Here’s the thing: I don’t get nervous about interviewing. I spent over 8 years of my career interviewing people. That rather helps one in the interview process. Also, I’ve never really minded auditioning. I am not shy. I don’t take it all that personally. It is a business and so much of the end decision is subjective. And, from my own point of view, the person who interviews me probably knows if they want to hire me within the first few minutes of me. So, what’s the point of getting stressed?

However, last night “B” asked me what I was planning to wear. As this is a very casual setting I had opted for a pair of nice jeans, a v-neck sweater over a white t-shirt and my black velvet Calvin Klein sports coat. He asked me if he could see me in it.

Now, the only area of The Interview that ever bothers me is what to wear. I’ve learned it best to stick with my initial instinct after I have that first conversation with HR and determine the dress code of the employer. But, if I put too much thought in the area of “what to wear” I get worried. This is my insecurity.

“B” didn’t like this look. So, he asked me to try several options. All of which, I felt, highlighted the fact that I need to drop about 7 pounds. “B” disagreed and even pulled out the scale. …He thinks my weight is fine. I love “B” and appreciate his ever sweetness but I know I need to drop a bit of weight. Anyway, I get on the scale.

I’m shocked. Totally humilated. But, before I can say anything “B” says, “See! You’re fine!”

I couldn’t hold back and began to lecture him that the weight as indicated on the scale was HORRIBLE and that I had to get a grip! And, then when I looked at “B” he was giving me a look much like the one I suspect Mr and Mrs Carpenter gave to Karen.


Whatever. In the end, I opted to go with a button down grey/blue dress shirt untucked, the jeans and my cool sport coat. …and my Diesel dress shoes that I got for $20 at this cool thrift shop! But, I fear I looked “more slim” in my sweater look.

karen_carpenter_lp.jpgSo, for me an interview is not the problem. The problem is feeling comfortable about what I’m wearing and not looking an odd shape. Sleek, thin lines. This is what I’m after. But, I am projecting that image in my head and out to anyone who looks at me! I’m not ill. I just need to lay off food. No more food.I mean, who needs food when one has Diet Coke and water?



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  1. Kevin replied:

    It’s as if we’re one.

    You are my new favorite blogger. Just so ya know.

    (And while not “new” in the blog world, you ARE new to me.)

  2. Daniel replied:

    Uhhmm, you probably shouldn’t expect overmuch sympathy from me, if you only need to lose in the single digits. I sort of resemble a vanilla twinkie that went bad on the shelf and developed lumps. But, of course, we must take action promptly if we wish to maintain our girlish figures.
    B is almost certainly right. You’re probably too hard on yourself. You’re gorgeous.

  3. Karyn replied:

    You scare the holy hell out of me. Darling, you are a stick. You are gorgeous. I think your original outfit sounded hot. The end outfit sounds good too. But you seriously – SERIOUSLY – need a little reality check about your weight, Karen. I mean Matt.

    And I say that with love. One needs so much more than Diet Coke & Water.

    Now go eat something for crissakes.

  4. hot lunch replied:

    did u karen carpenter put lemon juice in everything she ate to counteract the calories? at least this is what i hear.

    and also, madonna’s “Rain” is apparently an ode to Karen Carpenter. I don’t really understand why or how, maybe it’s the deeper singing voice she uses?

    anyhow, i’m sure u looked simply smashing!! i was always told to wear a suit, to dress like i really wanted the job, etc. I never feel comfortable in my suit either. Maybe If I dressed the way I wanted to and felt, I would be more at ease and would be better at interviews instead of being all awkward.

  5. Smiley replied:

    LMMAAO @ Daniel – in case you don’t know the acronym that’s (laughing my middle-aged ass off). As far as the clothes thing – I’d go with the BF’s perception. He’s looking from the outside, much like an interviewer would be. But Mr. Karen, I ain’t no therapist or adviser; but if you need to lose weight then I guess I need to add obesity to the rest of my mid-life, crisis issues 😛

  6. Topher replied:

    Oh lord.. You and your diet coke. I remember once a man that passed out since that’s all he’d been drinking. I think your weight just suits you fine from the pictures that I’ve seen, and to think you don’t even go to the gym..shocks! As the woman from Little Britain, says You are gorrrgeous! And we’re just not saying that Matt…

    I’ve only worn a suit to an interview. But then, this was like my first job eva so I followed the ‘advice.’ I kinda liked wearing shirts and ties though, I feel all sexy haha. I’m sure it’ll wear off eventually but right now, me likes..

    Where are the pics? I’m sure the others would want to see you in both outfits also.

  7. Old Cheeser replied:

    I agree with all your fellow bloggers, you don’t look overweight in your pics atall Matty! What ARE you going on about?? Personally, I always wear a suit to interviews, just to be on the safe side. I’ve one suit for all occasions – weddings, funerals and interviews! Anyway, if all you’re stressing about is what to wear I think you’re doing fine! It’s good that you’ve got a laid-back attitude to the whole interview process. Personally I find interviews quite nerve-racking and clam up sometimes – don’t like ’em!!

