Wow! What a long weekend! Yes, I have been to LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice Beach — and I’ve returned enlightened. I wish I could share the mis-adventures that B and I shared with Beck and Luke Wilson, but I’m not one to name drop. So, I will keep my words to a very small stretch and try my best to let some of my pix speak for themselves.

Of course, one of my life long dreams has now been achieved. Yes, I finally found the actual apartment used by Barbra Streisand for her fucking awesome movie, A STAR IS BORN! The following pictures are of Esther Hoffman’s apartment!!!! That is me! Sitting in the same place Babs once walked about and filmed a movie! (sigh) …I could feel the magical karma all around me. Blessed are the people who now live there!

After B forced me back into the car, we made our way to the ultimate tourist destinations. However, business first! We had an appointment with one, Ms. Janice Dickinson. Yes, she was late. Again!
She wanted me to be her next big model but I just don’t have the time. Nor did, B. Actually, And, B is thinking about suing. the agency is in the middle of a mall. …and it appears to be a total set.

Saw some neat things here!
striking a pose in preparation for the “live” appearances of Brad and George.
…always a polite thing to bond with Joan.
I cleaned it and did my very best to teach and prevent people from walking on it!!

They lost our reservations here! And, most interesting! There is a Budget Rent-A-Car right by this highly prized hotel — and in its tiny lot are Beamers, Rolls Royces and Hummers. …and, hidden away as if in shame was one loan Lexus. Yet, it was the same shit Budget Car office building. Go figure. Anyway, we found a great room at The Travel Lodge Royale in Westwood! I like to jump on hotel beds. …yep, I like to live on the edge, baby!

Then, it was time for a drive up to the infamous curvy road!!!!…is it not the cutest boy you’ve ever seen!?!?! …I was feeling inspired. …you can dance.
…if you look close you can almost see the Hollywood sign. Too much smog.

Then, it was on to Venice Beach! And, this is where Linda Blair fell in love with that skinny dude and they Roller Boogie’d like there was no tomorrow! I always knew my life would lead me to the very place where ROLLLER BOOGIE was filmed. I just knew it.

There are, apparently, aliens roaming about Venice Beach. They seemed harmless enough. For a dollar you can pose with them. However, they don’t talk or anything. Actually, from the odd smell — I began to think that they might be dead. Exploitation!

There was some wicked cool art! B posed with some!

While I got a wacky tourist baja and was the Hit of the Boardwalk!!!! And, I picked up some way cool sun glasses!

We ate a lot of junk food! But, it was at Canter’s Deli that I think I gained 40 pounds in one sitting. This was the best food I’ve had in ages!!! This Koser deli rocks!

We ran along the same pier that Jack, Chrissy and Janet used to dance and jiggle their way into our hearts back in the 70’s. It was a great trip! And, we opted to skip the 101 on the way back home by taking the scenic route along Hwy 1. It was a very pretty ride. Or, so I hear. I was asleep for most of it. I was quite tired. Poor B had to drive most of the way home without the pleasure of my endless stream of consciousness conversation. (i think he might have been relieved)

At some point we did end up here. I took a picture.

All in all — LA was cool, but I don’t think I could live there. I missed the fresh air of SF and the odd things one sees on the streets here. And, I guess she must be a big star but Terri Hatcher cut us off in her Beamer SUV thing. She is a stick, too. And, tho, I was never certain — i’m pretty sure I could feel the presence of Goldie Hawn lurking at our every turn. And, kids, that was most worrying!

However, there was a great deal of beauty and surprise in Southern California. It was fun! …I took this picture. I rather like it and feel it sums up Southern California on a cool summer day!

And, I sat my ass in the very same place that Barbra sat her once fine ass back in the spring of 1976! cool. Barbra’s 70’s butt was quite nice — and she was ever so limber. (the end) …and, soon we leave for my family reunion later this week! Denver, here we come! B gets to bond with my mom, brother and other members of my family!


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  1. ginab replied:

    YEAH! I’m first at something! I strive and I strive and yet I am OVERLOOKED!

    You are proof there’s much more happening in the world, even if you are revisiting past places. Even if you are in still life.

    I was born in ’66 and so I take the Route personally. It’s all a woman has to distinguish herself (to a year) when there are eyes such as Jon Peters in the world.

    happy trails! why no kiss for the star, tho, I wonder?


  2. hot lunch replied:

    how cute are you! those pictures look like u guys had a fantastic trip!!

