it was impossible to miss.

the pink feather boa was flying in the breeze. even harder to miss was the suspiciously tall girl in platform shoes who was chasing after it. right into the street. horns. a slam of brakes.

“Get out of the street!”

her large hands grasped the boa and slowly she drape’d it over her too-tanned and far too-broad shoulders.

with not a glance in either direction she sauntered back on to the sidewalk greeted with a friendly “You go, girl!” from the store clerk who was chocking on her ciggie.

i feel a squishy sort of sensation. i look down. appears to be a freshly discarded condom and the yellow-ish clear gel oozes out on to the sides of my steve maddens. great.

but, now there’s trouble outside the grocer’s.

“i turn you, man! i will fuckin’ turn you!”
“who yo gonna turn, muthafucka?”
“you! i said i’s gonna turn you!”
“go ‘head on, then! turn me! tell ’em i stole yo fix! go the fuck on!”
more screaming, pushing and slurring all brought to a halt by the threat of a call to the cops.

it is in the middle of this that i walk.

“hey! watch where you groove, my brother.” …i’m warned by that white dude who wears all those skeleton rings.

i walk on.
i feel full.
i feel full of life.

this lost magic place i call home will not be ignored. it simply refuses.

and, with a slight press to the iButton i’m left to a world of black snow cherries from france.


May 23, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Anita replied:

    Hey Matty, So sorry you are struggling with headaches and such a crappy neighborhood. I know one place better. So if the last paycheck ever comes–remember there is always another place where you are treasured and loved and can escape to whenever the mood strikes you. However, I must say you write a striking and heart-piercing picture–I could literally see everything that happened in my own head. Now that’s TALENT kid.

    So maybe you are in the right place for you. Just step carefully.
    Love Anita
    PS: Have you tried that HEADON stuff right when the headache starts up? I haven’t used it, but I have heard others who suffer from migraines that it works for them.

  2. matty03 replied:

    Anita! I shall be seeing you soon! And, thank you! I don’t care for the headaches but I do so love the crappy “neighborhood”! I do. Most interesting and you never know what you might find. Actually, that is somewhat true for the whole of the city. Apparently there is no medication that is a “safe” mix with the stuff I’ve been taking for so many years. So, the shot was a last resort so I wouldn’t have to miss anymore work. Bye, Mom- uh, Anita.


  3. ing replied:

    Anita, I’ve been meaning to tell you — “I smell bear” came from this comic strip I found between the pages of a very old used book. An Elmer-Fuddlike hunter was saying this to himself, holding his rifle, and just behind him was a great big bear.

    Oh, and hi, Mattski.

  4. matty03 replied:

    Ing – I don’t think I knew that. …I wonder if Anita reads comments. Hmmmmmm…

  5. ing replied:

    What did you think it meant, hot cookie?

    I’m listening to Brian Jonestown Massacre — soooo good! I’d burn it for you, but I just don’t know if you’d like it. Psychedelic.

  6. matty03 replied:

    Ing – Well, I knew it came from a book but I don’t remember knowing or understanding how the phrase worked in a book. Interesting. …dread. Filled with dread. …clever, funny and filled with dread.

    I wanna hear it! I saw a movie about that band!!!!

    Do you wanna see that new documentary, Zoo?!?!?!

  7. jungle jane replied:

    At least you didn’t step in chewing gum, matty…a condom is yucky but at least it doesn’t stick to your shoes, right?

  8. matty03 replied:

    Jungle Jane – Yes! Quite true! In fact it just sort of flaked off a few hours later!

  9. hot lunch replied:

    This is what I hear when I walk to work:


  10. ing replied:

    Sorry, I’ll stop offering.

  11. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Yeah, I know how it goes. By the way, got any weed?

  12. matty03 replied:

    Ing – I’m confused. What were you offering and why will you stop?

  13. Daniel replied:

    Marvellously surreal and magical. I loved this. The most exotic characters emerging from another realm, playing their cameo role in the comedy/drama of your life, and disappearing into the great beyond, having received your benediction and set free to continue their journey.

  14. ginab replied:

    viVid! Or, I’m eaTing too much SuGar!

    but I came on to say your lady Nicks has a DvD out. All about her, back stage, in studio, and who knows where else…must see the DvD to find out. Must also add (I must) she’s looking pretty ‘erm’ these days, for 59. Not ripe.

    so sorry!


    PS: I am glad Ing retrieved her boa. 😉

  15. awkwardbackrub replied:

    Daniel! Thank you! But, I feel more like I was mere bit player in their adventure. I think they gave me the benediction.

    Gina – Oh, one can never eat too much sugar. well, I guess that’s not true but sometimes I like to believe it. The Stevie collection is a lot of fun and it was cool to watch all those vidclips from back of the start of MTV when actual rock performers were trying to figure out what folks like Madonna and Boy George melded so easily into. But, her commentary was odd. I worry when people refer to their own person in “3rd Person” …as if they were Royalty. I don’t even like it when Royalty does it unless it being lampooned. Anyway, I don’t think Stevie really remembers too much of the 80’s. She sort of fakes it as she watches. Still, I have to tell you — we were pretty close to her — when we saw her perform this month — and she looked stunning and quite “real” unlike cher of faye dunaway who kind of scared me when I saw them.

    LOL! Ing is going to get you for that one! She is very tiny and fem — the person chasing that boa was – um, a bit ‘man-ish” for such a woman. Yes, a manish woman.

  16. matty replied:


    I’m sitting in a tiny LA hotel room as B sleeps. I’m using his PC. The above comment was from me, matty. But I was log’d in using B’s account by mistake. oh well.

    kisses from Hollywood,

  17. brooke replied:

    You just stay safe my dear!

  18. matty03 replied:

    Brooke – Aw, thank you! I’m always safe — if nothing else!

    You know, I’ve gotten some concerned emails from this post. I really enjoyed the above experience. I love it here. To, me that was interesting. And, part of the reason I love it here so much. I didn’t feel unsafe or anything. It was just an interesting bit of ballet I noticed when I turned off my iPod.

  19. deldell replied:

    Oh Gosh, I just thought the goatee really gives you a Fu Manchu look.

  20. Kevin replied:

    Thanks — I wondered where I had left that condom. I’ll just rinse off the footprints and it’ll be good as new!

  21. matty03 replied:

    Daniel — LOL! Fu Manchu!?!?! Hmmmmmm… I thought it made me look rough and tumble. I lost it about it a year ago. Now, it is just me and my little soul patch.

    Kevin – I knew it! Man! Stop just tossing them about like that!

  22. ing replied:

    HOLLYWOOD, show us some pictures fro-om
    da-da-da-da-da-da-da. . .

  23. ing replied:

    P.s. HURRY! Get the lead out! FASTER!

  24. matty03 replied:

    Ing! I know! I’m so slow! But, I did it!!!! I just posted ’em all up and sent you that picture of Beck I took!!!!

    I had fun at dinner!!!

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