Yes, dear friends. Today my head was filled with so much information that I had to just sit back, take a deep breath and tell myself that it will all make sense at some point. For now, I shall have to “wing it” …but, as the rain pours and I sit in our living room (which is in dire need of a cleaning) I am reminded of the following:

“…they always hound me,
with one request,
who can satisfy their lustful habits,
I’m not a rabbit!
I need some rest!

I’m tired,
sick and tired of love,
I’ve had my fill of love,
from below and above,
tired of being admired,
tired of love uninspired,
let’s face it,
I’m tired!

I’ve been with 1000’s of men,
again and again,
they promise the moon,
they always coming and going,
going and coming,
and always too soon!
Right girls?”

…just replace the bits about ‘love’ ‘lust’ and ‘men’ with things like ‘procedures’ ‘artist contracts’ ‘systems integration’ ‘requests for things needed yesterday” etc.

my head hurts. it is too full.

but, tomorrow is Friday!!!!! Whoo-hoo!

And, I have no interest in the outcome of the OSCARS. …please don’t take me there.

kisses from GayTown


February 22, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Alan replied:

    omg…… I can’t believe you’ve just mentioned cleaning your living room when I just spent 6 hours yesterday cleaning mine!

    I’m available to do it for you, but I cost £min wage for living room cleaning. Plus transportation, accom, health care and dental. x.

  2. joe replied:

    aww matty, why don’t you hire an assistant who can help you take that load off your shoulders? preferably a hot assistant, like me. 🙂

  3. ing replied:

    Why don’t the hot assistants ever offer their services to me?

    Well, I guess B stayed up until 2am putting together my shelves.

    FRIDAY! YAY!! I’m going out! YAYAYAYAY!

  4. Topher replied:

    Oh Matty, who do you think’s gonna win the Oscars!? Lol
    It’s Fridayyy, I thought about staying in, but maybe I’ll go partayyy. This is Ing’s fault, seeing Ing’s ay’s made me want to bust out my rhymes, dawg.. YO YO YO!

    Hope you have a great weekend at the good ole gaytown. Maybe I’ll fly out there when it’s warmer and not tell the fam 😀 Just a little get away weekend. And this time, we’ll HAVE to meet, maybe I’ll camp out in front of your building.

  5. Kevin replied:

    TGIF buddy.

    Just take a deep breath and relax. Let the stress met away. Find your happy place.

    (I should sell self-help tapes … seriously.)

  6. Minge replied:

    You need a cup of tea and a fag.

  7. cb replied:

    I adored Madeline! Especially in THIS role in all her teutonic twatiness!

  8. hot lunch replied:

    yes, really what’s the point of the Oscars this year when DREAMGIRLS wasn’t nominated for best film? I mean, come on.

  9. sasskitty replied:

    I so get your head hurting thing…perhaps you too were in courses on Legal Limberness, Financial Fitness and Accounting Athletics for non profits? I too heard about contracted employees, systems integration, policies, compliance and, my personal favourite, liability.

    i am now drooling as my brain cannot function anymore. I did however have time to respond to your tag:)

  10. matty replied:

    Alan – do you do windows and the employers?

    Joe – Oh, I wish I could afford a PA. If I could, you’d be the first I’d call. Do you do windows and employers?


    Ing – Whoo! Hoo! …and, what will you be doing while you’re out?!?!!? Yes, we assisted you — especially poor B who must have injured his back that night! Poor baby! Send him a kiss!

    Kris! I hope you have a great weekend too and I’m glad Ing inspired you! She is most inspiring, actually!!! YES! We WILL meet next time you visit!!! We will!!!! No camping out required. …unless that is part of our fun game plan! I’ve no idea who is going to win an OSCAR and I really don’t care. It was a rather crap year for movies and I don’t really agree with most of the nominations. …but I have felt that way about the OSCARS since 1983 when they ignored KING OF COMEDY.

    Kevin – I try that, but so many of my happy places are sort of illegal. What would the name of your self help series of DVD’s be called?!?!?

    Minge – Hmmm… By fag, I’m thinking you don’t mean another one of me do you? No. I think you mean a ciggie. Apparently, those whom I love are allowed to smoke but not me. I do enjoy tea when I’m hot. Maybe I will have a cup tonight as it will be in the 40’s —- and maybe I will bum a cig off B or Ing. …smokers both. sigh.

    cb — Ah, yes! She was great! And very much messed by many of us! This is my second fave MK character. I think Eunice Burns is my first fave. …of course she has no big musical number about her balloons getting busted. …then again, who would want to bust Eunice Burns’ balloons. She also rocked the house in Paper Moon! …mommy needs to tinkle!

    Hot Lunch — Is that an ironic statement or do you really feel DREAMGIRLS was that good? No judgements here. Just curious. …the more I think about it — the more I feel INLAND EMPIRE was the most intersting film I saw that came out of 2006. But, I did so love GABRIELLE. …not so much for DREAMGIRLS, tho.

    Sasskitty!!! Yay! I’ve so much blogging to do tonight!!! Can’t wait! No, I was not in class for non-profits but I’m still in learning mode as an office manager for a way cool non-profit in SF. …and, that sometimes hurts my head. I think what I love is being asked to “fix” something and then only allowing me a few pennies to do it. However, it does allow me to be quite creative and I get to work with wicked cool and nice people. I’m feeling quite appreciated and respected! Love that! …and, we do things that make a difference!! Yay! I’m not just working for The Man anymore! …of course, I’m perpetually broke.

  11. Matt replied:

    That sounds like my life everyday LOL…TIRED! The semester is keeping me very, very busy and drained. Lots of papers to read that my eyes are strained and heavy. Anyway…when is your Oscar Party again?

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