    I once saw Goldie Hawn walking down the street here in Vancouver, when she and her family lived here for a number of years. She had a big hat on and giant sunglasses, but her fur coat and her mole were dead giveaways.

    Damn that Janice Dickinson!!!

  3. matty replied:

    Gina! Yeah, you know Hollywood felt all about visiting old places/spaces. All is in the past and make believe. Nothing is very real — facades and building/statues that have the look of something old, but are really quite new and light. You are never overlooked in my book! I, too, was born in ’66! Funny how I had failed to connect that when I was taking the picture. And, yes. One should probably not trust a st8t male hair dresser like Mr. Peters. Still, I do so love that era of Ms. Barbra’s career. I was going to lay down next to her star as if fainted — but her star is right in front of that infamous cinema with all the finger/footprints and I was worried I’d be trampled ala DAY OF THE LOCUST!

    Oh, and John Wayne had tiny feet and hands!

    Hot Lunch! Awww, thank you! I think I look old and fat. Wow! You saw Goldie! If ever I see her I want to convince her to lift that fringe! I’m just curious if bangs/fringes really make one look younger. Janice Dickison! I know! A fake office in a mall — and, she missed our appointments for superstardom!

  4. Kevin replied:

    Ummmm, you left without me. I showed up at your place at the designated time but you were already gone. So for the inconvenience, I took a few items as keepsakes.

    See if you can tell what’s missing.

  5. matty replied:

    Kevin – Your calendar is mistaken! You were a week late! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get rubber sheets exchanged for a refund?!?!? B and I spent all day at that store! …Now, please return our Unicorn Bong! You can go ahead and keep ceramic squirrel. That thing always made us nervous anyway.


  6. karyn replied:

    I loved. Loved loved loved. This post.

    Never have I been so moved to see California… now I’m jonesing for it!

    And ps, you are so stinking cute. You just get CUTER all the time, it’s not fair, I tell you!

    Thank you for posting all this good stuff Matty.

    Hugs & Kisses From the Coast (you know, the OTHER one)

  7. ing replied:

    Matty, I know Barbra’s very important to you, but why did you not mention in your post THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR TRIP, the moment you discovered Beck in his pool? In any case, I’m glad to finally see Beck in his bathing suit. He looks yummy!

    By the way, how did you and B manage to launder your rubber sheets? I so far haven’t bothered to wash mine, and things are getting a little sticky. . .

  8. deldell replied:

    What a wonderful spiritual oddyssey, to worship at the shrine of Babs, and then to visit the only somewhat less holy shrine of Linda Blair.
    Having recharged and refreshed yourself, are you now giving spiritual readings and blessings at a dollar a pop?

  9. matty03 replied:

    Karyn! You might possibly need glasses! But, thank you! thank you! …you made my day! kisses from the this coast! matty

  10. matty03 replied:

    Ing – I’ve yet to discover how to really wash them. The idea is you’re to just sort of hose them off, but that doesn’t do it to me. No. I simply march back into the store and say, “Look! Just look at what you’ve sold to me! Yes! Yes! Soiled, dirty and greasy sheets! Take them back at once!” …Oh, and I didn’t want you to fill that I was exploiting your Beck. We were trying to figure out why he was swimming in LA when you were back here to home!??!?

  11. matty03 replied:

    Dearest Daniel, Yes. It was a spiritual journey. And, I know what you mean about the filming location of ROLLER BOOGIE — but, I did see a painted mural at the hostel weep. Tis true. I don’t make a habit of it as one should not squander gifts — but I will lay on hands for a small fee.

  12. Kevin replied:

    Ummm, I broke the bong. I was trying to have the unicorn and squirrel mate … and the horn broke off.

    I won’t tell you where.

  13. Me replied:

    What a fun picture post! We were so close, yet so far! sigh! 🙂 I’m really glad that you get to see the apartment where Babs filmed that movie… Which one was it again? I don’t think I’ve seen even a single one of her movies. I know. WHO AM I?!?

    Anyway, I absolutely love Canter’s!! It’s one of my fave hangouts!

  14. matty replied:

    Oh, Kevin. No more partying for you, my friend! …and you broke Helga!

  15. matty replied:

    Hey “Me”!!! Canters so totally rocks! I could live there.
    Now, the name of Barbra’s movie (and it is my personal favorite) is A STAR IS BORN! …ah. Watch Closely Now, in deed! It was so cool to find the actual place! And, I think that car might even be vintage to the era of the movie!!! …ageless and evergreen.

