After much soul searching — not to mention — shopping for hours upon hours in stores we found the perfect chair! I shall call her ‘Betty’ — not a puffy chair like I dream of and there is no where to hold my Diet Coke, but she is quite comfortable. And the ottoman didn’t really match — so we are using it for B’s smoking chair by the living room window! We found Betty all alone in the basement of one of those cool antique shops on Market! Yes, I guess B and I were sort of “antique-ing” — Anyway, without even much effort we discovered that the old dude running the shop was willing to cut his asking price in more than half! Yes, we got Betty for $200 and I love her!!!!

Next stop — Crate-N-Barrel so I can get one of those overly priced huge pillows to hug as I watch movies or contemplate the meaning of life!

B and I visited so many stores. It was actually kind of fun. We found a neat Flea Market in Redwood City or Palo Alto — I can’t be bothered to know where I was, but it was neat-O! And, I found the coolest mint doll for Ing! The doll is called “Rock Flower” but I think Ing’s doll is called “Heather” and she is not pictured here. But, she looks just like “Jennifer” only she is a brunette but wears the same glasses! —- She was born in 1970 and came with an out-of-sight outfit still sealed in its original Matel wrapping! The second outfit was called “Tall Tie-Dye!” and had pink shoes to match her pink shades! She was meant to be owned by Ing!

Then, we met up with Ing in the Mission and had an early dinner at one of those good but odd little hole in the wall places. B left us and Ing and I then took in the new Chabrol/Isabelle Huppert flick, COMEDY OF POWER. …Which was a bit disappointing but we still got to see Ms. Huppert looking fantastic and being bitchy to all these silly men in suits — that was almost worth the price of admission. …this second hair cut was worn for Act II of the film. It was more fitting for her character but not as glam cool as I like to see Ms. Huppert! Still, such smart designer pants suits to put all these evil men in their places!!! She did, as always, kick some major ass! …and no guns needed!

And, The Roxie Cinema is an experience in itself. The men’s room had been freshly tagged. It was graffiti of which I approved: “Racism! Bush! War! Lack of Female Unity! Poverty! Time For A Fucking Revolution!” …Yes, I quite agree! What does one wear to a revolution? I guess that management will have to paint over it or clean it up, but it sort of matches the general aesthetic of the cinema. Ing and I walked home in the cold rain and Ing was kind enough to escort me to Hot Cookie.

Then, B and I hung out. We sort of watched Linda Blair and Dick Burton badly act their way through the pretty, strange and surreal set design and moments of John Boorman”s mess of a movie, EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC.

…I love when Sir Burton walks to the camera and says, “Eeeeeeviiiiiiiil” as the Enno Morriconne score really kicks in and an odd fake locust leads us to a fake studio which is supposed to be Africa. I think we fell asleep while cute little Linda Blair was syncing her bio-rhythms to that of Satan. Heady B grade stuff done on a crazy 1970’s budget! Still, I think it a good idea for Linda Blair to live on the 50th floor with an open air patio without railings! …provides for easy plot devices involving demons, doves and sleepwalking! Yay!

And, then I met up with Ing and Alan to see YEAR OF THE DOG! …Yes, it was a full on movie weekend!!! However, this was the film to see! Molly Shannon was awesome. Don’t believe the previews — this film is not a silly love story. It is about grief, aging and loneliness. …and the warmth and love given us by dogs — and all animals. Rare to see a movie that touches you without manipulation. This one did. Oh, and Laura Dern totally rocks!!! See it! …now, I think I’ll go spend some time with Betty before I have to go to bed!

kisses from GayTown,


April 22, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Daniel replied:

    Poor Richard, he ended rather badly, didn’t he? After all those cool 60’s movies, to the schlock he had to do later. I still think Night of the Iguana was a great movie, with great characterizations.
    I have to go now, Amelie is coming on.

  2. Dessie replied:

    So glad you recommended Year of the Dog, been thinking for a while now on whether I should see it – now my mind is made up!

  3. Kevin replied:

    Is that the one with the locusts? I remember seeing it on TV as a kid and not having any idea what was going on … but not being scared in the least (and I HATE horror movies).

  4. matty replied:

    Daniel — Yes! I agree. But, who can forget BOOM! Oh, if only it were on DVD!!!!

    Dessie — It is awesome! Don’t miss it! And, congrats to you!!!!

