…are odd, but we had fun making them. Actually, we had a great time. It all got off to a bang by attending the 9pm show of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus at the Castro Theatre! Then, we ate lots of sugar, opened pressies and chatted till about 3AM Christmas morning. Ing stayed over. Our sofa is quite comfortable. B got me the DVD box set of the Liz Taylor/Richard Burton movies!!! You’ve not really seen THE VIP’S until you see this new transer!!! Yay! Ing got me some way cool books! B seems to like the hooka and teddy bear I got him! And, then we spent Christmas hanging out, eating and cooking. Well, Ing and B cooked. I cleaned, played the music and ate. Actually, we all pretty much just ate. It was much fun. We also made a lot of cookies. Here are some pix!
B created this charmer of a Christmas cookie. I think it is of an angel gone horribly wrong. However, he explained that she was no angel and enjoyed every minute. I don’t know that anyone ever ate this cookie.
me and me as a cookie.
A sampling of some of our festive creations. They tasted quite good. However, no one told me that you could not put chocolate in sugar cookies. That seems wrong to me. Cookies without chocolate should be against the law.
Here, Ing is preparing to make another round of cookies. Great gams, eh? And, she can work the heels! We walked about 10 blocks up and down some steep San Francisco streets on Christmas Eve and she never missed a step!
B making cookies!!! I think he really just wanted to try out that way cool bong I got him! Turns out, I will need to show him how to use it. But, we will only be using it for legal stuff. I got him rose petal and peach tobacco for his pretty hooka!!!
I made this one. I call it, “Menstrating Ghost of Christmas Past”
Another pretty sample of our cookies!
Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

December 27, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Brookelina replied:

    Every time I come here I want to move into your neighborhood. Actually, into your apartment.

    I love you Matty!

  2. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert replied:

    I’m not sure, but are heels like that still legal? In AZ I believe you have to have a license for them.
    And perhaps B can smoke “cloves” in his nice new bong.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. matty replied:

    Brooke! I love you too! Come on over! There’s always something goin’!

    Daniel – I think they are legal here if the person knows how to work ’em and Ing knows just how to move in them. I got B some really fine stuff designed for hookas imported from Turkey. So, I think he will enjoy. …It will be fun when company comes over. Like when Brooke visits we can smoke rose petals and discuss the meaning of life.

  4. Sorted Lives replied:

    That was hysterical. Next Christmas, I wanna make cookies with you.

  5. hot-lunch replied:

    nobody should be as fun as you two are. yet here you are! B’s cookie looks terribly creative! glad you are enjoying the holiday season!

  6. matty replied:

    Sorted Lives — It was much fun! You are more than welcome to join us next year!! …Or, any time we decide to make/decorate cookies. Our “tastes” might well be suited better for a different holiday anyway! LOL!

    Hot Lunch! — Thank you! Yes, B is highly creative and a bit perverted. A great combo!

  7. ginab replied:

    greatest gams!

    Imaginative cookies; like ones some kids might want to get away with making.

    you kids you!


    PS: Bea Bea is groaning at her fish!

  8. Kalvin replied:

    Oh my. It’s further proof of how much you belong in this city. I love making sugar cookies too. Actually, we had too much fun making some for a mormon dance one time making suggestive cookies and fake bite marks. The cookie of you is so precious! And I love the menstrating ghost. Classic.

  9. matty replied:

    Gina — I think I need a fish at which to moan! Yes! Those are THE greatest gams! …and THOSE shoes! Wow! Yes, we are children in need of quiet time. Luckily, no one here makes us do that! So, we run wild with our imaginations and sugar cookies!!

    Kalvin! I hope you’re right! The first guy I dated in San Francisco once told me that this City either “accepts” you or “spits” you out. I seem to be having trouble finding a job that wants me, but other than that — I am in love with The City By The Bay! And, thank you! I am most proud of my face cookie! LOL! It is the same cartoon I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. A sort of variation on charlie brown, I guess. I’ve no comment regarding the menstrating ghost except to say that it had to be created! It just had to be done!

  10. ing replied:

    I can’t wait to smoke rose petals! I did that once with ginab, and though we never did solve the crisis in The Middle East, we managed to have some good falafel.

