Being unemployed and without funds is not much fun. No matter how hard you try, you sometimes find yourself feeling down. As I walked down Market Street last night I passed a store window which had the above CD on display.

Does Miss Ross really love me? And, if so — is it that from a distance in white gloves kind of Diana Ross love? Will Miss Ross buy me lunch? Could I be her PA, perhaps? Is her love real as that she once shared with Berry Gordy when they thought that they would take over the world? I doubt it.

No, I think this is just the name of some cheap import CD from Japan filled with those great love ballads of the 70’s! Last Time I Saw My Baby, Touch Me In The Morning, etc. But, I guess I could be wrong. Maybe she does love me. Anyway, the sight of her CD and it silly name gave me a laugh. And, that is what I needed. So, a note of thanks to Miss Ross! I do so love her! …in my way. …with my head turned to the right, my shoulders up and smiling. Waiting for my moment. Big kiss.Love, matty


January 10, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. crabcake replied:

    Matty, would it make you feel better if I sing? I know “Stop in the Name of Love”. I’m very good. Ignore all those folks who say I sound like a billy goat in heat. It’s not true.

  2. Metalchick replied:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I forgot to tell you where you can see the video clip. It’s in my video blog, here’s the address: http://audioslavewomanvideos.blogspot.com

  3. The Persian replied:

    yea ok, I’ll admit it, I love her too.


  4. matty replied:

    Crabcake!!!! Sing! Sing it loud and sing it proud! …I am sure it sounds beautiful!!!

    Metalchick! -Thank you! I shall check it out as soon as I get home! (not where I can watch a clip at the moment!)

    The Persian – You know, we always knew you loved Diana. And, I bet you’d be allowed to call her “Diana” too!

  5. Joshua replied:

    She’s mine!

  6. matty replied:

    Joshua — I bet she would even extend her white-gloved hand to you as she sings! Just reach out and touch!

  7. ing replied:

    Matty, I will only believe in the breathtaking dream of it if Diana wears her beautiful Mahogany dress.

    All I saw on the way to work was an empty refigerator. Someone had dumped it on the curb, next to my Nissan. My right front tire was low, but I couldn’t bring myself to fill it. I wish I lived in The Castro and not in The Ghetto.


  8. Sorted Lives replied:

    Just remember, “Someday, you’ll be together!!”

  9. matty replied:

    Oh, Ing. You know I still feel guilty for convincing you to see MAHOGANY with me at The Castro Theatre under the guise that she would wear that pretty dress on the poster and LP sleeve when I knew it didn’t exist. But, I think I you enjoyed it! Didn’t you? We laughed. We cried. We hooted. We clapped. We had fun!

    …of course, I’ve never been with you and not had fun. Even when times are rough we manage to have fun.

    Did you know you’re my best friend?

    In fact – you’re everything I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle,
    for you are the wind beneath my wings. Yes, the wind beneath my wings.

    (I had to inject a bit of comic relief)

    …and you do not really live in the ghetto. I was teasing you. Tho, I don’t think it makes for a pretty walk. Mahogany lived in the ghetto before she became the nation’s top fashion model!

    Sorted Lives! Yes, I know! I just hope Diana doesn’t push us off the stage like an old discarded Supreme!

  10. Old Cheeser replied:

    This is a real camp-a-rama post isn’t it! Mmmm Ms Ross. Love some of her music, don’t love her so much as a person.

    I hate to sound cynical but I bet she wouldn’t spare a second glance for an unemployed or homeless person, let alone “reach out and touch” them! All that so called love-everyone stuff she saved for the stage and it didn’t seem to extend very far beyond that. She’s always been too goddamned queenly. And too much of a diva. Rather ironic when you consider that she grew up in a “project”! But like some, she obviously worked very hard to leave her sordid past far, far behind. Ah well.

    Sorry if I sound somewhat negative. As I said I do love some of her music, especially the “Diana” album, Love Hangover, Muscles (tres camp), Chain Reaction …

    Love your pics as well, she certainly looks fabulous.

  11. matty replied:

    Old Cheeser — Oh, no! I am in full agreement with you. Diana Ross is known world wide for being a total bitch! That is what struck me so funny about a CD called “I Love You” ….I, too, enjoy her music!!! …but I would never turn my back!

    This is why I never cared much for DREAM GIRLS the play or the movie. I always felt it was WAY too easy on “Miss Ross” — this is what you are to call her if you work for or with her!!! And, yet it was so hard on Berry Gordy. Not fair.

    One of the best TV moments was when they did that Motown Reunion special and they managed to convince her to stand on stage with Wilson (her former friend and supreme) ….and she literally pushed her away and out of camera frame! Classic! I think you can find it on You Tube!

    …but that’s why we love her! LOL!

  12. ing replied:

    Matty, do you ever read David Denby’s reviews in The New Yorker? If you have the time, maybe you’d like this. Everything else I’ve heard about Dream Girls has been extremely negative.

    Matty, you are my best friend and my twin brother and I will love you forever.

  13. matty replied:

    Ing – I used to read his reviews and now I can that I see they are online but I ONLY read his views after I’ve seen a movie or if I can’t decide if I want to see one because I feel he gives far too much away when he writes about film. We used to have the New Yorker at the gay glitter desk.

    …I am really at a loss for how a “serious” film critic would like this film — or CHICAGO. But, that’s just me. DREAMGIRLS, like the play (if you ask me) has ONE great moment — when Effie stands her ground, but loses it all. THAT was an interesting moment in a movie theatre as the audience became enraptured, hooted, holler’d and applauded. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that when it wasn’s meant to be camp. It was an honest reaction to a great singer performing a great song with all of her heart. But, that happened some 20 years ago when I saw the play. And, one incredible moment does not make a 2 hour plus movie great movie in my opinion.

    …but I’m quite often alone in the crowd with my views. It ain’t easy bein’ me.

  14. matty replied:

    Ing — And, thank you. I will love you forever, too — my sister. Such a miracle that we find each other to hold our hands as we navigate thru the hell that life pitches in front of us. I think it is a blessing.

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