Old Cheeser tag’d me a while back to list out my fave TV shows. Old Cheeser is neither “old” or “cheezy” — in fact he is a cool swinging England kind of guy! I have had a hard time coming up with a list. Actually, that is not true. I am embarrassed because I don’t really watch “TV” as such unless it is on a DVD. But, I grew up on it. And, there are several programs I love and can watch over and over and over again! So, here is my list!

Well, kids — this is my all time fave TV show. I know it pretty much by heart and have loved every episode. Yes, even the later ones. This is humor of which I approve. Dark, mean-spirited and pop culture obsessed. I think Jennifer Saunders almost managed to create a sitcom which has absolutely no characters of any moral fiber or nice qualities. However, there is something about Edina, Patsy, Saffy and Gram that makes us love them. And, the “joke” may have gotten a bit long in the tooth — but I will take this joke over a FRIENDS episode any day. Is that show still on?!?!?


…only two series (aka seasons) but this is fucking brilliant! …and totally sick and twisted. While Ms. Saunders may not have fully managed to create a show around totally damned souls, Julia Davis did! This program pushed the envelope so far it fell off the desk and slid out on to a dirty street for all the world to see! I love this show! And, while series 2 was so far off the hook to the point of insanity — I love it all the more. Fish mongers will never be the same for me.

Darkly funny, sort of surreal take on the American 1970’s Soap Opera and state of our culture at that time — this show still packs a punch. And, I bet you will see more of yourself and your life reflected in it than you would have ever imagined. God bless Norman Lear! …and, Louise Lasser. Who was really hot when you consider that silly hair “do”!!!!


OK, here’s the deal: TMTM Show is quite dated, but it is still, in my opinion the classic American sitcom. It just works so well. And, you might try — but you will love Mary. Who else could turn the world on with a smile?!?! And, Betty White was funny on GOLDEN GIRLS — but she will never top the uber-bitch she played on this show! Perfect! And, then there is the spin-off show, RHODA. Even more dated and not as good — but come on! Kids, this is virtual video bible for modern life! Single in the middle years, failed relationships, the joy of falling in love, the pain of losing it and not really knowing what you want to do with your life — and all with a laugh track and a mom from Hell! Big thumbs up!

Probably the only show on my list that str8 guys will love as much as women and gay men. British peek into the lives of two losers on the beltway of life. Comic, awkward, painful and 80% more effective than anything THE OFFICE ever attempted!! I can’t wait for Series 4! Please tell me that there is/will be one!!!


So bad it is good. No, so terrible it is fucking awesome! I mean the mom and dad were so hot, Marcia’s hair was to die for and Peter was soooooooooooo cute!!!!! I’m still trying to figure out where that attic came from? Oh, and it all on DVD now! …and the box set is encased in green shag carpet. I want it so bad I can almost taste Alice’s meatloaf!

They just bring me joy. One look from either of them can send me into hysterical fits of laughter! True, the girls work isn’t as shocking or as fresh as it seemed back when I first saw them in the mid 80’s — but they still rule! And, no two people ever performed a Kylie song as opera better! Not to mention ramblin’ discussions on Lady Di and Jerri Hall that are hard to forget! …and, who can forget Dawn French’s take on Jackie Stallone?!?!? “…Yeah, Jackie.”


All three shows are from different eras of time in exaggerated forms. No one answered a door like Hazel, No one was as mean as Mr. B, no one was a cute as The Beaver, no mom was as ever as perfect as Mrs. Cleaver, Ward was always a bit too hard on the Beaver, no one was as self-righteous as Mrs. Evans and it is hard to not find these three shows oddly addictive.

Well, those are my faves!


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  1. Alan replied:

    I’ll agree with Ab Fab but, seriously, “Peep Fucking Show”? It’s dreadful! lol …. xxx

  2. matty03 replied:

    Salty Sailor Alan! No! LOL! I love PEEP SHOW! …ok, I think you should serve up a list! What are your fave shows?!?!?


  3. Alan replied:

    okay then… you’ve thrown down the gauntlet now!

  4. matty03 replied:

    Oh, boy! I can’t wait! Will have to check back later when I get home!!!

    …how can you not love the painful comedy that IS PeepShow?!?!? LOL!

  5. hot lunch replied:

    i love love love this post!!! i live for television!