    This city is really great. If anyone is “spit out,” it has more to do with the cost of living than anything else. I somehow manage to fit shoes into the budget, though. Matty, you were made for this city. It was not, as legend would have it, built on rock n’ roll. It was built on you and B.

    By the way, thanks for choosing a guy with whom I can share my Martha goodness!

  11. no milk replied:

    the cookies look wonderful and yummy, especially the one with the spooge πŸ˜‰

    wishing you the best for the coming year!!!

  12. matty replied:

    Ing — I suspect we will solve the crisis in the Middle East when we “do” B’s hooka. I suspect we shall solve many world issues. No, I do not expect to be spit out by The City. In fact, The City continues to demand that I evolve and continue my journey toward personal happiness. Tho, it is does get a bit rough traveling — I can see that The City is leading me somewhere good. And that good is here in The City. I forgot what I wanted to say. Oh well. Oh, I remember — I do think that The City was built on Rock and Roll but that is a whole other posting is it not?

    B is fucking awesome! He chose me! Yay!

    No Milk – Thank you! Yes, spooge cookies are fantastic. However, one needs to be cautious that you don’t get one designed for smegma. Actually, I am not even sure how to spell that. But, I would not eat an Xmas cookie that indicated smegma. No. I draw the line!

  13. Old Cheeser replied:

    Well, a little belated but … what FABULOUS cookies!! The breasts / dick one is the best of course, a truly inspired creation. Your boyfriend is very creative. Perhaps I should have persuaded my Mum to have made something like that this year … mmmm …

    And I’m sure you enjoyed the Liz Taylor / Richard Burton box-set, you camp queen, you! Good stuff!

    Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!!

    OC xx

  14. matty replied:

    Old Cheeser! Thanks! Yes, he is quite creative and just a bit pervy! LOL!

    Ah, I am so loving the Liz/Dick movies! Just wish they had found a way to put BOOM in this collection! Maybe there will be TRUE trash collection coming our way soon!!! Yay!!!

  15. Lubin replied:

    Your friend looks like she’s very talented to get her leg so high up. I forsee a dazzling career.

  16. matty replied:

    Lubin – Yes! Ing is a talented artist, cookie maker and all around Perfect Person! She is also an accomplished dancer of some note in the salsa dancing community!! In short, Ms. Ing totally rocks!

  17. Me replied:

    Damn, I should have made cookies with you. My snowflakes pale in comparison.
    The shoes! I’m dying for Ing’s shoes. No, make that I’m dying for the ability to walk in Ing’s shoes.
    Rose petals and Peach leaves? You two are so gay. πŸ˜‰

  18. ing replied:

    Yes, one need only look at the art on the apartment walls & there’s no doubt. You should see the Christmas ornaments! Fairies, fuzzy pink balls, a Barbra ornament. . .

    How’s the job search going, Mattyfriend? I hope well. I’m off to kickboxing class.

  19. matty replied:

    My Gorgeous Ing! I’ve applied to 12 jobs. But, none today. Slim pickin’s as it is the last Friday of 2006. So, will have to resume after the holiday! I was just about to call you to see if ya wanted to meet up but I guess your kick boxin’ away. So, I will be in touch on the morrow!


  20. matty replied:

    Lovely Meredith! You can make cookies with us ANYTIME!!! Just call and then come on over!

    Ing can most def. move in those shoes and they are spectacular! She was running up and down the hilly streets of SF with us that night! Much fun!

    And, yes — I don’t think many people are more gay than me. I mean that in the coolest and best of ways!!!

  21. Topher replied:

    Now, I know what I’ll be having with that tea when I do visit.. Or hot cocoa, either one would work. I’d have to say those are impressive looking cookies you guys made, I don’t think I’d want to eat it though. Just put it up on display or something, and giggle whenever I see them

  22. matty replied:

    Kris – Whenever you come over for tea I shall serve you something better than xmas cookies! However, these were quite tasty. Tho, they would have been better with chocolate chips or something. I guess one can’t do that with sugar cookies. …except for two — they are all gone now. Eaten.

  23. Me replied:

    A Barbra ornament!? Eek!

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