I MET STEVIE NICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, not really. But wouldn’t it have been, like, totally cool if i had?!?!? But B got us kick ass seats for the first night of The Crystal Visions 2007 Tour!!! And, she so totally rocked the house! I had never seen Ms. Nicks perform live without any apparent aid of one substance or another. She was spectacular. It was an amazing show! At 59 about to be 60 she looked so beautiful! Not thin, but not over weight — she had an elegantly sexy look full of curves and spun like nobody’s business! And, on top of that — her voice was in top form. Flawless and never out of tune — she was just awesome on all levels. Even her LedZep cover worked! And, when one thinks of all the songs she has written over the years and hears only a fraction sung over about 2.5 hours —- Well, kids, it was just magical! And she had some of her finest shawls on display!

…and, this CD is quite good. I suggest it if you enjoy African or Afro-centric music. This new one from Ms. Kidjo has a blend of Western influence that adds an interesting twist to her musical interpretations. Get it!

Claude Chabrol’s infamous 1977 film which made Isabelle Huppert a star finally arrieved to DVD! I’ve been waiting to see this film for years. Based on a true story of a young woman who systematically set out to murder both of her parents in the early 1930’s, Chabrol’s slightly surreal film is unsettling and deceptively “simple” —- very much worth a look. If you’re like me you will find yourself thinking more about it a few days after having seen it than while you’re actually watching it. I’m still not clear on what Chabrol wants to say with this film. Huppert is hopelessly young and impossible to forget. And, the ending leaves you with both a chill and vague sense of confusion about what is wrong and what is right. …a worrying film. Check it out. Too bad no one bothered to better master it for DVD release. Isabelle Huppert could have never done anything but star in movies.

“…All your life youve never seen a woman
Taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven
Will you ever win

She is like a cat in the dark
And then she is the darkness…”

May 18, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. deldell replied:

    Stevie Nicks is definitely the real deal. It must have been an awesome concert.
    I will definitely check out your other picks, too. I love every variety of African music.

  2. jungle jane replied:

    you should make Stevie Nicks a quilt. I know she’d love it!

  3. matty03 replied:

    Daniel – Yes! And, both you and Stevie love the desert! She lives on the outskirts of Phoenix to be in the desert!!! You could become her friend and get me free cool things like top hats, tiffany lamps, feathers, rocks, crystals and glittery shawls! …I just love Kijo’s voice. And, I do love African music. Not so big on the food from the culture, tho. I prefer my own plate. I just do.

    Jungle Jane! …Yes, If only I knew how to sew! My hope is that B will make me a Barbra/Disco/Stevie Nicks/Goldfrapp quilt!!!!! …it could happen.

  4. Old Cheeser replied:


    I saw Ms Nicks with Fleetwood Mac years back…my goodness, it was 1988! At Birmingham NEC. Was a bit of a weird line-up then though, Lindsey Buckingham had left and was replaced by these two male vocalists who just didn’t cut the mustard like he did! I remember Mis Nicks being her usual hippy dippy self though when she came on stage, draped in her usual shawl, in silhouette…”Sara” and “Dreams” are two of my fave Ms Nicks tunes. And did you hear “Say You Will” the comeback Mac album a few years ago – and Lindsey rejoined! There were some great tracks that Stevie and Lindsey collaborated on, proof that they haven’t lost their magic.

  5. matty03 replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! Yes! I saw that same tour here in the states. She was good, but stoned.

    This time she rocked the house!!!!

    Oh, yes. I NEVER miss anything Ms. Nicks, Mr. Buckingham or The Mac do! Ever! I really liked Say You Will — and the documentary that was made for it was quite interesting.

    The new Lindsey Buckingham CD is interesting. Not great, but he is never without surprise. Very introspective, kind of experimental and worrying CD. He has gotten into trouble over here, tho. Walked out on a show because he wasn’t happy with sound. He doesn’t carry the same level of cache as Stevie so he was going to be playing more like club dates. oh well.

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