…or my random notes from my lunch break… Well, The Boy With The Hair who works the counter is in a very bad mood today. His hoodie’s hood is pulled way over his head. We can’t even see his hair. He is grunting rather than speaking and he charges me seventy-five cents more than usual for my sandwich. Of course, my sandwich is ‘off the menu’ — he makes it special for me. He more or less slams the change in my palm.

As he crashes, bangs and tosses about the kitchen to prepare my simple sandwich I wonder why he is in such a foul mood. He ignores his co-worker. You know her. …The Girl With The Hair who also works the counter but seldom makes my sandwich. She is not as friendly as usual, but I think it has to do with the general vibe he has generated today. One can feel the tension from outside the door.

Interestingly enough, as I bite into this sandwich I am quite surprised to discover that it is really quite good! In fact, this may be the best sandwich I’ve had in quite a while! Go figure. A sandwich filled with anger and frustration should taste this good? And, please note, The Boy With The Hair makes a kick ass sandwich anyway. But, this sandwich blows the others out of the water!

As I enjoy my lunch a heavy set customer enters. He has no hair and wears a tie. The Boy With The Hair ignores him. The Girl With The Hair steps up and takes his order. He orders a sandwich off the menu. She is nice to this customer. The Boy With The Hair stands, arms crossed and scowls.

As I leave I say “Later!”

The Boy With The Hair says, “Sure thing, dude.”

I return to work, full and happy. Odd, that.


April 9, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    No, not odd. The way to a man’s heart, they say. . .

  2. hot lunch replied:

    this begs the question: what kind of special sandwich was it exactly? “I’ll have what he’s having!”

  3. Daniel replied:

    This is very “Beckettian”. Is that a word?
    You should write a play, “Waiting for my Sandwich”.

  4. sortedlives replied:

    It’s funny how we perceive people and how people perceive us. Last week, I stopped into McDonalds and had to wait for my food. No problem. Apparently there was. The manager came over to me and asked how long I was waiting and if something was wrong. Nothing was wrong, I was watching people. It must have come across as I was pissed. That was the furthest thing on my mind.

  5. Mone replied:

    haha, lunchstories… I have that album still somewhere around, I should be looking for it now.

  6. Old Cheeser replied:

    The Boy with the Hair sounds like an oddball person! Mind you, in London you get plenty of surly, unfriendly staff in shops like that.

    But what I really want to know is – what was in the sandwich?? Do tell!

  7. Minge replied:

    What was in the sarnie?

  8. Kevin replied:

    That’s weird. Boy with the Hair used to work down here in FL. He actually works a lot of places, now that I think about it. Maybe they’re related. Maybe your BwtH is the cousin of my BwtH. They’re cousins … identical cousins ….

  9. Twinkle replied:

    Isn’t it strange how people who really don’t suit a public-facing vocation end up in those roles?

    Starbucks boy in Brighton where I live seldom gives eye contact, never says good morning but has the nerve when handing me my coffee to ask if I want my change or can it go to the ’employee fund’?

    I don’t go in for confrontation by telling him that he just hasn’t earned it yet baby, I just reply and say ‘I need it more than you do.’

    English service can really suck sometimes.

  10. matty03 replied:

    Ing! …no, didn’t get to my heart. LOL! But, it was a mean sandwich. so to speak.

    Hot Lunch! I like to ask for a plain bread, a bit of ham and a slice of swiss cheese w/ mustard. Then, it is pressed in one of those grill things.

    Daniel – Oh! Good idea! If only I had the talent. sigh.

    Sorted Lives! LOL! This is quite true. Smile more when being served by the big Mickey D! Today, tho, The Boy With The Hair was in a happy mood and deducted from the cost of my sandwich!!! …so, I think I was reading him correctly. Wrong side of the bed yesterday I suspect!

    Mone! Yes! Lunch stories! I still listen to “Cum On Feel The Noise” …and, I listen with pride!!!

    Cool Old Cheeser! LOL! He is a bit different. He is working that whole rock-n-roll art school rebel thing. It seems to me that service here in SF is great, but it was not so hot in Boston.

    Minge – A sarnie! I’m moving to Scotland pronto! Love that! Well, my answer is up above. Not that exciting. I’m not much for sandwiches really.

  11. matty03 replied:

    Kevin! Wow! It’s like The Patty Duke Show!!! You should do Boy With The Hair as a new character!!!

    Twinkle! Yes, it is odd how that happens! I would not be able to avoid confronting that server’s actions if he had the nerve to ask me for a tip! I just would not be able to help it! I think service can suck the world over — especially if the person serving is unhappy. …and, so many are! LOL!

  12. Josh Williams replied:

    Been awhile since I visited, I’ve been working alot during the cold to catch up so I can enjoy the warm.(Indiana) Warm is on its way. I used to visit a place called Biscuits a great place for all the heart foods from the heartland, the waitress always new what I ordered and what my girlfriend ordered. My folks told me about the place and how the waitress always remembered them even if they had not been there in months.My girlfriends schedule changed and I visited a time or two on my day off, and she did not remember what I ordered but asked about my parents and wife. I said they were all fine. Funny how the memory works, she knew what I ordered if I with my folks or girlfriend but by myself, blank-a-reno. Thats it. Thank you for your time JW

  13. matty03 replied:

    Commander Josh! You are more than welcome to my time, Sir! That is most interesting. And, yes, the memory does work oddly. That is why I often try to only go to places by myself. In this way — I am known for me.