    AbFab – my favourite scene is when they are seemingly at a rave and popping E and throwing about glowsticks, only to have Saffy come in and turn on the lights to reveal they are in Eddie’s bedroom dancing! LOVES THAT!

    Nighty Night, I have it on my To Watch list. But what is this Peep Show business????? Better than The Office? There’s no way. It can’t be…. And yes, it really was all about Marcia’s hair. I love how you nailed that on the head!!! My polyster is itchin’ just thinking about it!

  6. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Ah, yes! That was a great AbFab moment! …there were so very many!!! You should do a list as well! Salty Sailor’s list has reminded me of Kath & Kim! I had forgotten how much I love that show! …but, don’t trust him on Peep Show — I suspect the two leads aren’t cute enough for him. LOL! (I’m only teasing him — he totally rocks!)

    Anyway, I know that series one is available in the US/Canada — I’m not sure about series two and three, tho. I have them on the UK region. Series 2 of Peep Show was so awkward it was kind of hard to watch at times — but series 3 brought us back where we belong! …and, yeah, I prefer it to The Office. …and, I think it is a similar sort of humor.

    As with many/most things I’m probably in the minority.

  7. ing replied:

    I saw only the second season of Nighty Night, and though it took me a couple of episodes, I LOVED it!

    I still haven’t seen the entire season of MHMH.

    And I never could get with those Brady kids. Especially Cindy. Her speech impediment was NOT CUTE!

  8. Underling replied:

    my mattie, I reqlly need to talk to you right now. I know I’ve been absent from the blogosphere…but I really need to talk to you of all people…please shoot me an e-mail and let’s talk. I need your help…I’m begging…

  9. matty03 replied:

    Ing – I promise! I will get B to get that DVD rip’d for you! I promise!!! Oh, we really need to get you fully Brady-ized!

    “See you on the See Saw Cindy!”

    …I think it really funny that they forced that actress who played Cindy to wear those horrid pig tails into her teen years!

    Also, Cindy had a great line!

    Cindy: “What’s this?”

    Mrs. Brady: “Cindy, that’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s your favorite!”

    Cindy: “Oh, yes. I guess I forgot”

    …Cindy may have been retarded. We will never know for sure.

    But, Marcia’s hair!!!! And, Peter! What a hunk!

  10. matty03 replied:

    Underling – sending you a note now! we’ll connect off blog and live.

  11. joe replied:

    funny, I just picked up the AbFab DVD set for $1.00 at the Warner Bros’ sale during work! (WB’s Toronto office is in the same office building). One of my fav ep is when they went to France for their holiday. hehe.
    one of my fav shows during when I watched as a kid was the British version of Who’s line is it anyway. But only the first seasons of the UK version.
    it’s late….. so excuse me now, while I toss my hat into the air and spin around.

  12. matty03 replied:

    Joe! $1!?!?!? That is awesome! I’d be having fun with Warner Bros in my office building! Wow! Work for them and get all sorts of free stuff and movie passes!!!

    yes, i love how the first 3 episodes of AbFab deal with the 3 Big F’s of life: Fashion, Fat and France. I mean, we all know it boils down to this don’t we!?!?!?

    And, you know, just like Mary — I’m sure that your hand will land right back into your hand. Me? I’m more like Rhoda — always tossing my hat into the air and it lands on the dirty street. …but, I just picked it up and pull it back on to my head and move one!

    I think I might have seen that show you mention when I lived in Texas. …and didn’t that a US re-tread?!?!? Seems like it did. Can’t really be sure I’m correct.

  13. Filthy Minge replied:


    I’d love a nice cappuccino, Cath!

  14. matty replied:

    Aw, Kim can’t ya see I’m busy!?!?!

    …filthy minge, eh? oh, that doesn’t sound very good.

  15. Old Cheeser replied:

    Erm, I could swear that I posted a very long comment up here a while ago – and now it seems to have vanished!! I am very annoyed!!

    Okay, well in brief just to say thanks lots Matty for rising to my challenge and writing such a great post – and for your nice comments about moi too. Wow, that’s an interesting mix and it’s obvious that you love comedy! Also great to see that you’re into so much Brit stuff. I’m ashamed to say you know far more about UK TV than I do US! (Well in terms of your choices anyway).

    Ab Fab is of course a queen’s dream and whilst a bit stereotypical now has much to recommend it. Personally I think it went off the boil by Series 5 and they should have killed it dead by that point. But it’s still great!

    Many of your other shows I have never seen and should do so some time!

