I’ve never considered myself much of a size queen. However, my boyfriend has been a bit consumed with the need to purchase the biggest he could find. By that, I mean he has been determined to find “the perfect” big screen TV.

Before he met me he watched A LOT of TV, but he has sort of fallen into my groove of not watching much TV. When we watch it is to watch DVD’s of movies or fab British comedies I love to collect. But, as I sit here waiting for the first part of his order to arrive I worry that this might be changing. I fear he will suddenly become addicted to watching TV all the time. I mean, for the most part, our living room is about to be half TV.

He settled for a 50 inch plasma screen, a scaler which will assist with cleaning up images as most DVD’s and cable channels have yet to come up to par with the technology.

Anyway, I was thinking of how cool it will be to watch TOMMY, MANHATTAN and NASHVILLE on a big screen while lounging about naked or ultra-relaxed. Will it feel like being at the movies? Will I need popcorn?

Mostly, I think I look forward to watching this on a big screen TV. I don’t know why, but it seems like a good idea. …Or, maybe not.

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  1. Alan replied:

    hmmmm. you look very “dongerouse” in that picture, Matty. I particularly like the bicycle on the wall in your kitchen!


    PS. Very impressed your b’f has a 50 incher.

  2. Smiley replied:

    heheheheheh the kitchen knife kills me!
    Great look for an interview, though.
    So, does the bf have a 50-incher in dog years – because I’ve never heard of one that big 😛

  3. hot lunch replied:

    I love that the first thing u thought of was, What would it be like to watch Tommy on this???

    Admittedly, when we got our TV, (not a 50 incher, but a nice big flat screen nonetheless), my immediate thoughts were, “I can’t wait to watch Truth or Dare on this!”

    Anyhow, I MUST watch Manhattan! My partner loves the old Woody Allen movies and he has this somewhere in his DVD collection which I will have to root through.

    Congrats on the new addition to your family and you look smokin’ in that outfit!! I’d hire you!

  4. Pants replied:

    Love the inteview look. I am making a mental note to purchase a larger knife before my next interview- gotta make sure I stand out from all the other applicants!

  5. matty03 replied:

    Alan – I never thought I could look so mean! That is B’s bike. Mine is kept in the back hallway. I’ve only ridden on it once. It was at midnight this past summer and I was barefooted. It was fun. B says I have to wear a helmut. So, I’ve not been on it since. Those hard hats mess my small patch of hair! …50 incher. Yes, well. Maybe I am a size queen!

    Joshua — LOL! I think the knife provides a certain “edge” — did you hear the comic drum roll that ended up more of a thud? Um, no that would be in actual inches, believe it or not. Think may pole! LOL!

    Hot Lunch! Yes! You MUST see Manhattan! You know the sad thing? I spent YEARS trying to find that very spot where The Woodster and Diane Keaton sit on the bench and look out at the water! …and, then, in 2001 I was informed that the bench, the street light, the parking sign, the potted plant were all props. …that spot may be along the water but it does not really exist. However, I do think Diane Keaton’s dog was real. But, that movie is so beautifully looking! See it! And, it captures a NYC that is not really there anymore. Ah, I want to go watch it now! But, I shall wait for the big TV to arrive.

    Pants — Yes, employ this look! I was thinking an ax might be good. However, that might be just a bit over-the-top. You know?

  6. Kalvin replied:

    Why is it that you are never in the kitchen? And I like the look with the knife. It’s very inviting to me. I had no idea that you would be wearing a jacket as well mr. fancy. I’m trying to resist the giant tv’s. I’m feeling like ours is just fine. I usually tend to be at the very end of the whole tech bandwagon, so it will probably be some time before I commit.

  7. Karyn replied:

    Gahdamn, Matty, you look hot! That may not mean much coming from a straight female, but holy hell. Yowza. Love the stance.

    Seriously though? Skip the giant freaking GINSU knife when heading out to dream interview. Seriously.

  8. Brooke replied:

    Only your mother loves you Norman.

    I don’t know whether the big screen tv made me think of that line – or your picture with the butcher knife.

  9. matty03 replied:

    Kalvin! Oh, I can’t cook. Really. I am kitchen-challenged and often feel twitchy in that room. However, I do go in there to pour Diet Coke and wash the dishes. If we happen to eat at home, B cooks. I clean. And, I think you’re smart to hold off on the big screen TV. There isn’t enough quality content out there to really utilize the technology —- and, so many things are happening so fast that this TV is likely to be obsolete within a year. So, you’re right to hold off. We, too, have a great TV system but B loves gadgets and you have to have a wide screen TV for that new Apple TV toy. …So, we’re getting a big screen TV. It should be fun for movies, tho.

    Karyn! Thank you! No, I suppose a knife at an interview might be an error in judgement. So, I do agree.

