THE MUNI HUSTLE (or some such)

Apparently, doing the Muni Jig at bus stops is not the attraction it used to be.
People just stared at me as if I was demented. However, someone did toss me a quarter which paid the tax on my Diet Coke! Still, where there is a long bus wait I feel it important to do something to pass my time. A little dance seems to be the best thing.

B and I recently celebrated our first anniversary! It was a very sweet and romantic evening! I got him a dozen red roses and a big book on the quilting magic worked by the fantastical ladies of Gees Bend in Alabama. I did a bit of research and these ladies are considered the best quilters in the US. If for no other reason that since the days of slavery and in extreme poverty — these women still found ways to create a sense of self, empowerment, beauty — out of nothing but their imagination, old pieces of fabric and love. Cool. Why would I get B a book on quilting? I shall tell you! Yes, B is starting a quilting bee here in San Francisco which will be open to anyone interested! If you’re in the Bay Area and are interested drop me a line and I will put you in touch! I’m not doing it because I think it cool that B has his own thing. Oh, and I have no talents in this area. But, I do so love these quilts from Gees Bend. Anyway, I would just stab myself. And, from what I can tell — sequins and glitter are forbodden in the fine art of quilting. Is there a Goldfrapp quilt out there somewhere?!?!?

And, B got me some sexy underwear by Paul Frank — and some way cool socks also from the Paul Frank store! …but, most exciting is that he got us tickets to see The Goddess Witch of Rock, Stevie Nicks, on tour with Chris Isaak!!! It is the first show of their Crystal Visions Tour! I’m so excited!!!! And, we have kick ass seats! I’ve not seen Stevie live in well over a decade!!! And, now she is off drugs! So, that means she might not fall down when she does her spins — and I’m thinking she will probably remember the lyrics to her songs! I do so love The Welsh Witch, but you know it was odd hearing her sing “Sara” with just the words, “Oh, baby! Sara. Baby! Oh, Baby! Oh Sara…” …but, it was Stevie so me and my pal forgave it. What can ya do? I’m sure that blue lamp has caused damage over the years, too! …We shall be seeing Stevie and Chris get their musical grooves going in about a week! Yay!

It was a very hot day today! We are spoiled here. While it was absolutely gorgeous — it was close to 80 degrees and no one had warned any of us. We were quite hot. So, B and I took to the Element and went to Marin and turned a noun to a verb by “antique-ing” — It was fun! We purchased no antiques, but picked up some wicked cool cards to hang on the dining room wall. B is working on an art idea that incorporates odd size’d frames — and into them he will be placing these cards. It should be cool. He is an artist with a vision.

While we were in Point Reyes Station, I had to take a wiz really bad! And, there were no public restrooms to be found. So, I went to what I thought was a secluded area, pulled it out and took a pee. I was shocked as my pee was the color of Mountain Dew. …I think the young couple making out on the other side of the tree upon which I was urinating was surprised as well. (they were so quiet in their bliss I hadn’t noticed them there!) …And, of course there were several other folks milling about who I had failed to note as well. No one said anything. Everyone just looked shocked. B thinks it is because I was pissing in a public place and my urine was of a nuclear sort of color. Personally, those were looks of awe, desire and jealousy!

…Thank God there were no children present! I really thought it was a ‘safe’ and secluded area. Go figure.

Anyway, after we managed to out run the local police — the rest of the day was quite cool! B got me a really neat-0 bracelet made up of little books that have been banned over history. ..the original covers of “Through The Looking Glass” “To Kill A Mocking Bird” etc — in between each linked little book is fake book that states, “I Read Banned Books!” …way cool!

I created a suggested play list for Lovely Meredith! I think she will enjoy it if she can find the songs. I hope to pick up some blank CD’s later in the week and I can rip it for her.
Anyway, I discovered that there are a good number of folks out there who forgot that Linda Rondstadt used to be really cool back in the day. Certainly, not Stevie Nicks cool, but cool all the same! Tumblin’ Dice!

Kisses from GayTown,

May 6, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    Those are some high-waisted pants!

  2. Daniel replied:

    Watch out! If you’re peeing blue, you could have King George’s Disease and you can expect to go insane shortly. I’m not sure what green pee means, other than stimulating some very salacious curiosity.
    That picture of Linda Ronstadt is about 100 pounds ago.

