1. How horrible and sad must it have been to walk in the shoes of Anna Nicole Smith? I mean how often do you hear of a judge sobbing as he delivers a verdict?!?!? According to the news, the judge was at his rope’s end having to sort thru the details of her life, what was her circumstances, her twisted mother and family, her odd ex-lover, her upset lawyer/lover/friend and the press. The mother wanted her body burried in Texas. I take it her ex lover didn’t want her burried till he secured the legal parental rights of the daughter that has yet to be proved as his and her lawyer/lover wanted her to just be burried by her recently deceased son. Luckily, the judge rulled that Smith would be layed to rest next to her son. Crying as he delivered the verdict he said something to the effect: “…she had to live all of her years under this and I just get a week and a half of it and it’s already flattened me down.” …I should write that this is not a direct quote. I read it in the paper on BART and then something else on line. Just makes me realize that there was so much more horrible there that we never really saw. Sad. Sad. Sad. Judges do not break easily.

2. How fucked up is it when there are million dollar condos going on all around me and I worry if I can make it to pay day. Worse yet, I see kids every day who are having to decide if they should stay in school or go to work because their families are on the verge of being homelesss. Even worse yet, I must walk by 25 homeless people in the span of 30 minutes every morning of my life. Much worse, just think of what the US could have done with the money spent on sending our soldiers to die and kill innocent people and totally destroy a country on the other side of the world. Funding for the poor, children, elderly, cancer/AIDS research and healthcare in general is being cut right and left but the powers that be are still raping to be as wealthy as possible. The difference between the poor and the wealthy is growing fast. How much longer will The Red States and the Republicans continue to give the big “fuck you” to the future of our country, world and universe? Will there be a revolution in my lifetime? Can I join?

3. Is it mean or does Oprah seem sad? I see her on covers of magazines (some of which I believe she publishes) and I sometimes see clips of her on TV. …she looks so tired and sad in the eyes to me. Her smile seems beyond fake. It has the look of a soul tired and depressed. I think we all need to help Oprah. She if bumming me out! Send her some flowers or something!

4. Why is everyone bashing LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE? I don’t get it. I know it is not a piece of cinematic genius, but it is a funny, entertaining and odd-bent story that seems to touch most of us. Why is that so bad? And, I’m sorry. But, that little girl was awesome! In a year filled with stupid movies, this was a smart one! People should stop being so mean to it. Of course I don’t know why it bothers me. I think I am embarassed a movie I liked actually scored an OSCAR nod. …that seldom EVER happens for me. Somehow the OSCAR stuff hurts the film’s cred. For me, anyway. I do not think the OSCARS are all that cool. The last time I really agreed was when they nominated David Lynch for BLUE VELVET. …of course, he didn’t win. I think someone won for directing an old woman getting driven around by that moist-eye’d pussy man who was once so cool in The Electric Company as The Easy Reader. Now, he just annoys me. …And, I’m sorry. But, I found DRIVING MISS DAISY offensive. I wanted to drive her off a cliff with Morgan Freeman! …when he looks up, his eyes will be all moist and a single tear might fall if the music cues it to be so. But, he will not cry. No. He is too proud. He will just tear up. Like a maaaaaaan. Oy! There, I said it! I feel better now.

5. Ok. The ad campaign for PRIDE is all over Oakland and parts of San Francisco. To whom is this film being aimed? It seems so “gay” …and homo-erotic. Do you agree or is it just me. There were a group of “homies” laughing it at one of the Oakland BART stations today. One kid asked the other, “Yo, is Bernie playin’ gay?” Hmmmmm……color me so there.

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  1. Terri replied:

    I never cared for Anna Nicole and I wish they’d give it a rest and quit talking about her……

    OMG… I’m with you on #2!!

    I can’t even get started on healthcare and insurance…
    you could go read my post on a nightmare health insurance/healthcare even we went thru with our baby.

    It’s an upside down world we’re in,
    I’m afraid.

