A suggested double feature, if you think you’re tuff enough!

scorchylt1.jpg in which Connie Stevens gives full frontal ( a lot ) and ices the bad guys — after she either sleep with or teases them! This film is actually great fun — and is full of artistic merit! And, to think she wasted so much of her boundless talent on the likes of The Love Boat, Love American Style and Fantasy Island! Sigh. You know for a brief period, this film was the story of my life. Have I ever told you of my years of fighting crime and bedding most of gay Boston?!?!?

to be followed by:
posusmani.jpg …in which Susan Strasberg gets a back ache, discovers she has a tumor and then the doctors discover that it isn’t so much a tumor as it the VERY angry spirit of an American Indian morphing back into his original form via growing out of the method actress’ back! …this, too, happened to me during my Texas college years. …except my tumor turned out to be the spirit of a VERY angry truck stop waitress named Mitzy. …I still have the scar.

And, then if you think you really want to put yourself to ‘the test’ — you could toss in a bonus screening of this:
posjapgrizz.jpg …in which a group of bad actors and even worse special effects creatively re-tell the story of JAWS but replace the shark with a really big grizzly bear! …and, instead of a the ocean — it is a pretty national park full of campers. Not that I want to give anything away, but they blow the bear up. …but not before someone gets a nice big, strong and firm bear hug. As a child I was bummed to discover that the scene pictured on the poster never actually happens in the movie. This never happened to me. Just one of the many reason I will not go camping!


March 24, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. ginab replied:

    Connie Stevens, well I never! I wonder if Netflix has it. I am curious (or was that the Blue Door?).

    how funny. Too-too funny.

    you go M. You go!


  2. Meredith replied:

    Where do you find these things? This is your first recommendation that I can honestly say I have absolutely no desire to see.
    Today, 2 women and 1 man told me my new jeans were very sexy. Connie Stevens eat your heart out.

  3. ginab replied:

    Well Matty you do not find your flicks on netflix. There’s no connie s. beyond her appearances on the award winning muppet show, etc.

    I’ve never thought of jeans as sexy. naked male thighs, absolutely. but jeans…
    I just needed to chime in.

  4. Meredith replied:

    Frankly, Ginab, me neither, but that’s what they said. I’m a hand person myself. I can’t think of any other part of the human body that I love as much as hands.

    Hey Matty! What’s the little smiley face at the bottom of the screen? Or maybe that’s just me. Seeing smiley faces everywhere. I have to get some medication for that.

  5. matty03 replied:

    Gina! I know! Little Connie Stevens!?!? Well, it was the 70’s. Sadly, you will not find this “Drive In” treasure via NetFlix. Actually, I do not think it to be officially out on DVD. Tho, for the life of me I don’t know why!?!?! No, but I believe you can track it down on VHS. …and, if you’re really interested — you can find it bootleg’d to DVD on ebay. I did own it, but I lost it with the my last life. If I still had it — I would send it to you so you could laugh in the joy that can only be found in really bad trash cinema. …like Connie Stevens reading cue cards as she is probably more concerned with her appearance on the panel of The Gong Show than she was with this movie! Sigh. But, someday — it will be easy to have. And, on that day, we probably we lose interest because half the fun is just thinking about how bad/good it will be!

    However, one can find both THE MANITU & GRIZZLY! on NetFlix in all their full on bad glory! And, as bad as it is — I defy anyone to not let our an audible gasp as ompa-lomp-like American Indian springs out of Susan Strasberg’s back — OR, when Tony Curtis and that Italian made up to look like an American Indian open the hospital door only to discover that they are in outer space! You just have to gasp and laugh.

    Lovely Meredith! Oh, you know you’d love it! LOL! I don’t know where I found these films. I guess one must blame my sicko father who took me to see everything! …and, I do mean everything. A viewing of a masterwork like NETWORK might be followed with something like SCORCHY. …And, right now, I have to admit, SCORCHY is more fun! LOL!

    Now, regarding those comments about your jeans: I don’t think jeans are sexy. I think what is inside them is! So, they were complimenting you on the fact that you have a hot body. If they told you that — it might offend — so they compliment your jeans.

    I, however, much prefer to be directly complimented.

    Gina – so with you on the male thigh!

    Lovely Meredith — I like hands too. However, I guess before thighs and hands are eyes for me. I love eyes. …yes, the portals to our souls. Scorchy had incredible eyes. And, very large breasts.

    I think all WordPress postings have little happy face icons on them. I think. You should have them, too!

  6. Meredith replied:

    Oh my god. After that description of Manitu I HAVE to find it. That’s hysterical!
    As for the jeans… I think sometimes people look at you wearing something different and flattering and they think it’s the clothing that’s so good. Of course it’s me! Was there ever any doubt? 😉
    Well, go figure, there is a smiley face at the bottom!

  7. Daniel replied:

    “Have I ever told you of my years of fighting crime and bedding most of gay Boston?!?!?”
    No!?! And enquiring minds want to know?!?

    Connie Stevens, one of the great creative gifts of our time, right up there with Dame Edna and Ivana Trump.

    Poor Tony Curtis…what a let down after Spartacus and The Cossacks.

  8. Pants replied:

    I’d like to watch GRIZZLY! You know what is scary and will totally keep you away from camping? Wild boars! We had one eat a bunch of steak and entire loaf of garlic bread off of a blazing fire pit. I was with three other girls, it got a little high pitched. We had plain pasta and a bottle of tequila for dinner that night.

  9. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith — LOL! Yes, everyone should see MANITU at least once! My fave moment, at the beginning of the film:

    Susan Strassberg: Well, it’s probably nothing too strange, but sometimes it feels like there is something in this lump moving around!

    Doctor in 70’s Leisure Suit: Hmmm. Yes, well, I’m sure it’s nothing. Please. Put the scarf back on, dear.

    I mean, how is this film not a mandatory classic!?!?!

    And, YES! You would look awesome in anything because you are a Goddess! I am fully ready for you to own this and work it!!! Work it!! …it’s not the jeans. it’s your fine self!

    Daniel – Due to my assistance in that whole Whitey Bulger case I can’t reveal too much. But, let’s just say that Scorchy doesn’t have too much on me! LOL! Actually, it is not that funny. It is true. And, yes, Poor Tony Curtis! From Kubrick to Manitu in less than a lifetime. shudder!

    Pants – Oh, you should rent both GRIZZLY and MANITU! …but, it is so funny you mention your horrific experience with wild boars! I have a phobia about wild boars storming my home! It’s true! Wow! Another reason for me NOT to go camping! Leave me to the beach and the sharks! Much safer! …and, plus, I can get a tan!

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