    So thanks again for responding…

    OC xxx

  16. matty03 replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! I was wondering where you were?!?!? LOL!
    Thanks! I find it quite hard to believe that I know more about British Broadcasting than you! I just do so love British humor! Always have!

    …I’ve told you — I think I should be there.

    …in the midlands.

    I know. But, I enjoy the characters of AbFab so much that I’ve loved every series!!!! …and watch my DVD’s all the time. …and I’m so lucky to have a region free player because the US cuts your shows to shreds! It is sad that US culture is so comfortable with violence but so horrified at sex and/or aging. …with which UK comedy has no fear!

    Long live the Queen! …and, by that I mean more than just Barbra.

  17. jungle jane replied:

    my word, that Julia Davie looks just like Ing!!

  18. Old Cheeser replied:

    Yes sorry it took me a while to comment, but you know what it’s like babe! I’m so annoyed that all my previous comments got lost – huh! Yes that is rather ironic, you are obviously more British than you know, Mr Stanfield.

    I think you’d find the Midlands dull actually and from what you were saying somewhere else London would be more exciting! Although it can be quite stressful.

    And yep I heard about the US censoring Ab Fab. Apparently they took out all the sex and alcohol references which makes no sense to me atall, cos that means there would absolutely nothing of the show left – nothing worthwhile or funny anyway. The whole crux/point of Ab Fab revolves around those topics, so take them away and there’s nothing left!! Very silly!

    Barbra Permhead is the queen?

  19. Me replied:

    Say, what happened to The Jeffersons? That was one of my fave! ahaha! Ab Fab, Mary Tylor Moore Show, The Brady Brunch.. yeah, those are also my faves!

    Have a great weekend Matty. Oh and you look great with that chicken! heh!

  20. matty03 replied:

    Jungle Jane! Funny you should mention Ing’s resemblance to Ms. Davis. …Ing’s taken to be a bit obsessed with a middle-aged doctor and has been tormenting the doctor’s poor wife who is wheelchair bound! On top of that, Ing has been looking into opening up some sort of nails boutique. We’re all a bit worried!

  21. matty03 replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! I don’t know, I think I might love the midlands — for at least a year or so! I’ve seen some very interesting films that take place there and I’d enjoy just observing and taking notes. And, I think it seems inexpensive. …and, it would be a whole new world for me! But, I know London or Manchester is where I’d be most happy. Then again, Scotland looks interesting, too! Anyway, yes! The US cuts just about all of the shows that come our way. NIGHTY NIGHT almost doesn’t make sense! Same for 3 NON-BLONDES!

    Hey Me! LOL! I also enjoy THE JEFFERSONS — but it doesn’t quite make my all time fave list. Same is true for All In The Family.


  22. Dessie replied:

    Did K&K ever do a fourth series?

  23. matty03 replied:

    Dessie — I don’t think so. I think that they did do a reunion tele-movie, but I don’t think it aired outside of Australia. I could be totally wrong, tho. I’m only aware of 3 series — and you still have to find the third series on DVD from Australia because it never made it out anywhere else that I’m aware of. I know you can get series 1 and 2 on DVD for the UK. …but you can’t get anything in the US or Canada as far as I know. …which is just wrong!

  24. Meredith replied:

    We all loved Leave it to Beaver (those that say they didn’t lie or had perfect childhoods and don’t count anyway). Who couldn’t watch that show and compare June with their own mom and wish wish wish she could be just a little bit as perfect as the Beav’s mom.
    I wonder if Nighty Night is on DVD. I only got to see a few episodes and it was brilliant. ANYTHING French and Saunders do his perfect! I could watch AbFab over and over and still kill myself laughing.

  25. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith! Yes! I agree! I’ve magnets of Leave It To Beaver and AbFab at my office cuz they make me smile! Just the images.

    …and, on a different sort of note. I think I always wanted Ward to be a little hard on me. …but that is for a whole other type of blog. (sigh)

  26. Lubin Odana replied:

    Peep Show is brilliant! Those guys are the best comedy writers in the UK at the moment. Season 4 has just finished showing in the UK incidentally and I hear there are more planned…

  27. matty03 replied:

    Lubin! You made my day!!! Yay! I quite agree! I am going to be watching for Season 4 to hit to DVD!!!! They really left us hanging at the end of Series 3!!!

    Now, why can’t we get Salty Sailor to appreciate it!??!?

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