…or the 10 most played songs on my iPod. Every once in a while I will be walking about with my iPod and think to myself: “Self, I think you just played the same song over and over again for most of the day!”

Luckily, I never actually respond to myself. Just a silent thought.
(paint it white!)

And, then, I take a look at the play count on my iTunes and come to the realization that I listen to a lot of music — and much of it over and over and over again.

But, with the exception of a few songs, I do seem to change around a bit on the tunes. Anyway, I think I did this several months back. So, I feel it is time for me to post the 10 Most Played Songs On My iPod/iTunes! Hey, it’s my blog! So, I can if I want to!

1. Evergreen (Love Theme for A STAR IS BORN) by Babs Streisand. I believe this track was the second most played song on my iPod last time I did this. Now, it is the most played at 483 plays as of today. Can you tell it is my favorite song? So pretty. So romantic. So sexy. …and, it really is soft as an easy chair!

2. Ride A White Horse by Goldfrapp at 420 plays as of today. …and, this was the most played song last time. I think only played it once today, tho.

3. Boys Will Be Boys by Goldfrapp at 255 plays. This is a new one for the top 10. I’m really into this song at the moment. I do so love my Goldfrapp! Is that not the coolest cover work for a single you’ve seen in about a zillion years!?!?!

4. Sleeps With Butterfiles by Tori Amos at 234 plays. This song makes me sad in a good way. I know my pal, Dessie, dislikes the LP from which it comes, but I love it.

5. Love Is Thicker Than Water by Andy Gibb at 225 plays. Why-O-Why did he have to die?!?!? I love this song and I really love that guitar solo at the end by Joe Walsh.

6. The Main Event (single version) by Barbra at 223 plays. Wow. …Babs is in a dead disco heat race with Andy. I think I played this song a lot today. Very high 70’s energy song. Just makes one want to dance and punch at the air.

7. If I’m Lucky I Might Get Picked by Betty Davis at 207 plays. Ah, Betty Davis. The woman who married Miles Davis for a year and introduced him to funk. Sadly, rumor has it that Ms. Davis enjoyed the boys a bit too much (Sly Stone and Jimmi Hendrix among them!) so I guess the union didn’t work out. I had heard this song when I was a kid and never forgot it. It was just re-issued to iTunes and I LOVE it! …but, this is my fave song! I love the sauve 1974 dude trying to talk to her as she growls her way thru the funk of 1974! “…I can dig it!” …I am playing this song A LOT right now! If you enjoy classic funk — then you MUST rush out and find a copy!!!!!

8. Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille at 204 plays. I do so love this song! However, I think it is starting to slip. According to iTunes I’ve not played since this past Sunday. …love will keep us together. …whatever.

9. Repeat to Fade by The Shortwave Set at 203 plays. Wow! This is about to kick Toni’s ass! This is actually the only new piece of music to find its way to my Top 10 Most Played. …As I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks I’ve been listening to it quite a bit! Odd mix of electronica, 60’s psychadelic and generally sort of odd — it works really well!!! And, the vid clip for this is cool, too! I downloaded it from YouTube and put it on my iPod so I guess I’ve listened to it more than the 203 admits. Sometimes I like to watch it while I’m on the bus! And, it doesn’t hurt that the female lead singer is so beautiful and the male lead guitar is so hot! Sometimes you just want to watch pretty people singing odd music. You know?

10. Garbo by Stevie Nicks at 202 plays. Classic flip side to the Stand Back single. I play this quite a bit as well. However, it would appear that I’ve not played it since our road trip to LA! Hmmmmm…

Am I the only one who obsessively watches how many times he has listened to a song?!?!?

I guess I’ve always had the problem of getting into a groove where I had to just listen to the same song(s) over and over again for extended periods of time. And, I really can’t remember a time when music wasn’t playing around me. And, I guess the one that continues to get repeated playings is from the soundtrack to A STAR IS BORN. Back in the days of my single digit years and vinyl — I can remember playing my LP of A STAR IS BORN so much that my Grandmother worried that we’d be able to see through it if I didn’t give it a break from the record needle.

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  1. ing replied:

    Babs beats Alison? Well I’ll be!

    I want to check out that Betty Davis. And I listened to some of the shortwave set. . . I love the song you have on your Myspace. I may have to buy it.

    So very, very tired, Matty, I just can’t tell you. PR-ing drains me.

  2. Dessie replied:

    Actually SwB is one of the songs I can tolerate from that album funnily enough.

    And, C&T? You can never have too much C&T!

  3. jungle jane replied:

    Funny…one of my most played tunes is “Love will tear us Apart”…i guess you are a ‘cup half full’ type of bloke whereas i am more a ‘cup half empty’ bloke.

  4. matty03 replied:

    Ing! Yes, you must get it! …or give me a CD (I haven’t any!) and I can rip some tunes for you! It is legal as I purchased them. …I think that is legal. Who cares. I’m a rebel, baby!

    Well, yes. PR-Ing is most tiring! And, some jerk grabbed my phone to call you last night! I think his name was Willie P. Ass. …something about mushrooms and monks? …the people one meets in the Castro!

  5. matty03 replied:

    Dessie! Quite right! One can never get too much of the C&T! I am relieved to hear you at least sorta like that one song from The Beekeeper! I do so love the new CD, but I do think I enjoy Beekeeper more. I do. I don’t know. I just do!

    Jungle Jane! Yeah, I guess I’m a very positive person. I looked it up. I’ve played “Love Will Tear Us Apart only 47 times. However, I’ve played the Novelle Vague version of the same song 104 times. …but they put it to Bosa Nova which, I’m sure, was never the intent.

  6. ginab replied:

    never heard Nicks’ “Garbo”. MY favorite actress, Garbo. I speak in broken speech, half listening out for fire crackers and the boomers that turn my boxer into a pheasant shocked up out of its ground nest.

    That is a boxer on wheels…I see.

    happy listening, YOU!


  7. matty03 replied:

    Gina — I don’t like fire crackers either. Or fire works. Makes me think of gunfire and I probably get more upset than your perfect boxer! “Garbo” is a great little song which I think may have been recorded for Bella Donna but ended up as a flip side for the Stand Back single. Kind of country/so cali rock we don’t hear much of anymore. Eagles, anyone? But, it is about the hope and dream of love still unfilled. Sad song with a tinge of hope.

  8. deldell replied:

    I do that, but with albums rather than tracks. I’ve been listening to Ruben Blades Siembra, and lots of Ismael Serrano. Ismael is kind of Flamenco pop. It’s way cool.

  9. mkf replied:

    i also obsessively listen to the same old songs over and over again.

    the thing i suddenly love about you (because i just came across you tonight) is that you have the balls to list yours.

  10. matty03 replied:

    mkf! I’m glad I’m not alone!

    Yes, I’m told I’ve got quite large balls. lol!

    Where is your blog?

    Deldell! Hey! I’ve missed you! How are you? …of course I’m about 6 months behind on seeing your post to my post! Sending you a warm hug from GayTown!

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