At The Rodeo or My On-Going Job Search…

I started job hunting a few days before Christmas. I’ve sent my resume and applications out to 72 job postings and am registered on just about every job board search engine out there. As of today at 11:00 AM I’ve had 5 phone calls — 3 of those were from head hunters who were quite simply wasting my time.

…as some one once bellowed across a large conference table, “This ain’t my first time at the rodeo!”

However, I’m not above the position of Rodeo Clown. I could do that! I like pink wigs and jumping in and out of barrels with bulls charging. Now, that my friends, is a natural high!

I just need a job. I was up til 3AM last night. I was up at 7 and have been at the laptop here at my fave wired cafe job searching since 8:30. No leads for today as of yet and I’ve got under $200 in the bank. And, I fear I am in dire need of a nap!

But, I’m not in a frenzy. I refuse to freak out. It will work out. $200 can be stretched out farther than you might think. And, soon I’ll be lounging by a pool with virtual promises of fortune at my feet. However, for now this is not the case.

It is interesting to note that I was in this same position last year at this same time. And, one must note that it all worked out quite well. I know that will be the case this time around, too. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not stressed out, worried and wondering how to make things flow. But, flow and work things shall!

And, a job will come. From having worked in the corporate structure for years and knowing how things go and flow. It can take employers up to 4 weeks before they start calling for interviews. I know and understand this.

Interviewing is like auditioning. And, I’ve not even really reached that stage yet. So, I sit here.


Ready and waiting for my close up.

Today, I am dressed quite casual as there will be no in-person interviews today. I wear a brown JCrew sweater with orange shirt under, a pair of vintage flare-leg’d jeans (not quite full on bell bottoms) and my fave pink/brown Diesel sneakers. I’m attempting to work that 48 hour shadow look. But, I didn’t get enough sleep. So, if this cafe is my Shwab’s I could be in trouble. Still. One presses forward.

Next week I shall begin looking into part time work. I hope to enjoy a full-on “Alice” moment where I pull the “Help Wanted” sign off the window and walk in the diner fully confident and ready for a big hug from a surly cook, a smart ass waitress with big hair and a somewhat retarded waitress to jump out from behind the counter spilling all the straws! “The job is yours!” I just hope that I have a better uniform and am not required to speak with a thick Jersey accent or anything. However, a buck’s a buck.

No matter what happens when I hit the pavement next week, I hope I can find more offers than before. If you remember, last year the only retail employers who wanted me were sex shops and a bath house. …tho, I was promised that there was only light janitorial duty it just didn’t seem fitting that I would work in a bath house. Also, one of the sex shop managers creeped me out and it did cross my mind that some tweak’d out queen was likely to storm in at the end of my shift demanding that I examine her dildo because it didn’t work properly. I wonder if they would have provided latex gloves? I didn’t want to ask.

I’ve been mistaken for a hustler three times this month but I don’t think that is an option either as B might get a bit upset with me were I to pursue this line of work.
“But, baby — $80 in 45 minutes! And, under the table cash!”
…um, no. I don’t think so. I don’t want to discuss or think much about why I’ve been mistaken for a hustler as of late. A friend advised that I should just stop with the half shirts and short shorts and hanging outside of BlowBuddies so often. …But, I don’t think that is it. It must be a vibe I give off. I guess. I don’t get it. I don’t mind it. I just don’t understand it. I really did discuss it with a friend and this friend told me the same thing had happpend to them. So, maybe it just happens to everyone. I take it as a compliment. However, the three individual would-be-johns seemed to be particularly kinky. I will not go in to detail.

There is a job waiting for me and I hope it will not require me to fiddle with used sex toys, be chased by bulls or befriend wise-craking women named ‘Flo’

But, please — cross your fingers and send me some good vibes! I need all I can get!

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  1. Dessie replied:

    This stuff is so interesting to read. I can’t believe how different job searching and working is over there, the whole thing seems to be back to front to how it is over here.

    And, how come you keep landing the queer positions? No pun.

  2. Old Cheeser replied:

    Hey, sorry to hear it’s taking you a while to find something. And it’s bloody hard when you keep doing all those applications and get virtually no reponse. B*stards!! Okay that’s a bit negative. And you have a positive attitude which is great to see. The right thing will come along soon boyo, mark my words!!

    I do see you doing something creative, writing, working in film or music or something like that – seeing those seem to be some of your real loves! You are obviously a gifted writer. Just a thought.

    I have to say that’s quite funny you being mistaken for a hustler, Matty, he he he!! Well, if you will insist on stripping to your jockey shorts and doing hip-shaking dance routines down the street, what on earth do you expect? (He he – I’m so naughty).

    Anyway hang in there babes – thinking of ya.

    OC xxx

    PS Wasn’t it Joan Crawford who said “Don’t f*ck with me fellas?” Could be a good technique to get recruited…

  3. Lubin Odana replied:

    What’s Blowbuddies? I’m intrigued.

  4. hot lunch replied:

    job searching sucks, as i’ve done it many a time over the past few years. what i did learn eventually was that things always work out and that you should enjoy the free time that you currently have! sending good vibes!! oh, and as for the kinky would-be-johns – please, do go into detail!!!

  5. fashmagslag replied:

    Oh, best of luck with the job hunt! Interviewing is the worst…’s so demeaning. I always want to say, ‘No, I am not a team player, I don’t like people, and I refuse to give my life to this piece of shit company’, of course, you can’t really say that. You have to play the game, and you are doing just that. As long as you keep looking and sending out resumes and making phone calls, you will find something.