  3. Meredith replied:

    Neon pee.
    or too much diet Pepsi…;)
    That B! Cute as a button and he quilts! How come all my gay friends get the best men? 😉
    I can’t wait to hear about Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak!
    Happy anniversary to both of you! xo

  4. matty03 replied:

    Ing, No. I’d say they are normal waisted jeans. I mean, this are my low-rise, too. And – oh, wait. You’re writing about Ms. Rondstadt 1977. Yes, well. It was the 70’s.

  5. matty03 replied:

    Daniel – Oh, wait. I thought that Mtn Dew was a neon yellow sort of color and that Gatorade was blue. No. Not peeing blue — just a neon sort of yellow. I suspect it was my vitamins! I hope I’m not going crazy. However, I did have the urge to scream about commies wearing only a bag the other day. I fought that urge and just sat on market street speaking to my invisible friend, Bella.

    Oh, and I should think that picture is about 200 pounds ago if a gram! Poor thing!

    Lovely Meredith! …I’m a Diet Coke man, myself. Yes! Isn’t he the best!?!!? He rocks my world!

  6. hot lunch replied:

    happy anniversary to you both!!!

  7. jungle jane replied:

    Happy anniversary matty! my word – has it already been a year! that’s spectacular, but blimey time has flown.

    I love that you bought B a quilting book while he got you sexy knickers. I can see who the romantic one is out of you two.

    I expect your house is going to be littered with very…err…tasteful quilts in the near future? yikes.

  8. Old Cheeser replied:

    Happy Anniversary to you and your man!!

  9. Kevin replied:

    I couldn’t get past thinking of the Quilting Bee – Gees Bend.

    You see why I got stuck?

  10. Kevin replied:

    Oh, and Mtn Dew is bright yellow. As is the original Gatorade (with a slight green tint to it, I guess). But now Gatorade comes in all colors. And Mtn Dew has a few variations as well … but primarily yellow.

  11. matty03 replied:

    Hey Kids! Thanks! Year one! Whoo Hoo!!!

    Jungle Jane — I know! I felt bad. However, I got him a tres romantic card — and we did have a very nice evening. Next anniversary it’s going to be totally x-rated. I feel it only right.

  12. matty03 replied:

    Kevin! Thank you for setting us all straight regarding the color of Mtn Dew. This means that I was originally correct regarding the color of my urine on Sunday! Go figure.

    Bee Gees Bend Quilts. Yes, well — no body gets too much quiltin’ no more. Sigh. Sadly, I don’t think there is any connection between the Disco Kings and quilting. …but, one can dream.

  13. Tony replied:

    Oh fess up M, you’re just a big exhibitionist aren’t you. Hell I think I would have been shocked to see flourescent yellow green pee floating in the wind too. LOL Hope all is well.

  14. matty03 replied:

    Tony — But, no! I’m a tiny exhibitionist! I’m not that big. Rather small. I stand 5 foot 8 inches — and, tho weighing in a bit too heavy at the moment — I’m working on that.

    so, exhibitionist perhaps. big? no.

    LOL! …i was a bit shocked by my tinkle as well! …and, that there were people there. I really thought I was all alone! We were in the country!

  15. ing replied:

    Okay, okay, I get it, you had a nice evening, now pleasedon’tfillus(orImean”me”sinceI’mprobablyaprude)inonthedetails,please!!! I believe you!

    Born Innocent — yes, it’s a good movie, and it was fun to see Linda Blair toughen up. But the message was soo verry clear. I don’t like clear messages about what’s right and what’s wrong. Give me some of that seventies ambiguity, you skinny Castro hottie!

    Acutally, though, I thank you no matter what. I love a good movie. It helps me get through the work night.

  16. matty03 replied:

    Ing! Wait. I don’t get it. You were here taking the pictures. Don’t you remember!?!?! By the way, where are they? You promised we’d have them by today!?!!?

    I thought BORN INNOCENT was interesting. I don’t think it would be made in the same way today. …just the fact that she became friends with the girls who did that to her seemed rather ‘uncomfortable” and “off-putting” …and, I could not decide what I thought about the house warden and the teacher — who was right? who was wrong? …and did both the girl and the teacher end up giving up all together?

    Yeah, I’ve gotten to where i look forward to lying in bed watching some DVD — normally of Brit humor. Which I do so love!

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