    Of course, it helps to do things which will set you apart from others. I tend to do those things.

    Ing and I tend to be remembered where we go. Anyway, The Boy With The Hair remembered that he had over-charged me. ….but he let someone else make my sandwich and she was very nice but it just wasn’t as good.

    I suspect hate is what a sandwich needs most.

  14. Meredith replied:

    This is a good writing prompt. “Tell the story of what happened to make the boy with the hair so grumpy”. I could go on forever. In fact I think I will. Excuse me.

  15. ing replied:

    Hate is a sandwich best served cold.

    Or, Hate is a sandwich.

    (I like the cadence of the second sentence best. Maybe I’ll write a poem about this, when I have the spare time to write it, which might not happen for a few months. The job is going well. Would you pleasy-please pass this info on to Commander Josh, my old blogfriend, as I’m sort of ignoring the blog for a very short time so that I can concentrate fanatically on my new work duties? THANKS!)

  16. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I’m at a loss — but he was a much happier camper yesterday! I’ll be checking your blog after I get home tonight!!!

  17. matty03 replied:

    Ing! I like the sound of this as well. However, if The Boy With The Hair should ever be in a bad mood again I shall as him not to press it in the grill — then I shall know if hate is best served cold.

    I don’t enjoy passing love notes unless they are for me, but —

    Commander Josh — Ing would like for you to know that the new job is going well. I gather that she is quite busy and by ref. to you as her “old boyfriend” implies that something has gone a-miss! What happened?!?!?! I thought you two were an item on a blogger scale.

  18. Robert replied:

    Well then, angry sex with ‘The Boy With The Hair’ must be bitchen!!

  19. matty03 replied:

    Robert – I don’t know. I don’t think of such things as I’m spoken for! LOL!

  20. ing replied:

    Psssst: will you ask Josh if he wants to go steady? I’ll meet him next to the monkey bars.


  21. matty03 replied:

    Ing — I fear that Commander Josh has not been by to visit. He must be on a mission. If he returns, he will see your message I’m sure! I’ve written a book and want you to PR it, please!

  22. Josh Williams replied:

    Thanks for the info, nothing has happened between ing and I we are just very busy, me helping promote the Travels with Roscoe Book and her new job, so tell her hey and thanks in advance, you good people.

  23. Josh Williams replied:

    Hey the Great American Novel has finally arrived and can be purchased on My Mule…Buy two, its a first edition.

  24. Tim replied:

    Wow, I guess there was passion in that sandwich … passion that the hairy girl just doesn’t have. Maybe you should start pissing them both off on purpose in order to get a better sandwich! Although, thinking about it, that could backfire somewhat ….

  25. matty replied:

    Commander Josh – I look forward to learning more about this book!

    Tim! LOL! Yes, passion! I don’t really want to piss anyone off who is making my food or cutting my hair. Sort of my golden rule in life.

  26. Kris replied:

    He made it with feelings! Guess that’s what made it even tastier. If I’m not mistaken, the look of your blog changed right? I like this, it’s soothing to the eye. I might change mine soon, it’s fitting The Boy With The Hair more this day than it does me

  27. matty replied:

    Kris — I think you’re correct! …once more, with feeling! I guess it works even if the feeling is negative. Odd, that. No, I don’t think I’ve changed the look of the blog. LOL! What’s goin’ on?!?!?! Nope. Looks the same to me. kisses from GayTown, matty

  28. ginab replied:

    But what kind of special sandwich? And is there any relation between the hair-dos? Maybe the hair-dos had a quarrel? One hair-do went out and had a little bit much? Or the other went out and had a few beings too many?

    Just an idea it could be the hair’s fault.


  29. Josh Williams replied:

    Matt it can be purchase for $3.00 with shipping from the publishing firm of RepairManual.com the link is on my site, I promise you a laugh at least one and if you read the entire Novel and do not chuckle I will offer you almost your money back…I am Roscoes Promoter/Agent and if he fires me, well its back to under the bridge and eating dirt. Help me, I hate living under a bridge and eating dirt…My Best JW

  30. ing replied:

    Yum, a hair sandwich!

    Tell me more about this book — I’m intrigued! Is it on a spiritual or alternative health topic?

  31. matty03 replied:

    Gina — I think you’re on to something here! I think this might call for a cafe hair intervention. Tho, I fear they might think I’m calling for a halt the insanity out of jealousy as I have so little hair of my own. You’d really have to see them to understand why I refer to them as the boy and the girl with the hair. they are both working a most unusual look — and they could both be so attractive. well, I guess they are so attractive but I want to fix their hair.

    Commander Josh — Oh, no! Don’t tell me our fearless leader has taken to eating dirt! No! I think you need to go on QVC to promote the book! Ing might be able to help. she has connections as a top PR PR’s Person! Just avoid Joan Rivers — I hear she is mean!

    Ing — No hair sandwiches pour moi! sigh. more love letters/messages between you and Commander Josh!

  32. Josh Williams replied:

    ing I am so going steady with you. Is it old fashion to be pinned?

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