I arrived at my mailbox this morning to discover two packages for me. They were both holiday gifts but neither listed who they were from. I wish I knew so I could thank the right person! But, I don’t unless they tell me. So, this is a big thank you to the person who wrote, “Thanks for making me laugh! Happy Christmas! Enjoy some hot butt!”

…I so adore this magazine and only discovered it about a year ago so I’m all excited to have this book!!!! Can’t wait to start reading it! Yay! I love the fact that the gay porn used is of “real” men and not some marketing proto-type of what men should look like. It’s, like, actually sexy! And, the writing is actually damn good! …what other magazine offers up an interesting interview with Mr. Edmund White — and then provides us with candid photos of him exploring his foot fetish. God bless ’em!

The other package was smaller but contained a DVD of a movie I love! …THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK. I always loved the way this movie looked and enjoyed the over-the-top performances of it’s actors. …even tho George Miller and Jon Peters totally trashed John Updike’s book — the movie was so cool this failed to even bother me too much. I just pretend it has no relation to Updike’s work. Tho, truth be told, I am not a big Updike fan anyway. I also love this film because it is the only movie I’ve ever seen where each of the three female leads’ hair gets bigger with each passing scene. At the start Cher, Michelle and Susan all have flat/lifeless hair — but with each scene their hair gets brighter and bigger. …Until by the film’s end they are each sporting the biggest 80’s hair one can even imagine. Anyway, there was tiny card upon which someone wrote, “Hang in there and enjoy the holidays” So sweet! Thank you!!!

Oh, and can I just say that I am somehow addicted to that new song by Gwen Stefani in which she samples the yodel song from THE SOUND OF MUSIC? I refuse to be ashamed. It is odd. It is sounds too much like “Holler back Girrrrl” …but, I seem to love it. Who would have thought of merging Julie Andrews with hip hop flava?!?!?! You have to give props for just having the idea. …I guess. I wonder how Julie feels.

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  1. Lubin replied:

    I just got a copy of the Butt Book last weekend. I’ve only read up to the interview with Julian (the guy on the front cover). I like that it has no advertising and it doesn’t seem to dictate how to be “gay” in the same was as so many other gay magazines.

    But I always want to wash my hands after reading it 🙂 Out damned Butt!

  2. Me replied:

    Matty, darlin, please don’t use this picture again. White sneakers and his ass on the restaurant prep table!? Eating in restaurants is the the main thing I look forward to when I get off this rock. Please don’t wreck it with this vision. Very unhygenic. ick.
    Twas not I who sent the package (no Butt magazines to be had in the hinterland) but i did finally put your birthday package in the mail this afternoon. Now it’s a birthday/xmas gift.
    xo m

  3. matty replied:

    Lubin! LOL! Oh, come on! A little butt is a good thing! Yeah, I love that about the magazine. I was surpised that they chose that cover to go on their book. I don’t think it their best, but I do like that shot.

    Lovely Meredith! I’ve missed you! I’m sorry! However, being naked on a prep table with the right person can be quite rewarding! …and as they are steel — you can clean it up quite nicely! …I feel so loved! And, bad! I can’t send anyone anything right now! …some day you and Mr. D are going to receive a nice gift from Gaytown from moi!

  4. ing replied:

    Ahh, tables. Remember the scene in The Postman Always Rings Twice, the one with Jack and Jessica? Ooh la la!

    My upstairs neighbor wants me to have a date for New Year’s Eve so I can double with her. I don’t think I can manage it! Tall order, and you never spend New Year’s Eve with someone you just met!

    I just salsa’d my ass off. Time for bed.

  5. matty replied:

    Ing — Ah, yes. How many hot fantasies sprang from that cinematic moment!?!? Lots and lots for me! I hate my phone. I kept trying to call you last night but it just would not give me reception. Ugh! …I’d agree on the blind date thing for New Year’s Eve. …now, that’s a gamble on an evening that normally bums me out anyway. New Years Eve always seems to leave me kind of sad. …Even if I’m at a party I feel like there is some great joke that I can’t seem to understand. …and, then, there is that song and the reminder that I’m older than a year before.

    …And, I THINK I’m a pretty “up” person.


    Had a blast with my cousins! Am up bright and early to brave the misting rain to show them the Golden Gate and then the wharf. …then they have to leave for the airport by noon. I hope I don’t get us lost. They want to use their rental car. Oh boy.

    I can get just about anywhere on MUNI/BART but when you put me in a car I haven’t a clue. Sad.

  6. hot-lunch replied:

    when i drive around, i occasionally like to yell out in my car, “Wind It Up!!!” even if the song isn’t on the radio…

    although, it pales in comparison to Fergalicious, in my humble opinion…

  7. matty replied:

    Hot Lunch — That is too funny! Fergalicious. ….Is that the girl who sings with that group, Black Eye’d Peas — Let’s Get It Started???

    wow — i so losing touch with pop culture.

    old? is that what they call it?

  8. Old Cheeser replied:

    I enjoyed “Witches of Eastwick”. Although it gets a bit silly at the end, Cher, Susan S and Michelle P are all great. And look fabulous, including the big hair. I also liked Veronica Cartwright as Felicia, the local town prude and the bit where she starts spewing cherry sticks is horrid!

    There’s some good humour too, like the scene where Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson)tells Alex (Cher) he wantst to f*ck her. She refuses and proceeds to belittle him every which way, listing all the things she dislikes about him, after which he says: “I was just wondering … do you prefer being on top or bottom?”

    I actually liked John Updike’s novel but it’s nothing like the film. For starters it’s not clearly stipulated in the book that Daryl is actually the devil. The film did sensationalise things more but it’s still entertaining enough, if rather “mainstream”.

  9. matty replied:

    Old Cheeser — Yes! Veronic Cartwright rocks!

  10. Kalvin replied:

    I am so in love with BUTT. Truly wonderful. I couldn’t agree more with your analysis, and that’s what makes it so special.

  11. matty replied:

    Kalvin — BUTT just rules. …in so many ways. (joke drum thump)

  12. The Persian replied:

    I want that book!! I’ve never heard of it.

    I despise Gwen Stefani, and the fact that she stole Gavin from me has nothing to do with it!! *wink*


  13. matty replied:

    The Persian — Yes! You must get the book and subscribe to the magazine! It is so cool!

    …and, I’m sure you could get Gavin if you want him. He has always been known to swing both ways. Boy George anyone?!?! LOL! Seriously. Is that a real marriage??!!?!?

    Wind it up! Back it Up! Back it Up! You got it! You got it!
    (and, now, yodel)

  14. Matt replied:

    Maybe I’m such a hopeless nerd. I find BUTT very readable because of the writing. Okay, I confess, I like the pictures a lot too–probably because I’ve seen enough of the All-American, Greek god, able-bodied, porn-star-built, chiseled bodied type of guys and I get really bored. BUTT delivers a sense of reality and I just enjoy reading it. Think I have to go grab the BUTT book…..

    By the way, what have you been up to?

  15. matty03 replied:

    Matt! You ARE NOT a nerd! Quite the contrary! And, yes, you need this book! Get it! Quick! Run!

    …just sent ya an email.

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