I woke up this morning feeling much better! And, so did the San Francisco weather! It was a near perfect day filled with sun! I took my DayQuil, headed down to Church Street where I caught the N MUNI bound for Ocean Beach! And, there is where I stayed for most of the day. Not doing anything other than letting the comfort of the beach take me over. It was almost perfect excepting that B was not with me. He is Canada caring for his family, but he returns tomorrow night.

And, so much seems to be coming together. I’ve a job with great potential! I’m in love! Ing is moved into her new fab studio apartment! It is a sunny space filled with positive energy and I can see that Ing is about to sprinkle her magic and turn it into a gorgeous showplace! And, she is only a six minute walk from our place! Yay! Last night she and I roamed about several stores securing a few essentials for her place. I expressed my desire for a glitter tree which seems to be totally impossible to locate. Ing advised that I should simply find some rich soil, spit on it and a glitter tree would be destined to grow! As much as I love that idea I doubt that this would actually happen. Besides, I don’t think a potted glitter plant fits into the carefully designed scheme of my architect hubby. Oh well.

As I looked out at the waves, the surfers, the lovers and the lonely my mind began to fly about. I thought about so much:
what is the true meaning of life?
how do we get this horrible war to end?
what needs to be done to create a national healthcare plan that really works?
how early will I need to get to The Castro Theatre to secure a seat for the new David Lynch film?
when will there be a new Goldfrapp CD?
And, as I thought about all of these questions I noticed that several lady bugs had decided to land on my Diesel sneakers. Good luck, I think! I carefully lifted each one off and sat them down on the sand and watched them fight against the cool breeze to find a new resting place.

I noticed a lonely chap standing up closer to the shore. He seemed to be watching a couple. These two were most certainly lovers. The lonely guy watched as the couple kissed and a place inside me stung. I would have liked to have walked over and patted the dude on the back and let him know that it will all work out. He is not alone. But, that would have been invasive. I snapped a picture. …but, you know, moments like those can’t be captured with digital technology. Bittersweet moments on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I could feel the sun begin to burn my cheeks and the sand in my pockets must have been getting heavy because I knew it was time to turn back for home.


February 4, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. sortedlives replied:

    Love the pic of you!! Sounds like a great day way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

  2. hot lunch replied:

    What were you listening to when that photo of yourself was taken?

  3. Robert replied:

    *Lonely man’s thot* “That bitch! He’s MY boyfriend!!!” Oh sorry, am glad that you’re feeling better Matty. Those are indeed awesome question. Are you talking about the movie Inland Empire? If so, they showed it here in L.A. already, I’m surprised it hasn’t aired in S.F.? Maybe it’s another one you’re talking about.

    You look marvelous in that pictures… and ladybugs are lovely creatures! Nite nite.

  4. Robert replied:

    What’s with my singulars and plurals?!? Wait, is that right?!? Damnit!

  5. matty03 replied:

    Sorted Lives! Thank you! I was tired of the one of my jumping off the steps. Yeah, it was a great Sunday. I just wish B had been home.

    Hot Lunch! You know, I am surprised I remember but I do! It was “Gone to Earth” by Goldfrapp. Why?

    Robert! LOL! You’re too funny! Actually, the surfer was hot! I think lonely guy was just sad. Felt bad for him. Did you see the Lynch film!?!?!?!? He came here and they screened it 3 times last month but it sold out as soon as it was “announced” …and, it is sold out at this local indie film fest here in SF which is being opened by it. However, I believe it opens regularly here in two more weeks. …I hope it is worth the wait. I LOVE Laura Dern, too!!!!

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