Welcome to my new bit of space!

Well, here I am filling in my new bit of space.
I’m just jumping in feet first.

mediumsize3.jpg I am learning as I go but it seems pretty cool and easy! Welcome!

January 14, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. fashmagslag replied:

    Woo hoo, first to comment on the new blog! What happened with blogger to make you change?

  2. Smiley replied:

    Looks good, bud – have fun with it – I know I am. God, another dude to update on my blogroll; sheesh! Will the last person on blogger, please turn out the lights!

  3. ing replied:

    No-ho-hoooooooo. . . I do not adjust well to change, but I will try. It hurts! Arrrgh!

    Okay, I watched The Hunger and concluded that it is a very bad film about commitment phobia. Old Boy is a very good but puzzling film about prurience and revenge, I guess.

    I wish I knew what life was about & what the purpose behind all of this is. I keep learning things in retrospect. I wish I was twenty again.

  4. deldell replied:

    Hey Wildflower!
    I’m right here with ya. I’m still on blogspot, but I already started over here.http://deldell.wordpress.com/

  5. Matty replied:

    Another matty? Well soon I will be the only one left on blogger! Ha ha ha

  6. DanNation replied:

    Congrats on the move…welcome to WordPress!

  7. hot lunch replied:

    happy housewarming! i want to move to wordpress too. is it easy to do?

  8. sortedlives replied:

    Weclome home!! The new trailer park will never be the same…

  9. matty03 replied:

    Jon! I’ve been worrying about you! It has been so long! Glad to see you’re OK. Can’t wait to read/hear of your adventures! Blogger has just been terrible this last couple of months. I am fairly sure it has to do with changes being made by Google. But, it is always either down or not working correctly. AND, now we have the new/improved blogger but they feel mine is too big/old/whatever so I am unable to move it to the New Blogger with me — and, I know — I predict that I would soon have been told to close my former blog, lose it and move to a new space on blogger. So, I followed the lead set by so many and am now on wordpress. I’m liking it so far. Much easier to use, actually. However, I still need to figure out how to upload pix better. But so far so good!

    Joshua! Hey! Yes! Update me please! LOL!

    Ing! No! Change is good! Change is life! Embrace it! I promise — at least from my stand point, it is much easier to do that than to fight it. Gotta just roll forward and enjoy it all! …or, get thru what can’t be enjoyed because something good will come along soon. I don’t know. I think we all learn in retrospect. Such is the way of being human. I would not want to go thru my twenties again — even with the knowledge I have now. However, I do wish that the inside of my body (and the outside were 20 again!) …then, I could really get some great use out of it and not put so many miles on it. Oh, wait — I guess that means I wish I were 20 again, too! LOL!

    I don’t think THE HUNGER is a ‘bad’ film. I think it is an interesting cinematic mistake. I love that it is ALL about music, sound, clothing, hair, ligthing, atmosphere, — well, style. …and fear. It is based on a pretty good novel — which it ruined for the sake of all that style. But, it has some really memorable moments. All quite dated now — but somehow impossibly cool, clueless and trapped in a time long gone. Neat.

    I think you would enjoy the Korean trilogy of revenge — outcome being that revenge is ultimately pointless. But, that was the finest moment of the trilogy.There are so many layers to OLDBOY. I dread the US remake. Oy!

    Daniel!!! Hi! You moved, too!!?!? LOL! I will visit and update my blogroll very soon! Lots going on at home right now. No one has ever called me Wild Flower before! I like it! Can my petals be pink?

    Matty! Hi! Yes! It is so funny, when I was growing up I never knew any other Matts, Mattys or Matthews — but now there are so many of us! LOL! Yes, it seems like everyone is reaching their last nerve with blogger. I think I will like it here, tho! I had been living at blogger for so long. It was time to make a change anyway!

    Dan! Hey! Thanks! I need to catch up on your podcast!!!

    Hot Lunch — LOL! YES! It was so easy and I was able to move my entire blog to here. Nothing was left behind! …tho, wordpress did give all my blogger posts odd names using numbers, but it makes no never mind! It is easy. Actually, it is easier than Blogger as you don’t need to know ANY level of HTML to do the basics.

    Sorted!!! Hon, thanks! So, when is the tailgate bar-b-que!?!?!?! I will bring a 6pack and some chips! Just tell me when!

  10. no milk replied:

    good luck on the new digs. i have yet to move from my old spot, but i’m a lazy person.

  11. Dessie replied:



  12. matty03 replied:

    No Milk – Are you really lazy? I don’t believe it!

    Dessie!!!! I just saw that I have an email from ya! Yay! No, that would be the fresh smell of Comex! …but now, I have to clean this mess up! sigh.

  13. Matt replied:

    Another one won over! Welcome to wordpress family. I’m glad to “see” you here Matty!!!! 🙂

  14. joe replied:

    it’s time for a housewarming party! with gifts. I’ll email you one!

    and I quite liked the Hunger, as flawed and stupidly paced and plotted it was. it’s a could’ve been type of movie, where it could’ve been a masterpiece.

  15. Minge replied:

    Will be reading with interest. Keep us informed how it goes with WordPress. Am thinking of jumping ship myself.

  16. matty03 replied:

    Matt! Thanks! Yay!!! I need to catch up on my blog reading! I’ve not been home today! Crazy weekend/beginning of week!

    Joe! No gifts needed! Just you’re stopping by and saying “hello” is more than enough! You rock, my dear friend! Yes, I agree. THE HUNGER could have been an incredibile piece of film. But, it isn’t. It is just a gorgeous little piece of film history full of incredibly cool actors bathed in beautiful light and costumes! …I don’t know. Maybe it is better this way. His brother’s films are far better — but I watch THE HUNGER a lot more than BLADE RUNNER or ALIEN.

    Minge! Come on over, the water seems to be fine! I will keep ya posted, tho!

  17. Robert replied:

    Damn, I would think it’s a bitch to migrate all your stuff from Blogger to here. But Joshua did a fantastic job at Gaymenrule. You guys are amazing. Anyway, good to see your new place. So cozy. And I see that you still have your little smily face on the bottom. Su-weet!

    When should I bring the housewarming gift? 🙂

  18. matty03 replied:

    Robert! Joshua did a MUCH better job than I. I believe he actually “moved” everything — I did it the easy way and just let wordpress migrate it all for me. Which works fine but assigns odd names to each posting.

    I think I still need to work on the general look of it all but for now it is just fine.

    Bring it by anytime! LOL! Bring it on!

  19. Old Cheeser replied:

    Matty! Tis moi, Old Cheeser! Well, glad to see you have found yourself a new site, and it looks good!! I must confess I have never heard of WordPress. Similar to Blogger then but with more benefits? More and more people seem to be complaining about Blogger and moving on to other things, certainly there seem to be many comments of that ilk here. I didn’t realise you were having so many problems with Blogger. Fortunately I don’t seem to have experienced too many problems with it yet but if I do, I may well come and join you!

    Anyway good to see you in your new “home” (would hate to have lost touch with you – have really enjoyed all our chats and banter – you are a lovely guy!)


    S xxx

  20. matty03 replied:

    Old Cheeser! Awwww, that was so sweet! I feel the same way! Yeah, blogger was starting to drive me crazy!

    Am much happier here and it is much easier to use, actually.

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