    Brooke! Mother! No! Mother! Please! LOL! I don’t care much for Alfred Hitchcock. I know. I know. Anyway, I thought Tony Perkins was hot in his day! So, that is cool! LOL!

  10. johnNokc replied:

    Hi Matt — Ummm, about those 7 or 8 pounds. Have you ever heard of something called Body Mass Index. I think it’s supposed to let you know how many pounds you can safely lose. I do know that when the body doesn’t have that much fat to lose that it starts losing muscle. And we all know the heart is a muscle. Take care of yourself and be informed.

  11. matty03 replied:

    Hey John! Thank you — I’m probably not all that educated about health in general. But, you know, I like to joke around a lot. So, no need to worry. The times ref. to when I’ve passed out was due to not eating because I had no money to eat. Luckily, those days seem to be gone. And, now I’ve gotten past the whole pride thing and will ask for help if I ever should need it again. Right now, B is pretty much supporting me. God bless him! I’d do the same for him, tho. But, just as FYI — my doctor feels that 155 to 165 is the best weight for me. …so, in theory I’m fine. By that standard which took the fat index into account I am only a few pounds over but I know I feel better when I am lighter than this. By that I mean in the physiological sense. It makes me feel good that you guys worry. It makes me feel bad that I make a big deal or joke about something that is much more serious for others.

    …and, I’m so very sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

    Now, I just need to slip off for a few to induce some vomiting. (bad, bad joke! …and, that is just a joke!)

  12. Kevin replied:

    Have you heard about the new 108 incher? It’s supposedly 8 feet wide. A local radio station is doing a nation-wide contest to win it. (Winners get a 42″ plasma TV and are entered into the drawing for the big one.)

    I too love watching movies though. I have a 51″ non-plasma/LCD screen (the big box ones) and my surround sound … so I’m happy with it. And seriously … who doesn’t love lounging around naked and comfortable in front of a good movie?

  13. Kevin replied:

    And what picture are you talking about? Am I blind?

  14. matty03 replied:

    Kevin! I don’t think I’ve heard about that one! That would be bigger than our living room! LOL! I know B spent a lot of time going between plasma and LCD.

    I am sure I will enjoy it! And, yes, everyone loves to lay about in the nude watching great cinema! I do at the cinema all the time. Tho, cinema management seems to have very mixed feelings about this sort of thing. Tho, i think you mean in the privacy of your own home. LOL!

    I don’t know where it went (the photo) …It was there. I’m too lazy to figure it out. LOL! And, I’ve got an appointment this morning! So, I’m off to shower, wake up and hit the road! Whoo-hoo!!!

  15. Minge replied:

    Fifty? That’s a lot of inches.

    Enjoy Babs.

  16. Kevin replied:

    No, I meant at home. I don’t go to THOSE cinemas. The floor are too sticky.

  17. matty03 replied:

    Minge! Yes, it will be very BIG, uh, TV! LOL!

    Kevin – yeah, that’s why one brings a towel!

    Oh, and B asked me to stress the he never watched that much TV. This is for watching film on DVD! So, I am stressing that!

    …wow, B is reading my blog!!!

  18. Old Cheeser replied:

    That’s funny, my hubbie keeps going on about getting a BIG one too. A plasma TV that is. The things we have to put up with from our partners eh?? Mind you, it’s probably his revenge for me forcing him to watch Dr Who and Torchwood all the time. Although I did introduce him to Fame the other night and I think he enjoyed it.

    At the moment I am quite happy with our current TV (it’s a Sony) but when we (eventually) buy our own flat I may plump for a plasma. We’ll see! And yes, think of the benefits of watching all your fave shows / movies on a big screen! Babra’s features enhanced to gigantic proportions!! Yes!! You see, I’m brainwashing you already Matty.

    That poster for the movie is a touch alarming though. I had no idea Babs made a film about pole-dancing. Positively shocking.

    And what/where are all these pictures of you that everyone keeps referring to? I couldn’t find them!

  19. Meredith replied:

    hmmm, popcorn and nudity? I don’t know Matty dear, sounds dangerous to me.

  20. ing replied:

    Please do not tell B about the 108-incher. I’m afraid your floor would collapse under the weight of it. The man already owns a photocopier and a fax machine! (I can’t wait to talk him into that camping trip, by the way. And fishing!)

    The Oscars! And I would SO love to see Tommy, Manhattan, etc. on that screen. Eraserhead, Matty! Can you imagine?

  21. Steven. replied:

    I never realized that was really a movie.

    Babs must be spinning in her grave.

  22. matty03 replied:

    Steven! Babs isn’t dead!!! …tho, I’m sure she is spinning around one of her ultra huge mansions right about now.

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