  6. sortedlives replied:

    You’ll find something — and bathhouses and sex shops are sooo yesterday. Just remember, you will be FABULOUS where ever you wind up. Promise… or I will come out and make you FABULOUS there… Promise

    Take care

  7. Brooke replied:

    I’ve been so out of the blogging loop I’ve only just found your new digs! Love them! And I’ll be crossing fingers, toes, legs, and whatever else I can fold to send you luck for your job search. smooches

  8. ing replied:

    Matty! I saw a help wanted sign at the restaurant across the street form Phoenix – tips! I know you’re capable of lots more, but if you’re serious about a part-time job to tide you over, apply! I think it’s called “Joe’s Diner.” My advice is that you take some job just to tide you over while you’re looking for the real thing.

  9. matty03 replied:

    Dessie — I’ve a pal in Germany with whom I compare notes from time to time and it is always surprising to hear the differences in Europe and here regarding job searching. Here, in San Francisco, almost all job searches are done online. I have a one up in that I used to work a good deal of HR in my prior management life for an international firm (and had even been transfered to their office here back in the 90’s. Anyway, agencies are not used much in SF. Right now, it is more practical for firms to utilize these search engines and recruit on their own. Saves money and time. Some industries tend to rely on agencies more than others — architecture is a good example. When it comes to the queer jobs — I don’t know. I like working for gay based businesses so I seek them out. And, I guess I fit in to that scheme fairly well. …I’m pretty gay. LOL!

    Old Cheeser! Why, it was almost Joan Crawford who belted out that line. In fact, let’s just go ahead and admit that Faye Dunaway might as well be Joan Crawford all the way!!! Yay! I think I am a fairly upbeat/positive/high energy person by nature. So, yes! The job is right around the corner! Maybe even on the street corner! LOL!

    Lubin – Why, BlowBuddies is a sex club dedicated to the art of gay oral sex. Drop/leave the pants at the door, baby!!! LOL! It is quite popular. It is located in the South of Market Area. Admission is reasonable and there is plenty of cushion. …I’ve never been, tho. I’m quite pristine you know. But, Thursday nights are great. Ask for Tony. At least, I read that somewhere.

    Hot Lunch — Oh, I’m so glad I’m not alone!! I can’t believe that I am without job AGAIN! I would provide details but when I write “kinky” I do mean major kinks. OK, A bit of detail. This one scary dude who told me he had a room at the infamous lodge on Market Street in the Castro — wanted to know if I’d be interested in doing “certain” things to him involving nails, razors and a hammer. No joke. It was out there. I just smiled and ran away. FAST! Takes all kinds. …I guess.

  10. matty03 replied:

    Jon – Yes, I continue to plow away. If you’ve any ideas about phone calling — drop me an email. I don’t know who to call other than the temp agencies. And, I don’t seem to fit their profiles. However, looks like I’ve a shot at some medical reception temp work thanks to my most recent job a the gay glitter desk! Fingers crossed!

    Sorted Lives! Can’t wait to meet you! And, I hope to be fabulous soon!!! I was fab once! I just know I can be again!!!

    Brooke! Yay! So cool to see you here! And, thank you! Keep ’em crossed for me, please!!!

    Ing — Yes, I am serious. I have been thinking about being a waiter. However, when I spoke to this guy at a diner in the neighborhood he said that they only wanted exprienced folks. And, at the hardware stores I was told that they wanted someone with specific hardware knowledge. Both asked me questions in the form of a test. I failed both. Hmmmm… I’m looking into Borders. They are in need of help.

  11. joe replied:

    If I were a hiring manager at my company, I would offer you a job right now! We’ve got plenty of clowns here. You’ll have to move to our headquarters in San Mateo, which I think is the closest office to you. That’s where the big clowns work, and judging from a past misdeed of one of our former senior (and big shareholder) execs, there are kinky clowns too! Right up your alley!

    warm, lucky, wonderful, job-inducing vibes being sent your way!!

  12. matty03 replied:

    Joe! Oh, I wish you were the hiring manager! You could hire me and pay me enough so I could get a car to get to my executive clown job! LOL! But, wait. Are these kinky rodeo clowns or standard clowns. I tend to fit in best when I can help the cowpokes avoid raging bulls with my silly clowning! Thank you! Keep sendin’ those vibes my way!

  13. hot lunch replied:

    Did you say ” nails, razors and a hammer” ? OMG that was YOU!! i’ll try not to be so forward next time… 😛

  14. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Oh, dear! I’m sorry if I was at all rude. I just had to run as I was late for something. LOL!

    Isn’t that creepy but oddly interesting!?!!??

    but, again, why me?????

  15. Kevin replied:

    I found you via Sorted. (I was intrigued by the “gay dental glitter office” comment.) This was one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a long while. Hope you don’t mind me stopping by to look around.

  16. matty03 replied:

    Kevin! I’m thrilled you stopped by! Thanks! I will have to see if you have a blog and visit your cyber home as well! Glad I made ya smile!

    kisses from GayTown,

  17. ing replied:

    Did you say Borders?

    I will not allow it!

  18. matty03 replied:

    Oh, did I write Borders?!?!?!

    No, I didn’t mean that.

    I meant to write Starbucks.

  19. me it's all about me replied:

    Love the new space. I was thinking of moving too. Others have suggested it. Blogger is just too frustrating these days.
    It’s taken me 30 minutes to read all the posts I missed. The next time someone propositions you politely tell them, “No, sorry, I’m not for sale, but I’m curious, what is it about me that made you think I might be?” I’m curious to know!

  20. matty03 replied:

    Lovely Meredith!!!! Yeah, I’m really liking wordpress — very smooth and has yet to not work or piss me off! LOL!

    I plan on doing that because I really am curious! And, if it should happen again, I will ask and file an official report here!

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