  16. Old Cheeser replied:

    Wow, what a great trip and fab photos!! I’ve always wanted to go to Hollywood. Heard it was a weird and wacky place filled with equally wacky people but that’s part of the appeal. Plus all the movie star connections of course.

    And how exciting that you got to see a former Babs apartment! I bet if you’d looked hard you would have found a few stray locks from her bubble perm on the floor.

    But why no Janice Dickinson pics? I feel cheated!! (Mind you she was probably off somewhere still trying it on with John Barrowman).

    Fabulous photos too!

  17. Kris replied:

    Sure looks like you two had fun visiting Souther Cali. The things one does when they feel ‘inspired’ Those are really cute pictures, thanks for putting ’em up

  18. jungle jane replied:

    Ohhhhhhh your trip looks fantastic Matty!! only this time last year I was doing the same – i do love LA!

    “I cleaned it and did my very best to teach and prevent people from walking on it!!”

    Oh deary me…that made me howl. they are pavers, matty. You are meant to walk on them. You know, I am certain that dogs poop on them too. Can you imagine anything more horrific than dog poop all over Bab’s star??

    B is damny smoking hot. If he turns straight could you pass him my number??

  19. Pants replied:

    Man, you and B are adorable! Your vacation looks like a lot of fun! Love the pictures!

  20. ing replied:

    Matty, would you please tell Jungle Jane to get in line like the rest of us?! Sheesh!

  21. Meredith replied:

    All paths lead to Roller Boogie. I think I saw that on a fridge magnet once. Or maybe not.
    Now you’ll need an anti-urban holiday. I know just the thing. 😉

  22. matty03 replied:

    Old Cheeser! You feel cheated?!?!? Imagine how we felt! I mean, we had an appointment with Ms. Dickinson. Ugh! Oh well. So, it goes… Oh, and it was never Barbra’s apartment — just one she and Mr. Peters rented to film a few key scenes in A STAR IS BORN! …my fave Barbra movie!!!

    Kris! LOL! Yes, it was “inspriing” …tho, I’m not sure I’m in any rush to return. And, thanks!

  23. matty03 replied:

    Jungle Jane! Oh, no! Say it isn’t so! Actually, I’m sure a dog never shits on Bab’s star — they have it in such a heavily traffic’d area. …a poor dog would get stepped on! Perhaps a poor dog was trampled on her star! (tho, I certainly hope not!) …I had forgotten you were there about a year ago! You need to come visit SF! Yes! Isn’t B hot!?!!??! …he is pretty gay, tho. However, he is in that “str8 acting” category! …still, I’m fairly certain is on the gay team for good. Besides, he is not allowed to leave or dump me! No!

  24. matty03 replied:

    Ms. Pants! Hi!!! Thank you! I think B looks great! I agree with you on that one! We did have fun! Someday I hope we get to meet! We live in the same city!!!

    Ing – Oh, OK. …but I didn’t know that there was a line forming waiting for B to turn str8. Is there something I need to know?!?!?

    Jungle Jane – Get in line, Miss Thang! (smile)

    Lovely Meredith! Yes! That is not just magnet wisdom! It is quite true! No matter what one might try to do — the path will eventually lead to Roller Boogie! …best to just accept and embrace it! And, yes! I feel a certain Rock calling us for a fall get-away. …this trip to LA was just for a long weekend!

  25. Tim replied:

    Wow, what a fab trip! I’m glad you found some good food – that’s very high on my list of priorities when I go away!!

  26. matty03 replied:

    Tim! Yes, the food at Canters was exceptional! I am told that there are is some great eating to be found in LA — tho, mostly, we saw a LOT of fast food joints.

  27. Meredith replied:

    Don’t wait too long. My trip to town and the subsequent return home has me feeling a little rundown,depressed and restless. I shouldn’t have hopped on that bus to downtown. I was ready to go home up until that point. Now… well, coming home has been a bit of a let down and I’m wishing I was elsewhere.

  28. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith! Oh! Don’t be down! We just got back from a ‘whirl-wind’ family reunion! …mine! …well, turned out to be a semi-family reunion. Anyway, I need to put up a few pix and tell of our adventures — and the way fun viral bug the family shared with us! Whoo-hoo! The kids were so cute, tho! Anyway, it was so nice to get back to home! You need that feeling! …the good to be home feeling. …not the horrid stomach/fever bug feeling.

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