No Pity Party. If anything I guess I need a Learn Some Common Sense Rally. However, I am about to “whine” a bit.

OK. So, I didn’t feel 100% yesterday or last night. I felt tired, rather run down and somehow “off” but I was able to eat a sandwich and had even had a cookie. And, while I was tired — I was not sleepy. Actually, I was bored. I always know I’m sick when I don’t mind being at home looking at the TV or off into space. So, I was ready to roll to work today. I woke up. I still felt the same as yesterday but I’m tough. So, I ate a bit of oatmeal. I just wasn’t hungry for the whole cup. I walked to the my MUNI stop (Castro) and was starting to feel sort of “queasy”

Now, over the years I’ve been sick on public transit more times than I care to mention. This is mainly because I tend to push myself forward and refuse to give in to being sick unless I absolutely have to do so. This is what happens when your father was a hypochondriac. I constantly worry that I will wake up one morning and be like that. So, I do my best to forge on! Not always too smart. In my 20’s this served me well. And, it also did the trick thru most of my 30’s. I’m in good shape, but I guess the body changes as you get older. Anyway, my forging ahead has been catching up with me this last two years and I’ve ended up making myself more sick than if I had just laid down and taken it easy for two days.

Well, this morning I was feeling more and more “off” as the MUNI rolled toward my stop for the office (Powell) …by the time we reached Civic Center I had the distinct feeling I was going to be able to go to work today. This really sucks as I do not get paid for time out and I used up my vaca time when I visited my mother in Texas. But, I stood up to change trains and head home. …and, that was when I knew I was about to pass out.

Yep. I didn’t tho. I sat down and put my head between my knees and thought of all things bright and happy in an attempt to not fall on the oh-so-not-clean-MUNI-subway car.

I called my doctor. I saw my doctor at his other office.

I got a big lecture. I am no longer contagious. Actually, I’m not really “sick” — I’m dehydrated, need nourishment and some rest. Then I will be fine. He told me to eat solid foods and drink lots of water yesterday to build up strength for today. I guess I didn’t do enough of either. And, when one doesn’t feel up to par one should take more time to access the situation before jumping on public transit. So, I’ve been sent home. I’m to drink water. Lots of water. I am to eat food. Lots of food. And, take it easy. I don’t have to be in bed but I should not be out and about for another day or so. He wants me to stay home tomorrow. No work. Which means I shall be missing a week’s pay. So sucks.

Anyway, so it goes.

I’m fine. Oh, and I guess Diet Coke with ice does not count as water.

And the doctor said as I left his office: “Look, you may not look 40 but you’re not a kid. Take better care of yourself and listen to your body when it is telling you it is not well. Kids can do that. You can’t anymore. You are not a hypochondriac. In fact, you take it too far in the other direction. You’ll be fine tomorrow, but take it easy.”

oy. On top of all this, my cell phone does not get ANY reception at my home. I have no phone. I have to walk approx a block to get cell reception. This is a pain in my ass. And the worst thing of all is that this weekend is B’s birthday and I’ve planned a big party for him. The doctor promised me that I am no longer contagious — and, if I listen and follow his guidance, I will be fine come tomorrow and the party will be just fine. He just wants me to take it easy. And no dancing on table tops this weekend. …and, no drinking. I don’t drink but I have been known to dance on table tops. Guess not this weekend, tho.

However, still worried that I could turn into my father who obsessed on every little part of his body and bodily functions — and, as I am stuck here with nothing to do — I just found an online test and it seems to agree with my doctor! I guess my perspective just needs to change. The test grades from “0” to “100” — “100” meaning you’re a complete hypochondriac. hmmmm….

Results of “The Test”
How much of a hypochondriac are you?
Your score = 15 (Very Low)

What does your score mean?
According to your answers, you don’t generally obsess about your health or overreact to commonplace symptoms and ailments. Your physical well-being may very well be important to you (as it should be) but you know that distressing excessively about it won’t protect you from health trouble – if it comes, you’ll handle in then. Why waste your time worrying? As a result of your attitude, you’re able to stay relatively calm and collected when you’re feeling a little “off”. As long as you put in the necessary effort to maintain a healthy body, your perspective is serving you well.

So, it is laying about, drinking fluids, eating food, surfing the net and watching DVD’s for me today (and tomorrow) …I’d rather forge forward…

November 30, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Brookelina replied:

    I have the flu. I spent yesterday watching Animal Planet and drinking apple juice.

    Wish you were here!

  2. matty replied:

    Oh, I’m sorry your sick!

    If I were there we could watch Dr. Phil or Judge Judy after some animal planet.

    know what’s sad — I’m, like, in house arrest and we just got rid of cable a week ago.

    …there is no TV — just DVD’s. …and, I’m bored of my own design.

  3. joe replied:

    oh Matty, whatever you had, you gave it to me. I’ve been out for a few hours and then back in bed for a few hours every day this week. Coughing, sneezing… blah. Good thing though, this cold came in handy to cut my date short yesterday!

    get rehydrated soon!

  4. matty replied:

    Oh Joe! Well, stay warm and drink LOTS of water!! Lots of it! Apparently Diet Coke doesn’t count. I have learned that the hard way. …several times.

    Feel better!!!

    Still want to hear about what came of the date. Was it just canceled?

  5. no milk replied:

    i stopped dancing on tables after some queen told me my outfit was so 80s. I was shirtless at the time. 😦

  6. matty replied:

    No Milk! Don’t let some mean old thing ruin your fun! I am sure you looked fantastic and sexy! Clear the table, strip off that shirt and dance your heart away! Dance!

  7. Sorted Lives replied:

    I hope you are feeling better. That hot little body has to be in perfect shape for the party. Priorities, Priorities… Have a great weekend!

  8. Old Cheeser replied:

    Well, as I said, it’s the time of the year. Oh, and the fact that you have been overdoing it somewhat. So stop pushing yourself, chill and take it easy and you’ll be in tip-top health by Xmas, I’m sure Matty boy!!

  9. matty replied:

    Sorted Lives — LOL! Far from “hot” but I’m workin’ it the best I can! My pal is late to help me get it all pulled together in terms of decoration and food presentaiton! Noooooo! …actually, she isn’t really late. I think we said between 2:30 and 3pm, but I’m nervous! LOL! …and, tired.

    Old Cheeser — Yes! I plan on chilling as much as I can for the rest of the weekend. Tho, tomorrow is B’s real and true Bday and we will have to do some celebratin’!

  10. Kalvin replied:

    BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. And happy birthday to B. I haven’t been sick yet myself. Well, good thing that new sick leave thing passed in SF, so maybe next year things could be better. I hope you feel much better soon!

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