Yes, after over 30 years, it is coming out on DVD next week. (I had this t-shirt as a 9 year old. I thought I was so cool!

True, not the entire series.

One can only hope we will find out more about the football coach who drowned in her soup, her neighbor’s miracle cure as she pursues her career in country music, does her the man who kidnap her ever remember that they went to elementary school together, who gave Mary the VD, will the grocery store have that stock she needs to be make her soup and is her daughter the Fernwood Mass Murderer or just an angst-ridden teen of the 70’s? And, finally, what is up with the slaughter of the chickens and goats? I mean, the killing of the family is one thing, but those poor animals?!?!

I don’t know, but I can’t wait to watch it! And, yes, I am SO there to pick up my copy on Tuesday!!!!

Librarian: Do you know what aspects of venereal disease she wants books on?
Mary Hartman: Um, I think mostly on the disease itself. And how not to die from it.
Librarian: Perhaps it would be better if your friend came in herself.
Mary Hartman: She can’t.
Librarian: Why?
Mary Hartman: She’s in traction. God bless Norman Lear and Louise Lasser.

Mary Hartman: It was a wonderful book. It was guaranteed to improve my emotional health.
Harold Clemens: Did it improve your emotional health?
Mary Hartman: I think so, I definitely think so. You see, it was while I was reading that book that I realized that I needed glasses, and that made me feel much better. …hamburger helper on the way!

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  1. Kevin replied:

    I remember watching it as a kid. I’m sure I would totally “get it” now that I’m an adult. I always thought they were weird — I didn’t necessarily realize it was on purpose.

  2. Tim replied:

    OMG, that sounds very cool! And also quite like some of the darker Brit-coms that you’ve been watching recently, eg: Nighty Night. I wonder if I’ll be able to download it once the DVD comes out ….

  3. matty03 replied:

    Kevin – Yeah, me too! I used to watch as my father would laugh and I knew it was funny. Tho, most went right over my head. I think I remember my Grandmother being confused by it —- as it was an all out assault on middle class white America values and spoof of one of the most sacred American of cows — the soap opera. I remember her asking my father, “Is it like a story or is it a comedy?” …and my father telling her it was an adult satire. I remember my Grandmother thinking it was filthy. However, it was quite similar in nature to her fave “stories” like General Hospital and All My Children — excepting it was crank’d up to 12. …and poor Mary Hartman was always on the verge of a breakdown/meltdown or Valium induced overdosed.

    Tim – YES! I wonder how it has age’d. …and, it will be cool to see it as an adult and be able to “get” the jokes. I remember it being really “straight” in the sense that there was no laugh track and that it used those sappy organs that US soap operas used back in the day — I remember my father falling off the sofa laughing when Loretta realized she had lost the use of her legs. …and, I couldn’t decide if that should be sad or not. LOL! …maybe it is coming out in the UK, too?!?!?

  4. ing replied:

    I didn’t understand it as a kid, either, but I remember being mesmerized, and loving it. I was bored by The Days of our Lives & stuff, but Mary Hartman always grabbed me. I also remember thinking it was strange, but there was something about the braids, and the opening. . . I can’t wait to see it again!

  5. sortedlives replied:

    Whatever happened to Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. I, too remember watching it. Didn’t understand it. Will definately have to rent it. God, I forgot about that show.

    Have a great weekend handsome!

  6. Robert replied:

    You know I have never seen the show before? [I know, so lame!] I’ve seen picturesa and heard of her name, etc., but never the show. And of course, I have no cable so no re-runs for me. I’ll be sure to check it out when it comes out next week! I think her pigtails rock!!

    Have a great weekend Matty. *big hugs*

  7. Robert replied:

    Okay, I just checked out her DVD on Amazon. Did you see the cover??? She definitely deserves better!!! Is that a 3D modeling?!?

  8. matty03 replied:

    Ing! You looked fabulous!!! Odd to write, but there was something about Louise Lasser to which I related as a child. …I think that maybe she was so odd and strange — yet in a “normal” setting. Maybe I used to feel that way. Maybe I still do. …but the “normal” is somehow all whacked-out. But, just not so much that I can’t say it is “un-normal”

    …am I making any sense? LOL!

    Sorted Lives! Louise Lasser had some sort of nervous breakdown and trouble with drugs during the show — and she was fired. It became Fernwood Tonight after they tried to run the show without her. Fernwood Tonight was a sort of it, I think. Fred Willard/Martin Mull. Anyway, she is a great actress and has been in some great films over the last couple of decades: Requiem for a dream, happiness, wild woman & fast cars… Hope you’re having a great weekend!!!

    Robert! I don’t think it ever had a run on TV outside of it’s original run in the 70’s and a brief stint on Nick-At-Night (very brief) …you could only see it on bootleg VHS videos from the one release it had to VHS in the 80’s. It has a real cult following so a lot of folks are very excited it is coming out on DVD!

    …yeah, the packaging bites. But, the packaging of all the Norman Lear shows which have been coming out since last year sucks. Don’t know why — i think they are aiming for a retro-look but it just looks cheap and rushed. Because the same is true for All In The Family, The Jeffersons, Maude and Good Times. …and now poor Mary Hartman Mary Hartman. …Still all that matters is what is on the discs!!!

    …Maybe they should have hired Ing to PR them!!!! That tacky packaging would have never happened!!!!

  9. ing replied:

    That’s right!

    I went into a Toyota dealership and strolled around, pretending I was interesting in buying a new car. Then I stopped off at a designer furniture store, pretending I was interested in buying furniture. I wore glamorous shades. The shades seem to make me look wealthy. It was fun.

    In three months I’ll think about selling my car. Bikes rule!

  10. matty03 replied:

    Ing – Uh, huh, work it! Uh, huh, work it! …Look a new chorus for a Gwen Stefani song! That is awesome!

    I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but what will you do when you have to go to a writer’s even in Milpitas? Rent a car? …BART is cool, but expensive and not always practical. …Maybe you should keep the car. Just sayin’.

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