Yes, after 2 long months of waiting and sweating it out —- LITTLE DARLINGS screens at the Castro Theater tomorrow night!!! Yessssssss!!!!
I am so excited! I, of course, know who wins the beat to lose her virginity first but will not reveal this crucial bit of information to B, Ing, Alan or S. No. I will not tell them!

Oh, Kristy. We miss you. …and your hot brother. …who actually looked exactly like you. Come back to the Five & Dime, Kristy!

…and, I wanted to have Matt Dillon’s hair so badly. Actually, I just wanted to have Matt Dillon. The title of this article is so true. Sigh.

Anyway, much adventure is to transpire over popcorn. Let’s hope the organ dude plays some Captain & Tennille or something! …or, maybe that Kristy and Jimmy hit single, “He’s A Dancer!”

I will leave you all with this great shot taken in the summer of 1976 not too far from where I now live. Starsky? Hutch? …who knew? …of course, it was the 70’s!

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  1. ing replied:

    Ohhh, Matt Dillon. He can’t seem to look bad, no matter what he’s doing. I just watched him fishing with John. So cute!

  2. matty03 replied:

    And, I remember thinking he was at his most ddddddreamy in LITTLE DARLINGS!!! …but Kristy was pretty hot, too. Like her brother, Jimmy.

  3. Old Cheeser replied:

    Matt looks so boyish in that pic and the hair is hilarious!! Mind you he still doesn’t look bad, albeit with shorter hair…I caught him in later movies like “Drugstore Cowboy” and “To Die For”…

    I have never seen that movie, one to add to my ever-growing list I guess.

    And that pic of Starsky and Hutch is probably the gayest shot of them EVER. They’re almost holding hands!

    Personally I preferred “Charlie’s Angels” though.

  4. jungle jane replied:

    you have to tell us! who lost their virginity first??!! I bet it was a Hollywood yarn and neither did…

  5. matty03 replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser – This was Matt Dillon’s finest cinematic moment! …helping the girls. He was like, such a stone cold fox, man! Oh, no! Give me hot, wet, sticky gay cop sex any day over glam crime busters! …well, no. not really.

  6. matty03 replied:

    Jungle Jane! I could never reveal such a key plot point! Never! …at least not without some form of compensation or bribe. However, I will say this: one of the two girls leaves camp without a cherry on top. …one of them. but, i won’t say which!

  7. hot lunch replied:

    this sounds like fun! i wish i too could go to a movie at the Castro! Are you in charge of their programming by any chance?

  8. matty replied:

    Hot Lunch! I wish you could join us, too!! You should come visit SF!

    No, sadly, I do not program for The Castro Theatre. …but, I should.

    They just don’t know what they are missing!

  9. Steve replied:

    OMG. I sooo had a crush on Kristy’s brother, Jimmy. See, I knew I was a big homo even when I was a kid, and would daydream about being naked with him and Scott Baio. Have fun!

  10. matty replied:

    Steve – I knew I was, but didn’t know or understand how to “frame” it or “name” it.

    Funny thing is I remember having a crush on both Kristy and Jimmy — and, now, as an adult — when I look at their pictures from that era — you could almost interchange them.

    I loved Scott Baio, too.

    But, for me it was always Andy Gibb. …and, Alice Cooper.

    I can’t wait to see LITTLE DARLINGS!!!!

    …why isn’t it on DVD?!?!?

  11. ginab replied:

    Someone might have asked, but whatever happened to… _____y _____l?

    Aren’t Starsky and Hutch handsome? Didn’t one end up, you know? erm, you of all people know, Matty!


    PS: how goeth the shake-up?

  12. matty replied:

    Gina! Oh, I wish you could join us for the fun tonight!!!

    Well, after suffering thru a horrible breakdown/depression, Ms. Kristy picked herself up and promptly left “the industry” around 1991/1992. Last I heard she was working for an animal rescue society and quite happy! Yay!!!

    I know that blonde one still sells records somewhere. The dark-hair’d one lost his wife to AIDS and is still an active fighter for finding cure, education and AIDS patients rights. …I think he still is a film producer.

    I know that they were both in that lame movie “re-dux”

    I totally missed the earthquake. everyone seems to have felt it but me and B! Oy! Not fair. …of course I guess that is a good thing!

