Well, not really. But, I am off to Texas to see my mother for the first time in over 2 years. She asked me to have my cell on when I arrive in Houston because she is worried she will not recognize me. I haven’t been to Texas since 1999. Turning 40 in the place where I was born. Hmmmm… Well, it should be interesting. I also think I’m getting a cold. Ugh.

Anyway, I’ve decided to not bring my iBook. So, I shall not have access to the Internet for about a week. No blogging. No email. It will be odd.

But, I shall be back!

Kissses from GayTown and a hug enroute to The Bible Belt!

November 7, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Kalvin replied:

    WOW! Good luck. And I can’t believe you are turning 40! Hope that Texas is kind.

  2. drc replied:

    Have a safe trip and an awesome Birthday!!!

  3. Matt replied:

    Happy Birthday Matt. Have a safe trip. 🙂

    We have to hang out after you get back. I just returned yesterday myself.

  4. Topher replied:

    Have a great birthday Matt! It must be nice to get to see her again inspite of.. Have a safe trip and hope to see ya later this month 😀

  5. ing replied:

    Happiest of birthdays! 40 isn’t that old, not at all. I’m sorry my birthday present was so boring — I hope to find something cool before Xmas, and I promise it won’t be extravagant, just (hopefully) really really cool.

    Since you’ll have your cell, I’ll call you. Please don’t forget the ambrosia recipe.

  6. Brookelina replied:

    From gaytown to the bible belt. A lesson in dangerous travel.

    Be safe! And happy day!

  7. Metalchick replied:

    Hi Matt,
    Have a safe trip!

    Come visit my blog when you get back!

  8. ginab replied:

    well I’ll be selfish and admit a big fat relief that by the time you return my wee packaged acknolwedgement of you “turning” will have arrived!

    Two years isn’t that long. Believe me. And believe Ing: 40 isn’t a big deal.

    happy be day Matty, and I hope the trip to the b-belt was restorative for you. I hope the skies were big.


  9. ing replied:

    Yay, I can’t wait to talk to you! Are you glad you don’t live in Texas? Have you been to any rodeos or saloons? Do the men wear belts with large buckles?

  10. ing replied:

    Okay, you called me first, and I heard this:

    “Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay.”

    Hurry back! I want to TALK! I hope you kept in mind that you matter to a lot of people because you are the best of the best of the best of the best. I know, we all say that on this blogger thing. But I happen to know this and think it all the time.
    Because you, Matty, are you, you’ve made everything that was once flat into the Alps for me and for other people, too. So I’m glad you’re forty and healthy. I will need someone to feed me with a spoon in a few years. Perhaps this is a selfish thought. But you’re vital. You make me smile!

    Please don’t be mad that I decided to work in lieu of visiting my parents in December. Maybe I’ll shoot for January?

  11. Me replied:

    alright, I tried to post something wildly witty about Goldfrapp and sparkley chaps and Marlboro men without the Marlboros but Blogger seems to want to keep me in limbo and is making it impossible to post comments, especially on my own blog.
    Anyway, sweety, you have fun (or something that comes close to it anyway) with your mom. I’m packing up a present for you right now.
    xo m

  12. matt replied:

    Hey Kids! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Will be posting up something soon!

    Kalvin – I can’t believe I turned 40 either. Aside from one hysterical fit in which I destroyed some bible store I was fine.

    drc – thanks!!!

    matt — yes!!! I’ll be calling you soon!

    topher – yeah, it was nice to see her and to talk. same here!!!!

    Brooke – You said it, baby! LOL! It really is the bible belt — I forget that till I am there. But, back I am!

    metalchick! I shall be over there soon!!!

    Lovely Meredith! Oh! A pox to Blogger for not letting you post that witty comment of Goldfrapp and cowboys! I attempted to turn many on to the charms and magik of Goldfrapp but the hats and belt buckles seemed to get in the way. Still, I put on the headset when I needed to escape! You didn’t need to do that, but I can’t wait!!!

    Gina! How do you do that?!?!? I love what you wrote! I love the idea of big skies. I fear I didn’t look up much. My eyes were more to the ground and amazed by the ch-ch-ch-changes and the oddly unchanged of my hometown. But, yeah, I guess 40 is not such a big deal. I am still in process mode, tho.

    Ing! Ing! Ing! Ing! Ing! I’ll be callilng you soon! Or, you can call me!!! I was unable to really speak when we “connected” via my cell. However, you got the idea. LOL! No, I think that is a good idea as long as you feel good about it! Missed you!! Looks like it is going to be me and you for Turkey Day but I’ve some fun suggestions! Oh, and I got the ambrosia reciepe!!!

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