It is always fun when a friend offers you a housewarming gift. Ing gave me one of the nicest I’ve ever received when she presented B & me with the awe-inspiring antlers. …So cool. So decadent. So very Goldfrapp. Anyway, imagine my surprise when she presented us with a SECOND gift — the new coffee table book of receipes (sp????), party hosting tips and arts-n-crafts by Amy Sedaris!!! Yay! It opens with three letters in which the reader must insert his/her name. I inserted mine and discovered that Ms. Sedaris likes me. I mean, she really likes me. I’ve read some of the book to B, who hasn’t been feeling well. We’re getting many laughs and learning quite a lot from Amy. Essentially, this book is designed to bring back the seemingly lost art of entertaining friends and allowing friends to entertain you. As Sedaris notes, her methods may not be traditional, expected or even legal — but they work!! It is filled with yummy looking foods and ideas. I highly recommend it! And, the pictures are great! My fave shot is of Amy posed elegantly as if stuck in the year 1960 — with a bong in her hand. Pure magic! And, the brownies look really good. She also offers tips for choosing the appropriate hair cut to fit your head and neck as well as well planned creative ideas for panty hose. I think Amy Sedaris may have a small fetish for panty hose and I’m not sure I understand her self-designed tampons but this is a must have book!

Last night was the US premiere of the Korean horror film, THE HOST, at the San Francisco MOMA. B got us, Ing and Alan tickets! So we all met at the SF MOMA, had some goodies at their cafe and made our way to the sold out showing. After sitting thru a somewhat dull slide show presentation by the special effects team which is based here in SF — the film was screened. Like most (if not all) Korean films it was about 30 minutes too long but it was also filled with humor, interesting moments and much fun horror! This was played as a part of the SF Animation Festival. We were all a bit thrown off by the idea that the computer generated creature really made the film animated — but it was much fun. Ing screamed more than a few times. B and Alan both jumped out of their skins a couple of times. I was just very much amused. This was quite a departure from the last film I saw by Bong Joon-ho. That was MEMORIES OF MURDER which followed the true story of Korea’s first recorded serial killer. It was both disturbing and funny. I was thinking that it was an old film but I just realized that I am totally stupid and that it came out in 2002 or something. Oh well. If you get a chance to see THE HOST — I say — see it! Creepy stuff — and lots of fun! …sort of like the new book by Amy Sedaris.

Watch the Korean preview!

October 13, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    Oh, ho, ho, you were afeard. I heard screaming and for a moment I got confused and thought I was on a roller coaster ride. But no, I was sitting in a very comfortable seat in the theater.

    The screaming — I think it was you, Matty. I think you were verrrrry a-scared.

  2. matt replied:

    No, it was you. …And Alan and B. I was not afraid. I’m far too tough and macho to be a-scared by an animated monster. You know this!

    I LOVE the Amy Sedaris book!!! Thank you!!!

  3. ing replied:

    Yes, tough and macho. You’re also very polite and perhaps you were pretending to be a little scared just to put us at ease.

  4. hot lunch replied:

    did u know the inside of the cover of the amy sedaris book has a centerfold of her???? it took me a month before i found it!

  5. matty03 replied:

    Hot Lunch! Yes!!! I studied/examined every inch of that book when I got it! I had such fun with that book. …and, I don’t cook or do craft things! LOL!

    Isn’t it a kick ass book?!?!?

    God bless her!

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