still having said that where I live is semi-suburban so it’s not so bad. I guess I need to learn to drive and get a car, then like you a getaway would be considerably easier!

    That Britney cover is just the ultimate in cheese. I thought she was a natural blonde though?

    OC x

  4. matty03 replied:

    Dessie – I wonder if Britney hikes. I suspect someone does this sort of thing for her.

  5. matty03 replied:

    Daniel – Wow! Well, I guess you and B must be correct. There must be running water and electricity in Tiburon! It is quite pretty on their beaches! And, some of the houses were so pretty — and big. Still, I just have this feeling. I mean, my cell phone didn’t work! But, yes, I am always out to help my friends! If someone’s info is recorded incorrectly near a “glory hole” …I will persist to correct that info!

    Cool Old Cheeser! Oh, who needs nature when you’re in London!!!??!?! You have all you need right at your finger tips! Actually, I sort of feel that way about SF. However, I think we could improve on the high-end culture things. Actually, the US could improve on the whole high-end culture thing. Still, yes, well, I always walk a lot. I walk quite a bit actually. I do not enjoy public transit and would much prefer to walk a mile than ride the bus. And we do have great hills in the city. But, still nothing like an athletic hike! Well, not true. Wait. Or “glory holes” somehow related to a sex act!?!?!?

    Jeepers! Ing! Alan! Well, at least I provided some assistance.

    …don’t get a car unless you have to get one. It is bad for the environment! B has an Element. He needs it for work and I think he liked to “camp” prior to meeting me. And, I don’t think his concept of camp involves show tunes or drag queens. Go figure. But, you can always rent a car. But, you should get a license to drive! I think. In most of the US you have to have a car or you will simply die. That is why I’ve always chosen cities that do not require them — Boston, DC, NYC, SF, etc.

  6. hot lunch replied:

    I don’t think B was getting some sun in that photo. I think he was re-enacting Madonna’s Open Your Heart video, you know the part just before she takes off her black wig to reveal the shock of blonde underneath? Yeah, that’s what he was doing.

    Britney freaking rules, okay?

  7. matty replied:

    Hot Lunch! I don’t think he was doing that. If he had been, wouldn’t he have danced? …for inspiration. You know, B is trained dancer. Yet, he never dances.

    Anyway, I really did enjoy listening to B’s Britney Select playlist! I did!

  8. ginab replied:

    Good for you for experiencing the great out doors and for aschewing tough guys from a deep hole. I suspect Ing and S travelled ahead and played tricks with names. So sorry tho you didn’t get to see sealions humping.

    Yes B looks marvelous! And you, well, am I allowed to say?

    more lovely and more expensive than that splendid house!


  9. matty03 replied:

    Gina! Thank you! I was quite proud of myself for facing my fears of nature (and there are many!) …and, thank you for such a sweet compliment! You’ve made my night!

  10. Robert replied:

    I especially love the picture where you’re ‘frownin’ or something… very distinguished!!

  11. matty03 replied:

    Robert! Thank you! I fear I look old. …I’m not sure what I was doing when I took that. I think I was just having fun with B’s iPhone.

  12. ing replied:

    You have never looked old in your life!

    I’m so sorry it took me this long to comment. I’ve been getting all these phone calls, and I haven’t been able to keep up! It’s really neat–I keep getting asked out on dates. I guess I’m in my second flower or something. . .

  13. matty03 replied:

    Ing! Oh, I’m so happy! Yes, I could tell that you Alan are quite the popular ones! Be sure to wear something more substantial than sandals if you’re dates or happening near those holes! Messy! …and, no. You are a mere babe in the galley of glory holes!

  14. Pants replied:

    I had brunch at Sam’s in Tiburon on Sunday. My kind of morning…bloody marys and yummy food on the water!

  15. matty03 replied:

    Pants! Tiburon is really pretty! Next time we are there we will have to find brunch at Sam’s!

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