I wanted to create art for you today. I wanted to write something of import. Or, possibly share my angst with you. I wanted to attempt to solve the world’s problems. I wanted to inspire anyone who might happen upon my bit of space. I so wanted on infuse you with energy, hope, love and knowledge. But, then, it happened. Yes, it is true. My iPod stumbled upon a track I had not heard in at least 3 years. Without warning I went from Led Zeppelin to Enrique Iglesias and I found myself “jamming” to “Not In Love” — So, I decided to opt for the superficial vs the artistic.

My iPod has now played both of the Enrique Iglesias CD’s I sold last year. I didn’t even know I had ripped them to my iTunes! I’m smarter than I thought!

And, I’ve been snap-happy-walkin’ to the joy that is Enrique ever since. In fact, I now have my UK edition of the “7” CD playing thru our home speakers! At top volume!! And, I’m singing!!!!

“…California calling 20 miles to go,
And i don’t, i don’t know,
Should i turn around or should i leave you alone?
No i don’t, i don’ t know
I don’t know,
No i don’t know…

Ah ah ah ah,
Ah ah ah ah…”

Well, okay. So, Enrique isn’t a great lyricist and he might not be the best singer to stand in front of a microphone. However, he looks damn good when he does! And, his music puts a spring in my step and a song of note in my heart! Not an actual pop artist such as Kylie or Robbie — Enrique was simply born in the spotlight and decided that he just wanted to be really hot, pose in vid-clips for MTV and go out with lots of blonde bimbo girls. He is just a straight party boy who wants to have some fun! And, what is wrong with that? Well, ok, probably a lot but lets not get into that.

And, his music is either lovely sugar syrup power pop ballads or great latino dance songs with a beats and hooks that are impossible to not move toward! You just have to give in! And let the music flow over you! Tho, not gay. One suspects he just should be. …but, I ask. What has happened to our hot Enrique? Where has he gone? I think it has been at least 3 years since his last CD fell! What has happened? Did his father get too jealous and have him iced or was it the fact that he had his mole lanced off? I always suspected that the mole was the secret to his “pop magic”

Anyway, I think it is time for a come back for Mr. Enrique Iglesias! We all need the romance of that dance! And, it was kind of fun to walk about Van Ness and not think about anything. It was such fun! A guilty pleasure I believe we like to call it. You know you shouldn’t be enjoying it, but how can one resist? Yes. I think the world needs a new Enrique record. Or, possibly a new one from Goldfrapp. You know, not just cool dance remixes but a new record full of their glitter magic. Tho, I guess the world might not mind getting some peace. But, great pop can go a long way sometimes!


January 19, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. hot lunch replied:

    i think i only liked his first album. Everything post-Hero I kinda stopped paying attention to. Oh, but Rhythm Divine…. can you feel the rhythm??? BURNING. It’s BURNING.

  2. matty03 replied:

    I think I like “7” the best. ..addicted and Kelis is on it.

    He was burning. ..I wonder if he still is.

  3. Karyn replied:

    Jesus, he’s pretty.

  4. matty03 replied:

    Karyn — I know! He is soooooo gorgeous. Should we hate him for that or just toss caution to the wind and appreciate the beauty and the beat???

  5. ing replied:

    Tom Waits is cuter.

  6. Minge replied:

    He went down the dumper here in the UK, sadly.

  7. matty03 replied:

    Ing – I think Tom Waits is “hotter” and would be the better lover, but stand by my point that Enrique is by far the cutest!

    Minge — do you mean that in a literal sense or figuratively? I don’t know what has become of him. I fear his father has him tied up in some Spanish barn. …And, I for one, want to see pictures of that!

  8. Old Cheeser replied:

    He’s quite a hottie isn’t he. I definitely wouldn’t say no to him if a) I was single b) He wasn’t into straight bimbo women. Musically I always found him kind of bland (sorry!) Rather like our very own English Beverley Craven. Perhaps like her though, he just needs a large-sized marrow inserting into an appropriate orifice, for his real, essential self to emerge.

    I can’t believe I just wrote that.

  9. matty replied:

    Old Cheeser! …I’m shocked! LOL! I shall have to have a listen to Bev. Maybe she will be my cup of tea!

  10. Tim replied:

    Yeah, there’s nothing like a good dose of POP music when you’re struttin’ around town listening to yr iPod! Good stuff. I’ve never actually heard a whole Enrique album; I’m sure I’d enjoy it if I did though!!

  11. matty03 replied:

    Tim – I’m not sure you’d like it or not. Very MOR! But, I enjoy it. …a guilty pleasure!

    Where did Enrique go!?!?!?!

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