    Good luck with it all – it’s brilliant that you’re being so persistent and I know you’re gonna find the right job!

  8. sasskitty replied:

    Matty…I feel your pain. TRULY feel your pain.

    I agree with previous posters that you look slim and sleek in your photos, but I understand that its personal too. Wear what makes you comfy and makes you feel good…then you wont worry about the weight you think is there. Its how you FEEL in the jeans. Or the wedding dress in my case in just under 8 months AAAAAAAAAAAA!

    Must go eat my lunch of a diet coke and water as well.

  9. matty03 replied:

    Kevin! Oh! I am so honored!!!! Thank you!!! You rock and rule, too! AND, you weigh a slight 135lbs so you can be my new hero! LOL!

    Daniel — I’ve seen your pictures and you’re hot. So, stop with the put downs. I just know that I think I look better lighter and I also feel better. So, I need to get there again! …And, I will!!!

    Karyn! No, I mean, I know I’m not “over weight” but I weigh more than I want to weigh. You know? I felt better when I was at 155lbs. However, that might have been a bit too light. So, I am willing to go with 160lbs! And, thank you for always loving me and caring! I’m OK, tho! Besides, B would just force feed me or something. He is very much The Boss. LOL! …which I rather like.

  10. Kalvin replied:

    EAT. I hope it went well.

  11. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Wow! Now, that might be a good idea I should try. Hmmmmmm… No, I didn’t know that about “Rain” …so I’m listening to it right now and I don’t get what it has to do with Poor Karen Carpenter but I forgot how much I like this song. …and, i think i used to love the vid-clip!

    To wear a suit or not to wear a suit? I am of the opinion that it is no longer correct to dress totally up all the time. …especially if you know that the organization to which you are applying does not wear suits. If they do have a business attire policy then a suit is mandatory for an interview. If it is business casual I would dress conservatively with a tie but no sport coat. I ALWAYS ask the HR or Hiring Manager about dress code policies. In this case I was told that they have a very laid back ultra casual policy. But, I know that they are a cool/hipster organization so I didn’t want to just be too casual and you never want to be too casual. In the end, most are never going to hire you because of what you wear. You will be hired because of the impression you make …and clothing can/will factor in. But I think it most important to feel comfortable and be able to communicate well! So, yeah — focus on being comfortable and not too casual. …that’s my interview tip for the week!

    Joshua! Like Daniel, I’ve seen your picture and can tell you’re one hot man. So you don’t have to worry about it. I look like a cross between woody allen and diane keaton. I have to work it a bit harder. and, I do. LOL! I do need a therapist, tho! I guess I should get a job first!

    Kris! Ah, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I might take pix and show you what I mean! Why not? We can all debate my obsession! LOL! I’ve nothing else going tonight! I bet you do look hot in a suit! B looks really hot in his formal attire for work. I just look nebish when in a suit. I think. I promise I won’t be passing out on public transit anytime soon! And, no I don’t go to the gym. It costs $$ and it seems to be more about cruising than actually working out. …and I get bored working out.

    Old Cheeser — From chatting with my other pals in the UK and other parts of Europe — I think job hunting is very different there than here. It is a much more formal process. And, don’t forget I live in San Francisco which, I think, is a bit different from most US cities. Marches to the beat of its own drummer. Next time you decide to go job hunting get with me off line and I bet I can help you! You have a great deal of skill that any employer would be lucky to hire! You just need to project confidence and convince them of that! You can do it!

    SassKitty! A wedding!!!! Yay!!!!! Congrats!!!! And, thanks! Yeah, I think it is all about how one feels about oneself. that projects out. I know I will feel better once I shed this extra weight. I swore I was going to stay at that original range and look what I did! I fell out of range! Ugh!

  12. matty03 replied:

    Kalvin! Fear not, I always manage to eat. …and far too much of the most fattening food! Oy!

  13. ing replied:

    You tend to pass out in public places when you don’t eat, and that’s very dangerous. It’s also dangerous to diet by starving yourself. Matty, if you want to lose weight, please eat fewer cookies and fill up on lower-calorie foods that are good for you. I know you don’t like those foods as much, but you need to stay healthy, for me! Besides, the people who interviewed you aren’t going to make their decision based on a few pounds. They’re going to make it based on your experience and knowledge and suitability for the job. You are very strong and energetic. And for what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re overweight at all. I really don’t. I’ve seen you recently.

  14. matty03 replied:

    Ing,I love you!

  15. Kevin replied:

    Oh, yeah … that 135 isn’t me .. that’s from a quote (on my myspace page) … I’m like 165 … can I still be your hero?

  16. matty03 replied:

    Kevin! Of course you can still be my hero! And, thanks to your honesty you are now the very wind beneath my wings!

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