  13. Daniel replied:

    Ohmygod, hot sweaty romps with Starsky and Hutch?
    Sigh….who knew they rode the white horse?
    I would love for Tatum to make a real comeback.

  14. ginab replied:

    Oh, I’m missing out!

    plenty to do…here…really.


    But I know the seriousness of PMG. Just I thought D(?) was g.


  15. matty03 replied:

    Gina! We missed you much! It was grande! …I’m acronym (sp?) challenged. I know you don’t mean the accounting firm! lol!

    Daniel — Oh, well, yes. Hot, wet, gay man cop love — what more could a boy want?!?!? …well, perhaps a career return for Tatum!!!

  16. matty03 replied:

    Gina! I was incorrect! Kristy McNichol has retired from acting but now teaches acting in LA. …at some private school. She been doing this since 2001.

    No idea about her sexy brother, tho.

  17. Tim replied:

    It always amazes me how much you know about these things Matty! Enjoy the film 🙂

  18. matty03 replied:

    Tim! LOL! It was an amazing evening! Such a great masterwork of a film!!!

  19. ing replied:

    Matty, I am writing to you from jail. S & I got arrested for trying to break through your window. The warden here is very kind to let us use his komputor, but we are only allowed one message. Since we already used our phone call, we thought this would be the next best move.

    The food in the slammer isn’t very hot, but the showers operate and there is very little to make this anything less than a Gold Star Day. Mrs. Palfrey taught us a very important lesson and we are delighted to be creating our own destinies! My goodness gracious. Thank you for that gem of a movie. It was a-MAZE-ing!

  20. matty03 replied:

    Ing – I got your message(sssss) — you see there is no “access” to cell phones when one goes to the wilds of California for a hike-ing trip. …we did go way out there.

    Anyway, I did try to call you but I suppose the jail took your cell phone away. Sorry. You failed to tell me which lock up facility you two are in so I’m unable to assist.


    However, don’t bend over to pick up soap or anything!

    I told you MRS PALFREY AT THE CLAREMONT was awesome!!!!!

    …where’s your essay?

    Oh, and why were you trying to break in?!?!?

    Saw some trees. My nose bled.

  21. S replied:

    While some people might call it “breaking” and “entering,” I like to call it “visiting.” We just wanted to drop by to try on your pajamas and also to program our numbers into the speed dial on your phone. We, or at least I (I cannot speak for Ing) felt that it would be easier for everyone involved if we were all “on the same page” so to speak.

    You know, I tried to, very politely and with great respect mind you, explain to your neighbors that it was necessary for me to break a few windows and locks to gain access to your apartment. It was for the greatest cause of mankind. The “cause of friendship.” I told the police this as well.

    Now, I don’t blame you for the “incident.” Though it involves you; it is in no way your fault. It is, after all, an unfortunate misunderstanding. I KNOW with utter certainty that you have simply forgotten thus far to give me a spare key for such emergencies.

    It’s alright, I forgive you, even though the warden presented me with some uncomfortable requests by which I could secure both my own and Ing’s freedom. It was difficult, I assure you. I will not go into the details here, in this most public of forums, only to say that there are definitely some “things” I have not yet created names for. Perhaps we can discuss this at length in the future.

    I hope you had a good nature trip. I thought long and hard about the freedom of this during my time in the clink.

    We did, of course, create a report of sorts about the lovely Mrs. Palfrey. You can see the evidence on Ing’s blog, if you are so inclined to visit.

  22. matty03 replied:

    S – Wow! You two were busy while I was away!!!! Well, I have no issue with your needing to break in. And, I’ve left a key in “that secret place” only you and I know about. So, you should be all set in the future. However, I do hope that the two of you will stop doing that thing you did to our wall.

    …You girls left quite a ‘stain’


    Still, I’m so glad you were able to “do that thing” to get you two freed.

    You’re a girl who thinks on her feet and I respect this!

    I just read the report on Ing’s blog and am most pleased! Wasn’t it wonderful! I do so love that movie!

    Now, Ing needs to get it back to me ASAP!

    I hope she will give me the montage thing you two created! I want to frame it!

    love and kisses,

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