Well, kids — I saw the new David Lynch movie today. Yes, INLAND EMPIRE is a full 3 hours David Lynch assault to the senses. Did I like it? Yes, I think I did. Actually, I may love it. I need to process it. While I did find it a bit long, I was never bored and I my eyes, ears and mind were stuck to the screen the entire time. This is a film which seems to require multiple viewings. There were more than a few people in the audience who had seen it twice already. Hypnotic, oddly gorgeous, without linear thought/plot, brilliant performance from Laura Dern, horrific, confused, lost and funny — if you like David Lynch you will not want to miss it. I plan on seeing it again with my pals Ing and Alan. I am still trying to figure it all out in my head. What did all those symbols mean? Most importantly, what does it symbolize to have Nastassja Kinski sit on a sofa while Suicide Girl types dance and lip sync to the late/great Nina Simone? I guess she could stand for a lot of things. And, why the Beck song? Word to the wise: if you do see it — stay thru the final credits! I love that the cinema in which I saw the movie was playing selections from the new Tom Waits compilation CD! Quite fitting! Oh! And, regarding my “Dear Matty” experiment! Wow, you kids have problems! I’ve gotten more emails than I expected! I’ve only had to decline 3 from my blog — a few folks came up with questions too profane for even me! …but, I did answer all 3 of those. I just did it offline via email. I hope I don’t get anymore questions involving rubber ducks, duct tape, enemas, tar or Crisco. …The 3 of you know who you are. I’m still in shock, but I hope my insights were of use. Anyway, my goal is to do my Dear Matty post for no later than Tuesday evening! Feel free to keep ’em coming thru to Monday afternoon California, USA time!

Kisses from GayTown,

February 11, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Robert replied:

    Speaking of… Have you tried this? A friend of mine sent me this link! ahaha!


  2. matty03 replied:

    Robert! I know! Isn’t it odd?!?!? I heard that he started the coffee thing because he LOVES his coffee and ciggies — but mostly because it will help him pay to make the movies he wants to make. …like this one.

    Sadly, I don’t drink coffee.

    I’m a Diet Coke man. Actually, I am a Diet Coke. …glitter edition.

  3. ginab replied:

    I’m curious. Will INLAND EMPIRE land here in the empire of snow?

    When the weather people describe -7 to be “bitterly cold” one such as me is forced to ask: what is bitter about cold? The taste? Is snow then unrippened raspberries? Would that say “tartly cold”?

    I’ve gone off topic, but no way have I settled for less. Just watched a doc on Garbo. Inspiring.


  4. matty03 replied:

    Gina! I hope it reaches you. You might like it. At the very least, you would find it interesting. Ing told me that she feels that Lynch’s work is like stepping into a dream. …I like that. I guess I might re-phrase it as stepping into his nightmares.

    LOL! I enjoyed reading your contemplation on the way folks describe the cold. I think “we” tend to use “bitter” far too often. The cold you’re experiencing always hurt me. I mean, it hurt me to the bones of my toes. My feet always hurt during the coldest temps. …painful cold?

  5. Old Cheeser replied:

    I used to like David Lynch’s stuff. I was a big fan of Twin Peaks at the time it aired over here. Loved all the weirdness going on beneath the surface and the oddball characters – the log lady, Audrey Horne etc. The ending was very frustrating though – with Dale (Kyle Mclachlan) getting taken over by “Bob” – we never found out what happened next!!

    “Blue Velvet” is another fave of mine. I think the last Lynch film I saw was “Lost Highway” which, well, kinda lost me. The thing with Lynch is he specialises in doing weird and off-the-wall but sometimes to the extent where you don’t know what the hell is going on. The new movie sounds a bit like that. I will probably give it a go though. A totally different experience to “Dreamgirls” I’m sure!

  6. matty03 replied:

    Old Cheeser! I loved season one of TWIN PEAKS — and I LOVED the feature pre-quel he made, FIRE WALK WITH ME! I think I’ve liked everything he has done excepting DUNE and the one about that old man and a tractor.

    I really like what Ing told me — about his films being like a dream. Dreams seldom make any real sense but they fascinate.

    No, it is no DREAMGIRLS! LOL! …actually, I’ve not seen anything quite like it. …except maybe bits and pieces of other Lynch films.

  7. Alan replied:

    Matty, would you say that going to bed with someone on a first date is shallow? Or do you want to bypass the cocktails and simply get it on?

    Alan. x.

  8. matty03 replied:

    Alan, when I was single, I always went with the moment. I didn’t have any set rules. If it felt right — I just went for it. I don’t drink — so sometimes that forced the issue of cutting to the chase.

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