where do i get the extended club mix? …you know, this could be a hit!

November 30, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ginab replied:

    Man am I happy Rumsfeld has been shut-upPED.

    Interesting someone should capture Barbara when she erm I think was heckled for her skit with “bush”. A quick thinker. Still, I cannot believe it wasn’t you Matty to capture her, and then you won’t see her live! Oops!

    I want to take your doctor’s advice! I have a cold again because of a chill rain that fell and soaked me through last night. A bigger storm is on its way. I think by Sunday it should be clear. Until then…I need to find my snow and ice boots!


  2. Chris Capp replied:

    This is brilliant! Pee-in-your-pants funny. I especially like, “Give him his money back.” So dismissive! I didn’t know anybody captured that Babs tirade.

    I heard she set venue records for gross receipts at all but two shows this year … and those two were at venues where she already had the record!

    Feel better.

    – C.

  3. matty replied:

    Gina — If only I were such a quick thinker! …but, I do think this could be a fun novelty hit. She should go for it! Feel better! Cuddle up and stay warm and dry!

    Chris! LOL! It gave me a good laugh, too! I love my Babs! …and, now she is techno-enhanced! Yeah, CNN said she beat all records — just as you said. I guess she and The Stones were the Hot Tix for the year. …and, I do believe they are all senior citizens. Interesting.

  4. Old Cheeser replied:

    Hilarious!! I think Barbra should release it as her new single. Although I can’t quite see it sitting on a Greatest Hits collection alongside “Evergreen” and “People”.

    Still it’s about time that Babs got with it, and I could actually see her doing a duet with someone like Kelis next. This would surely make her Ghetto-Barbra and enhance her street cred massively.

  5. matty replied:

    Old Cheeser! Yes! Let’s get Babs to go all Ghetto Fabulous on our asses! …bring her into the naughty naughts! …and, put those Bushies in their place all at once!

  6. Vince replied:

    The one Barbara song I really like.

  7. Old Cheeser replied:

    Matt – yes I think it’s about time Bab’s look got a makeover. I can just see her in a sequinned tracksuit with lots of bling (jewellery in case you didn’t know), popping lots of hand gestures and hanging with her home boys and gals. And the home gays of course. And I reckon she should get her hair re-styled back in the big perm she favoured so much in the ’70s. It would compliment her outfit tremendously.

  8. matty replied:

    Vince — See? She sings something for everyone at one time or another! LOL!

    Old Cheeser! Thank you! I’ve been saying this forever! She would fit right in with Ms. Mary J. Blige — her nails would be fully accepted and appreciated. And, the perm! Yeah! I thought she looked better as a Focker than she has looked in years and that was totally the A Star Is Born look of yore! Babs should get all crunk’d up in it! ….at 65.

  9. The Persian replied:

    That was brilliant!!

    I ADORE your new blog profile picture. 🙂

    *Persian hugs*

  10. ing replied:

    Happy Birthday to you-know-who!!!! You did a splendid job hosting last night, and I’m sure everyone was impressed with how you pulled it off. Me, especially, as I had the secret knowledge that you were sick. You looked so cute in those glasses, and I can’t believe how good B looked in that ridiculous hat — some people!

    I’m a stressball tonight. I may post about it later, if I can get my article to not suck (right now, it’s sucking hard).

  11. matty replied:

    The Persian! Isn’t that funny and cool! Love it! A big hug right back to your cute self!

    Thank you! …Ing captured me in mid-flight!

    Ing – Aw, thanks! But, I couldn’t have got it off the ground without you! Actually, you threw the pary. I just stood near you — and, leaned. Oy. I forgot I was wearing my silly comfortable glasses. Tho, I do see better with them — at the time I got them the prescription was too strong and I couldn’t wear them — now — some 5 years later I see better with them than my others. Time for new glasses!

    …and, yeah, didn’t B look cute in his silly hat?!!?!?

    Sorry you had such a stress filled day. B was kind of down. He is going back to Canada this week for several days. Sad stuff.

  12. ing replied:

    Well, I really really hope B is taking care of himself. He’s a sweet guy, and I love seeing you two together. You complement one another, you with your energy and sparkle, and B with his cool sense of style & sophistication (I think). It’s very inspiring.

    I did not throw the party. And I love being in the kitchen, if I have company. That’s fun for me. I know you’re not interested in cooking, but I enjoy cooking with you and B. It’s fun to order people around, and to frost things as perfectly as possible.

  13. matty replied:

    Ing – Frosting! Yummmy!

  14. ing replied:




    I’m off to see Mr. Daltrey tomorrow. If I’m not too a-scared, I’ll ask for his autograph & pass it along.

  15. Tami DeTruth replied:

    Happy Birthday Matt.

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