This was a very different sort of PRIDE. We made it to the dyke march — to lend our support. But, mostly we chilled and sat at the nude beach. The breeze was cold, but the sun was warm.

the fingers followed his breath
turning the skin to a map of tiny bumps
sensory over load

we know we’re being watched
that danger makes it even more fun

but, the sweetness of the drop
you know, when the world swirls so fast
all one can do is let the pressure hold you up

holding tight
this embrace
this moment
this magic
this love

Somehow, I didn’t mind that the sunblock failed me. Nor did I mind the icy water as I jumped into the Pacific.

Sand in my hair.

I know happiness.

June 25, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. deldell replied:

    Oh Matty….
    That’s beautiful.
    Can I just enjoy the feeling of that for a while?
    What a rush…

  2. ginab replied:

    you do know happiness. you know bliss!

    nothing like crisp water.

    It’s hot here, and I mean HOT. Time soon for a lake.


  3. matty replied:

    Daniel – It was a great feeling. It was a great weekend. Glad you enjoyed!

    Gina – Yes, I do! I am bliss’d and bless’d. And, yes — get to a lake!!! Or, come here and we will take you to the ocean!!

  4. Kevin replied:

    So you get ogled by onlookers at the nude beach? That didn’t happen here — it was just all open. You didn’t need to spy.

    Although I made sure nothing important burned.

  5. matty03 replied:

    Kevin – Not sure that we were “ogled” but we discovered we were being watched. At this beach there are little “forts” made up of the drift wood that has washed up to the beach to provide for privacy. It’s really nice. You can build a fire. Nice place. Only one of my arms got burned — as it turned out! yay!

  6. ing replied:

    This is so sweet. . . I need a boyfriend!

    I missed the parade because I was at the lake. I think I would have enjoyed it. Even though I wouldn’t have found a boyfriend.

    Are you sure I shouldn’t get a cat?

  7. jungle jane replied:

    it sounds like you need that cold water after that, Matty. Do you think I can have your boyfriend for a while? Just…say…a month or so?

  8. deveil replied:

    That’s a great feeling, I’m so glad I live a few minutes from the beach. Love the prose, beautiful!

  9. matty03 replied:

    Ing – The lake sounded fun! …except for that “little” fire you started. Oh, wait. I forgot. You were not anywhere near Lake Tahoe. (wink wink)! No, I don’t think you should get a cat. …just think. COLMA: THE MUSICAL. Oh, yes. This weekend. This Saturday!

  10. matty03 replied:

    Jungle Jane! Oh, but that cold water was quite cold! Too cold, really! But, still. Yes, I probably needed it. You know I’d loan you anything I could but I would never loan him!

  11. matty03 replied:

    Deveil! Thank you! Yes, isn’t it awesome to be near the ocean?!!?! I don’t think I could ever live too far from the water.

  12. Kevin replied:

    Ahh, but what was he watching? You better not have been lewd while nude. Dirty.

  13. matty replied:

    Kevin – I’m an innocent. …we were playing cards.

  14. Meredith replied:

    In my current state of existence this killed me. Mostly coz I remember it, somewhere back in that perfect space. Now… well. Never mind.
    You are so blessed.

  15. jenny bolis replied:

    Hello Matt,

    I adore stevie nicks as well,
    have you ever heard that track Insider by Stevie & tom petty

    it is a very sad track, but I like it

    Jenny Bolis

  16. matty03 replied:

    Jenny! Oh, I love that song so much!!!!! I love the lyrics and the way their voices blend!

  17. jenny bolis replied:

    yes, it is brilliant !

    I really love the line…
    I’ll bet you’re his self-control.


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