Well, my first week of riding my bike to work is coming to a close and it has been a great week! Tho, there have been a few problems. …Like getting to work is so much fun! I’m racin’ down the San Francisco streets with speed and ease. However, the journey home is not as much fun. …coming back from The Mission is an uphill ride most of the way and there is way more traffic with lots of cars! And, by the time I get home I’m huffing and puffing and sweating to beat the band. Not pretty. I’m outta shape, kids! Funny, I thought I was in pretty good shape. I can run up stairs and walk/run up very steep heels without getting winded, but riding my bike up hill is a whole new thing. …I shall be honest. I walk my bike up the last 3 blocks. There. I told you.

Still, I’m shocked to say that I can get to work in under 15 minutes, but it takes more like 25 to get home.

And, I’ve learned a few things too!!!

1. When your bike makes funny noises and you feel all the bumps — a fellow biker is likely to tell you that your tires are flat. …this is not a cut at your body. No, he/she is merely letting you know that the tires on your bike need air.

2. You can get air at gas stations! Yes! For bikes even! Tho, most charge 75 cents. These machines are hard to operate. If you pay him fifty cents, the homeless guy on Church/Market will do it for you. He is nice enough, but he might be a little crazy. He asked me if my bike was a communist this morning.

3. It is, apparently, not cool to use your iPod while riding your bike. Drivers of cars, fellow bike riders and your boyfriend say mean things to you about doing this. Your boyfriend will also tell you that you’ll get a ticket if a cop sees you. However, I don’t think he is being honest as I pass a cop every morning and he just smiles.

4. Oh! This is cool! That feature that has forever puzzled me — you know, the whole ‘gear’ thing? Well, if you switch it to that ‘gear’ where your legs just go like crazy with no tension? …well, that helps when going up a hill! …However, take care because you tend to go down the hill a bit faster than you might want to go!

5. It’s wicked fun to race the MUNI 22 bus!!! And, trust me! You can beat it every time!

6. Stevie Nick’s ‘Edge of 17’ is a great song to ride with! Avoid Styx, tho.


April 5, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. hot lunch replied:

    wow matty! you’re just like a white winged dove!

    riding bikes sound scary to me. i don’t think i want to learn. i hope you have fun though! and stay safe!!

  2. ing replied:

    Just like the white winged dove. . . HA!

    Please, maryjesusandjoseph, wear your helmet and don’t try to carry bags of things while you ride — my friend Tina just told a story about carrying platic water bottles in bags & how they caught in her spokes and how a car tire tapped her helmet as she lay there in the street because luckily it was able to stop just in the nick — otherwise, her cranium would have been flattened.

    And YES, you should NOT wear your ipod! Do you not know that your sense of hearing is extremely important when you’re navigating a bike through city traffic?!?! Arrrgh! Stop it! You need to hear approaching semis and horns honking and sirens! You need extra perceptiveness when you’re on a bike! Matty, watch out!

    I wonder if I could ride my bike across the bay bridge to Berkeley. . . hmm. . .

    Be careful on your damn bike, and yes, those gears come in handy!

  3. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch!!!! No bike riding is fun! Nothing like the wind sailing thru your ugly helmet! LOL! No, really it is fun! You should try it!

    ….and, I am like the white wing’d dove. I even coo.

  4. matty03 replied:

    Ing! I do wear my ugly helmet. I hate it, but I wear it. And, you’ll be ever so proud to know that B and I found a wire basket for my bike! He wouldn’t let me get the wicker basket with daisies, tho. Anyway, so my stuff goes in there! …Tho, I know this weekend I will have to figure out how we navigate with my Diet Coke.

    What’s water?

    I wear Apple Ear Buds so I hear everything!!!

    I am always careful!

    I think that would be a bit of a hike on your bike but you’re in great shape so you could probably do it. I could not. I grow weary as I’m quite old.

    I’m having trouble ‘gearing up’ this morn. I might just take the bus. …or, not. Still thinking about it.

  5. ginab replied:

    My boyfriend will tell me something? If I simply wear an iPod? Meaning, if I wear an iPod and I ride my bike (not likely, it’s snowing here), but if I do this I’ll have a boyfriend who will tell me something? Two for one?!?!?!

    omg. I’m getting an iPod (not) and I’m getting on my bike.

    By the way, the hills are alive with the sound of music. but you knew this. it’s part of your struggle home and nothing to do with your shape.


  6. matty replied:

    Gina — I read your comment at work and nearly fell out of my chair laughing! Well, you never know — the iPod and bike just might do the trick — and riding in the snow might even garnish more attention! Just take care! Ing worries about us! …but, really, how can one ride a bike without his/her iPod?!?!?

  7. Daniel replied:

    Haha! Is your bike painted red?
    You should try a two wheeler, you’ll really fly then!

  8. david replied:

    uphill?? i’d have another heart attack!!!

  9. Josh Williams replied:

    I used to ride my bike to work 12 miles, backroad nice, a few hills but nothing like SanFran I love the city but christ the hills! The roads became crowded and I became lazy, but a short ride to work, in a semi temperate city would be the way to go. I like scooters I recieved a scooter magazine in the mail, no shit, for me to review, and I liked the rag , great pictures great scooters, not great exercise if that is what you are looking for but Scoot Magazine is the mag you want to read if you choose a scooter. Thats my take…So is word press easier or more reliable than blogger? I am a very slow man so change is a huge problem. Sounds like you are doing well, I apologize for the tangent and ride on! JW

  10. matty03 replied:

    Daniel! Aw, come on! Hot Wheels are really the way to go, dude! No, I have 5 or 6 or 8 speed green mountain bike. It’s cool!

    David! No! Don’t be having another heart attack!!!! I won’t have a heart attack. I just need to get myself in shape. But, man, the streets here are so steep!!!

    Commander Josh!!!!! You visited my blog!!?!? I’m so honored! You know, I’d love a scooter, but I can’t afford one right now. I’d love to have a Vispa (sp?) …maybe some day! Yes, these hills are killers but great for work outs and gorgeous!!! I like tangents!!!

  11. Meredith replied:

    Oh dear, you are seriously scaring the hell out of me with this bike thing. I hope you bought an extra extra tough helmet and a ton of insurance. Racing the train! Are you mad!? My stomach heaved whizzing down the hill in my imagination. Brake! Brake!
    Now, the Big Wheel, that’s something I can get into! Nice safe circles in the driveway and the deafening rumble of big plastic wheels on cement. Damn my parents for buying me a Barbie Malibu RV instead of the Big Wheel, Damn them!

  12. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith – Oh, worry not! I wear my helmet and I race the bus — not a train. Tho, I guess some might view this as dangerous. I see it as fun! I’m quite careful!

    I never had hot wheels either. but I did have one of those big balls you bounced on that were forever getting kids hit by cars when it bounced them out of the yard. I think they used to think those safer than big wheels. what did they know!?!!?!?

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