  2. Terri replied:


  3. ing replied:


    I hope I haven’t trashed your movie fave. The little girl was awesome, yes. I guess that IN MY OPINION, WHICH ISN’T NECESSARILY A SOUND ONE, I found that the movie tugged at my heartstrings in a way that made me (in particular) feel they’d been tugg’d before. And when I see the man behind the curtain, I get a little grumpy.

    But it’s far superior to other films I, personally, would place in that same category.
    And anyway, I respect your opinion, which makes me think twice about my own. I’m still thinking.

    Tonight I went to the Monster Drawing Rally, which is this show where local artistes draw in your presence and then put their drawings up for auction. I was a mere observer, while my friend Clare shopped.

    Tomorrow I sell what remains of my ex-furniture. Bleah.

  4. matty03 replied:

    Terri — It has all gone upside down! …and, not in a good way!!!

    Ing – No, not at all. It was just that I happened to read 4 articles about it in one day and it annoyed me when I think that BABEL sucked and THE DEPARTED was a 3 hour re-tread of a great film from China! I saw MISS SUNSHINE 3 times and all 3 times the audience seemed to be going all happy about it. It seems like it is that “it’s too popular, let’s rip it down” thing we tend to do in the US. I hate that. …tho, I’m sure I do it,too. You and B felt that way about it from the get-go.

  5. sortedlives replied:

    Isn’t it horrible that our society “gets its rock off” by builing these people up, and then ripping them to shreads.

    I am not an Anna Nicole fan, nor a Brittney fan, but I dont’t bash them because of their lifestyles. I don’t approve and choose not to make it part of my life.

    Hope you are well!!

  6. matty03 replied:

    Sorted Lives!!! I’m fine! Yeah, isn’t that strange how we love to do that!??!?! I wasn’t a fan of Anna Nicole — am still not sure what she did. I enjoyed her reality TV show, but now feel guilty for having laughed at such misery being hidden. I just thought it interesting that her situation left a judge in sobbing. Sad sad stuff.

    I’m kind of glad Brittney shaved her head. It had to be done. I was ready to do it for her.

  7. Pants replied:

    The Anna Nicole story is sad sad sad. Just yesterday I went back to having cable after a ten month stretch without…I had no idea how heartbreaking the Anna Nicole story had gotten until I watch CNN yesterday.

  8. matty03 replied:

    Pants — Yeah, it really is sad and I figure even more than we realize. Oh, well. ANS: RIP.

  9. Jake replied:

    Hi Matty, I’ve so been into the Anna Nicole saga. Such a tragic beauty she was. I think she should have listened to Virgie on CNN when she said “Vicky Lynn, be careful who you surround yourself with because you just might be next”. Was Momma right? No one on the payroll is going to step up and say, “Anna, you need to calm down and stop the drugs before you’re a trainwreck like Marilyn”, but no one would. She like Britney, needed her family but she refused them and for whatever reason. I just hate the fact the she died without making peace with her mom.

  10. matty03 replied:

    Jake — Maybe you know more than me, but I’ve always heard horrible things about her mother — and her childhood. Not sayting her mother was wrong, but it didn’t seem like she ever had much of a family to turn to unless they wanted money. …I think there is a reason people de-rail. …and, most often it seems like it can be traced to the childhood. …or genetics. Sad story, tho. And, you might be right.

    I’ve a theory about Brit. I think all this stuff has been planned on some warped out PR scheme to give her the sort of edge that “they” must feel she needs. I could be wrong there, too. …but, I kind of doubt it. I don’t think we’re looking at the same sad story with Spears. I think it is more calculated out. Once again, I could be wrong. …but I smell a hit record and movie deal on the way!

  11. hot lunch replied:

    that totally looks like a gay movie! I have not heard of it, and just from seeing the poster, i would have thought, gay for sure!

    As for Little Miss Sunshine, that was my pick for Best Picture. I can’t believe Departed won. Little Miss Sunshine had such a betetr message and was more feel-good (compared to Departed at least). Oh well, at least I won the Oscar pool! $120 baby!! Thank you to Melissa Etheridge, whom I chose while everyone else picked a Dreamgirls song!

  12. matty replied:

    Hot Lunch! Thank you, I think it looks soooooo queer that I’m soooo there! LOL! And, congrats!!! That’s a good win!!!

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