    Kevin — Yes! Locusts and silly brain sync machines! The scariest aspects are the bad acting! I still think it very pretty to look at due to the wacked-out set designs and Fraker’s cinematography! …but it soooooooo bad! LOL! I like the little rock song Enno Morriconne wrote: “Ra Ra Regan! Ra Ra Regan!” …with those wild drums! Gotta love it!

  5. matty replied:

    …none of you noticed our perfect chair, Betty. I’m crying.

  6. Minge replied:

    J’adore Betty! I demand you take me to an antique store! Oh, and I’ve never watched Exorcist II – people told me it was shit. Should I watch it, even if it is shit?

  7. matty replied:

    Oh, Minge! You’ve made my day! Thank you! I do so love Betty! I was just sitting there this morning! I doubt our antique shops could even hold a candle to what must be in your area!?!?!?

    Um, I don’t think I can really rec. EXCORCIST II unless you’ve an interest in John Boorman, really bad movies or great/interesting set design. It is sort of a metaphysical /sci-fi/new age/lame sequel to a near perfect horror film. So, view at your own risk!

    …still, nothing more fun than to see (and hear) Richard Burton talk about ‘evil’ and sort of flirt with a very busty teenage Linda Blair. …who seems to have forgotten how to act all together. But she’s ever so cute!

  8. hot lunch replied:

    i’m seeing Year of the Dog on Thursday!! i can’t wait!

    Betty is gorgeous! i’d love to go flea marketing/thrift store hunting/antique-ing in san francisco!

  9. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! I can’t wait to hear/read what you think of the movie!!! You and the hubby should come on over for a visit and will hit the stores!!!

  10. joe replied:

    Laura Dern is always fabulous… just like Betty!

    Exorcist II was, um, a big blur. I just remember having an urge to wear bell bottoms. EVIL!!

    Spent the weekend sick, and watching Fallen Angels (Takeshi! yum!) and Re-Animator (Jeffrey Combs! Creepy!) it would’ve been a perfect weekend (despite being sick) if I had gone out furniture shopping with you and hot Lunch!

  11. matty03 replied:

    Joe! But bell bottoms are a wonderful thing! I keep wishing they would come back in full-on style! …Maybe it will take Warner Bros to re-release EXORCIST II into cinemas! Now, that might be diabolical!

    I think you and Hot Lunch should come for a visit and we can all go antique-ing. …antique was never meant to be a verb. But, anyway, if you come for a visit we can all watch Linda Blair in her flare leg’d jeans romancing eeeeeviiiiil.

    Takeshi rocks! I rather enjoyed FRAKENHOOKER more than RE-ANIMATOR! …tho, I did enjoy it.


  12. sasskitty replied:

    LOVING Betty! Hot Lunch is my usual Antiquing partner, so I will have to hide in his luggage when he and P whisk their way to San Fran for adventures.

    And I think I may be off to see Year of the Dog as well…sounds good! I am, however, going to see Hot Fuzz on Saturday! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  13. matty replied:

    Sassy! No! Do not hide in their luggage! Make them buy you a ticket and come with them!!! You must travel in style! Always! And, we would have a blast!

    Oh, I plan on seeing that as well! I had just wanted to see my Isabelle and YEAR OF THE DOG more. …but, soon — HOT FUZZ!!!!

  14. Meredith replied:

    “Syncing her biorythmns with satan” I did that once. Perhaps that explains my attraction to rodeo cowboys?
    LOVE Betty! God, I miss shopping!

  15. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith! You had better luck than me when you sync’d your biorythmns with Satan! …I ended up getting hung up on Rodeo Clowns. Horrific on so many levels which are just wrong!

    Thanks! I am loving Betty, too!

    We need to get you shopping!!!

  16. hot lunch replied:

    i just watched Year of the Dog. I avoided reading your review until after I had seen it, and it’s nice to see we both loved Laura Dern! I liked the movie but didn’t love it. I thought it was good but not great. That said though, I did enjoy myself and yes, found it to be a sad and hopeful film.

  17. matty replied:

    Hot Lunch! Yes! Laura Dern totally rocks! Well, I’m glad you liked it. …I think I loved it because I related to it on some levels. …that feeling of not fitting in and or wanting to follow the guidelines of life that people seem to try and pressure you to take. And, there was something about Shannon’s performance that just broke my heart — and touched me. And, gave me hope.


  18. Minge replied:

    I will take you to the Edinburgh antique shops one day.

  19. matty replied:

    Minge! Oh, I can’t wait!!!

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