…The Sequel That Must Happen!
I’ve been thinking about this long and hard. I feel it is time to share the idea/concept with 80’s Cinematic Wonder, John Hughes. However, I’ve no way of actually contacting him. So, I feel it best to share with you, my dear friends! So, we all know that they met just once but it changed their lives forever. …and it gave pop culture The Brat Pack! Well, the Brat Pack kids are all pushing 40 and are in dire need of work. So, in addition to providing us with possible entertainment we would be putting Ally, Judd, Emilio, Michael and Molly back to work on the big screen. Yes, kids. I propose a sequel to THE BREAKFAST CLUB. It’s been almost 22 years.
The time has come.

I present my suggestion in the form of a pseudo-outline-outline. Certainly there is room for tweaking and improvements. And, we have to remember — this film will be aimed at the 34 to 44 year old demographic that made this film a hit back in the day. Further, I suggest we search thru the discarded tracks of Simple Minds circa 1983 and pick one to be the theme song. Or, maybe have Mary J. Blige and Missy E do a new cover of the old “Don’t You Forget About Me Song” —- but, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is my outline for THE DINNER CLUB — yes, they are meeting once more — 23 years later!!!

Andy has been serving as the coach at Shermer high school. He is still kind of hot, but carries a bit more weight than one expect. Principal Vernon has died — which makes it easier since the actor who originally played him died last year. Anyway, this serves as the catalyst to get everyone together for dinner. As it turns out Claire has stayed quite close to Allison (who has become a top Chicago lawyer and remains pals with Andy and his wife!) …But, Claire moved away to Connecticut when she was accepted to Yale University. She married her lit professor and the marriage has just ended in a very ugly divorce. Allison wants to comfort poor Claire. However, Claire becomes interested in the reunion when she finds out that Andy was able to locate Brian (a very successful computer programmer in California) — and Brian (of all people!) has stayed in touch with John Bender!!! And, John, has agreed to meet up with everyone for dinner the night before Principal Vernon’s funeral. The goal — to compose a note for Vernon that one of the Breakfast Club will leave in his casket. Claire immediately hopes to rekindle the romance with John that never was!

Everyone but Brian and John arrive at the expensive restaurant first. Much catching up and surprisingly little has changed. Essentially this will be The Breakfast Club at forty. Claire, Andy and Allison all discuss just how gay Brian must be by now. Andy whispers that he sounds really “faggy” on the phone but is totally loaded! Much teasing to Allison who is quite wealthy herself but still hopelessly single. …Sadly, we discover she just bought a cat. The cat’s name is Oliver. Turns out Andy still wants to poke her. …And, he will mid-way thru the film but both will agree it is a one time thing. This will be dealt with during the group therapy scene and it will sort of make you want to cry but not before Brian makes you (and the rest of the cast) laugh.

Claire no longer speaks to her family and is contemplating plastic surgery. Her husband left her for a hot young student.…just like she used to be. To make herself feel better, Claire dresses like a real slut. As it turns out there was a bit of a pudgy girl in there after all. This will all be addressed during the mandatory group therapy scene. She will cry and kick someone. John is the most likely target. Allison tells Andy of Claire’s desire to get it on with John. Turns out John has done quite well for himself in Arizona where he started his own landscaping business. John? Who knew?

John and Brian arrive. Brian, no longer the geek, is handsome, thin and in-shape. He is married with 4 children. There is a great deal of build up regarding John and Claire but we soon discover that John is in a very happy 12 year relationship. …with another man. Brian lets this cat out of the bag. Claire is crushed. But, all takes a turn for the comic and edgy ways of the original film when John breaks out a bag of Tina — and the whole crew does a bit of meth.

Like the magic weed of 1985 — the meth gives our team incredible powers which lead to dancing thru the stuffy restaurant, highjinx in the kitchen and Andy manages to break all the wine glasses at the bar when he lets out a drug induced cry that he loves everyone. In a moment of confusion John and Claire make out. John reveals he still has the earring she gave him years back. But, it is no use. John is queer and married to Billy back in Arizona. Claire and Allison began to sing “Johnny, Are You Queer?” to Mr. Bender who blushes but enjoys the attention. Group therapy soon comes up with everyone confessing their darkest fears and secrets. But, all ends well. Demi Moore and Rob Lowe show up in cameos as wait staff. The film ends with Brian reading the note which Bender and Claire have slipped into Vernon’s lapel while the rest wait in the funeral home parking lot.

I don’t know about you all, but I think this has hit written all over it! Come on! Let’s bring The Brat Pack back!!!!

…maybe Goldfrapp can re-record “Don’t You Forget About Me” for the film. Hmmmmm…

John Hughes? Can you hear me?????

October 17, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Kalvin replied:

    this sounds scary, very scary…like a my dinner with andre, but the people actually have a normal conversation

  2. Sorted Lives replied:

    That was cute — I have often wondered what happened to the group — thanks for sharing

  3. jungle jane replied:

    yes well that’s all very nice matty, but pray tell me…who is going to play Jungle Jane and how will the group feel?? eh?

  4. ing replied:

    I will give it some thought and a sizeable share of the profits, if I can get Rob and Demi.

    –Mr. Hughes

  5. meno replied:

    Thanks for the laugh.
    I am waiting for The Dessert Club to come out now, wherin they all move into the same assisted living facility and take over the library.

  6. Me replied:

    I love it. The breakfast club on the downward slide to middle age. The poster could read: “If you thought they were jaded and disillusioned then, SEE them now.”
    The meth is a nice touch too. John Hughes just called, he’s frantic to meet you. I told him to keep his eyes peeled for the guy with the Hello Kitty tattoo and the fabulous shoes.

  7. matt replied:

    Kalvin – Oh, I loved MY DINNER WITH ANDRE! Yes! It could be like that only less witty and with aging Brat Packers!

    Sorted Lives – LOL! You’re most welcome! I do so love your profile picture!

    Jungle Jane – My hero!!! Well, I don’t think there is really anyone who could play you and do you justice. It would have to be the perfect mix of the cerebral/the erotic/the fun and the beauty. Yes. I think you will have to play yourself!

    Ing — Did John Hughes really have you send me that message!?!?!

    Meno! Yes! That would be awesome!!! A sort of Cocoon — only more painful!

    Loveley Meredith!!! Thank you!!! Oh, I do hope he recognizes me. As we know, my Hello Kitty tat is well hidden and strategically placed!

  8. Karyn replied:

    Goddammit Matt, don’t you EVER say anything like “it was almost 22 years ago” again. That is a RECENT film, I’m SURE of it.

    Sigh. No? *sob*

    Back in the day, I had a haircut and an entire outfit (albeit in a different hue) based on Claire’s ensemble.

    And why did you make John gay?! I’d still do him.

  9. matt replied:

    Karyn — I’m sorry. But, if it makes you feel any better — I believe I am at least 5 years older than you! I turn 40 next month! AHHHHHH! Anyway, I figure that, based on my exprience, someone from every high school club turns out to be gay — and it usually is either really obvious or not. As, I too, would like to have bagged Judd Nelson — I opted to make him gay. In fact, he was so obsessed with anti-gay humor that I am sure he would be gay as an adult. Just works out. …if one does the math. No?

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