Well, I know he has his share of issues. Some say he is a bit sexually conflicted. That he harbours some very twisted and racist views. The CIA wrote that he was no hero — they said he was a homicidal maniac. A few have said that he is a cold-blooded killer with a bad hair cut! And, one person had the nerve to point out that he fails to wash his hands after he wipes out the messes made by his 70’s era Times Square passengers!

But, as I extend my right hand forward in preparation of advisting you to tell it there, my whimsical and satirical heart simply melts at the thought of the way Travis so totally works that whole mohawk/Army Surplus ‘look’! I mean, just look at that handsome smile! You can just see how happy he gets when those wild-n-nutty ideas pop into his head as he listens to political double-speak!

Plus, his job provides lots of interesting stories, he can give you a lift to anywhere you might need to go! And, he has a certain ‘edge’ because he simply refuses to sleep! And, it is soooooo cute to watch him play with his big gun while he talks to himself in the mirror. Yes, baby, they are talking to you!

And, I ask — how wouldn’t want to be taken to a sleazy porno cinema for a first date!?!?! Plus, Travis likes the cinemas that serve RC Cola and rent out rain coats! True, he doesn’t have a record player and seems to have some sort of ‘thing’ for 12 year old prossies, but I think he means well. I mean, those mean streets are not easy to navigate. We all know that! Yes, I lost my heart to Travis Bickle. …and, then — I woke up.

Remember when Martin Scorcese used to make really cool, challenging and important films? …before he started recycling classic Asian cinema or making epic films without any soul? When movies had edge and Robert De Niro was sleak, slim, sexy and carried a really big gun! And, Robert Altman was still alive and creating those gorgeous rambling works of art — before he met Cher. Ah, yes. Those were the days!


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  1. Old Cheeser replied:

    That is so totally weird Matty. As I read you post they were just showing an ad for Taxi Driver on tv!! Spooky!!

    Taxi Driver is an amazing film – disturbing but amazing. Jodie Foster is great (I also loved her as Tallulah) and very grown up for one so young. I like Cybil Shepherd’s turn as well. Years before Maddy Hayes.

  2. matty03 replied:

    Old Cheeser! That is kinda spooky! I really do love this film. I think it is one of the best made American films I’ve yet to see. …but, not one I would opt to watch much. A little too disturbing for even me!

    …but Robert De Niro was pretty hot back then.

    But that final quick cut shot at the end always creeps me out.

    I’m seeing the new David Lynch tomorrow!!!!!

  3. Karyn replied:

    Deniro as Bickle, or anyone, is totally on my list. Totally.

  4. Meredith replied:

    Ah yes, those were the days. Scorcese before cheese. Deniro before the paunch. sigh.

  5. ing replied:

    I liked the bad haircut. The mohawk thing, maybe not so much. I find the “smile” a little smirky, to tell you the truth, but I think it came from a very good place. Travis didn’t have a thing for young prossies — I mean, this was sort of implied, but I like to think that he wanted to save Ms. Foster, and that’s it.

    I hope none of my dates take me to a porn flick. I’m with Cybil on that issue.

  6. matty03 replied:

    Karyn – In agreement 100%

    Lovely Meredith – Yes, well — the cheese and the paunch. I am doing my best to run from both! I hope I have better luck than Mr.D.

    Ing – Oh, I don’t think Travis was coming from a very good place. I think circumstances and a warped sensibility prevented him from harming the wrong people. …tho, we will never know what happened next as he drove off into the night. That quick cut to his eyes in the rear view mirror and that slasher bit of a score indicate he was headed to no where good! …but, porn cinema on the first date is totally cool and fine! LOL!

  7. Meredith replied:

    I think the cheese causes the paunch. Or maybe it’s Hobnobs. Who knows.

  8. Daniel replied:

    Umm, I don’t know if it’s wise to admit this, but I used to dream of dating Travis Bickle. I love guys with that slightly psycho edge.
    I’ve slowed down on the tough guys these days.

  9. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith — Oh, I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you were referring to Mr. D’s creative output this past several years as “cheese” LOL! Yes, cheese will do it regarding the paunch. As will chocolate chip pancakes! I have to get that in control or I am going to be doing some serious paunching soon! That CAN’T happen!

    Daniel – I love that you can admit that you dreamed of dating Travis Bickle. I worry for you, but I love that you can admit that! LOL! Kisses! You don’t need a tough guy — you need a sweet guy! Tho, tough guys do come in handy when in seedy bars or when things need to be done ’round the house or on a car.

  10. Meredith replied:

    I did mean cheese in the first sense (Scorcese cheese) but then, after reading your comment, cheese pertaining to paunch made me giggle.
    I hear vomitting is very effective for getting rid of paunch, as is suffering the effects of being quite possibley in love (yuck, blech! ewww), the two, in combination are a very effective weight loss plan. A wise advise columnist told me so. 😉

  11. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith! Yes, well, giving out wise advice means that the wisdom might go against the grain of popular culture! …vomiting as I type.

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