It is interesting — the things we survive as we make our way through life. In fact, it is a bit amazing. It seems that some of the most horrific, difficult and unimaginable might leave some residue on our souls — cause a bit of damage. Harm. Scars.

And yet, there is a certain strength to be gained for getting through these horrors of life. Horrors normally caused by another soul who was already damaged in some hideous way. Or, souls.

That old cliche of a saying — what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

It is also of interest that it can be a rather minor or simple act which can make all the difference. Rather, that can potentially break us. It doesn’t always have to be inflicted out of malice or be all that horrible from a safe distance. It can be an accident or even some self-infliction we may not even realize we have caused.

So, we travel our lives never knowing what might come next. Or, how what is headed in our path might end up impacting the journeys or our souls.

It is interesting what we can survive and what can destroy us. To go through so much and then to simply slip on a slick bump in the pavement — and not survive that little fall. It is interesting.

…And, it is quite sad.

I am thinking of someone tonight. A brave soul who won so many battles, fought to survive through so much evil and then lost when a shoe didn’t quite fit. I think of this person and send love. I am sure this soul has taken flight to some other journey far more exciting than the one offered on this wave of existence.

Maybe it isn’t quite so sad after all. Maybe it is just the way of things. The way of life.

…the way we go.

October 15, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    Life. Why can’t it be NORMAL and EASY? Why can’t events unfold in a way that’s predictable? I really do think there’s something behind all these trials, because it seems like when life is going smoothly and things are starting to finally look up, THAT’S when something you wouldn’t expect in your wildest dreams, something unthinkable, happens. The universe doesn’t want us to be satisfied.

    The only solace left is a hot bath. I’ll know the universe hates me if I wind up having to live in a place that has no bathtub.

  2. meno replied:

    “it can be a rather minor or simple act which can make all the difference…that can potentially break us.”
    Not to be all Pollyanna about it, but it can also be a minor or simple act which heals.

  3. Tim replied:

    It’s true that sometimes the big things are easier to handle than the little things. Especially in relationships; it’s the little things which can slowly erode a relationship, be it friendship or love. But often love. It’s the little things that drive you slowly insane with rage; the big things make you boil over momentarily, but then they pass and you get over them. The little things build up. And up. And up.

    Anyway, that’s slightly out of context. Sorry.

  4. ing replied:

    Wow, I didn’t mean to be self-indulgent or morbid. It’s so true that the big things are easier to deal with than the little things. Because when something BIG happens, there’s help in the form of sympathy. People write books about the big things & others fill in.

    The little things, though, are (I think) symptoms of a really big thing, a scary thing, and that’s why they bug us so much. We get angry or mad or scared about the little things because we can’t face the big one that might be coming.

    The only way is to face the fear and to name the big thing and talk acknowledge it before it takes over. That’s not to say it won’t — it might. But I wonder if it’s best to name it, to say this is what I’m ultimately afraid of, and to face it with someone else instead of facing it alone, when it’s gotten too far out of hand.

    And to take a bath. Do you take baths, Matty, or are you a shower guy? Because I mean it — a bath can fix a lot of things. So can yoga, by the way. . .

  5. joe replied:

    I’m not into baths, though having one, once in awhile, can be pleasant.

    I’d say whatever makes it good, to get you the next day, as long as it makes you stronger. whether something is small or big, I think it’s important to try to take it, and use it to make yourself a better man.


  6. Dessie replied:

    Couldn’t choose between the shower or the bath… Hey Jupiter, nothing’s been the same… so are you gay, are you blue…

  7. matt replied:

    Ing — Yes, hot baths are so very important. Diet Coke matters too.

    Meno – I think you’re correct. In this case, tho — it was the other way around. Bummer.

    Tim – Amen to that, baby!

    Maybe it is the struggle that gives us energy. Huh?

    Ing — yes, baths! I want one right now but Amy Sedaris warns that baths calm and showers wake us up and I am almost late for the Disco Desk! But, I’m armed with a Diet Coke!

    Joe — I like that. We should get together and create a song!!! I do agree!

    Dessie – …so, let me tell ya somethin’ about Amerrrrriiiiika. Oh, and I suggest a shower for the morning and a bath for the evening. As of late I’ve been far too lazy and important to clean the tub to take a bath, tho. Maybe tonight.

  8. Dessie replied:

    Ing, if you get into the Secret Service please could you have them wipe out my tax bills? xx

  9. matt replied:

    Ing! You know what Dessie wrote? Ditto for me!

    …I’m listening to Goldfrapp’s “We Are Glitter” — And, you know what? …We are!!!!! Yay!

  10. Kalvin replied:

    I hope that things are going better…it sounds serious.

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