It is no secret that I dream of living in the UK — as a matter of fact, I dream of simply visiting it. I’ve a feeling I will feel instantly at home there. Of course, I come from a long line of British white trash on both sides. I believe that my father’s family name was “Stansfield” at some point and the “s” was drop’d upon the move to The States — Texas. My mom’s family name was “Seaman” …go ahead. You can laugh. I do. Anyway, that name is so classic it was kept and my mother’s brother and his male children were ridiculed for years because of that name. Anyway, they took the name to Louisiana. But, by the time my parents met England was longggggg gone from our culture. However, the white trash aspect remained.

But, aside from everything I love about the UK — I really love the comedy. I love Brit-coms! AbFab and League of Gentleman were the best thing to happen to TV since Mary Tyler Moore and Mary Hartman Mary Hartman. And, a couple of years ago we were given Nighty Night!

Thank goodness for my region free DVD! …Tho, I am sure it will be a good six months before I can see it. Sadness.

BUT, I am sooooooo very jealous right now because something very exciting will be airing on the BBC next week. Yes, Julia “Jill” Davis and Mark “Glen” Gatiss are staring in a TV film of the life of Fanny Craddock and her hubby, Johnnie!!! The name of the film is FEAR OF FANNY!!!! It promises to be so very funny and sick. I mean, these two actors know no limits when it comes to a laugh. Fanny Craddock was very scary and rather surreal. She is long dead but still makes Martha Stewart look sweet.

She terrorized her husband and taught the UK to dye all food and to create the ugliest gastronomical creations possible. I wonder how many families had to deal with her culinary horrors as their moms thought they were being fancy. Anyway, if you’ve seen NIGHTY NIGHT or HUMAN REMAINS — I am sure you can imagine how great this film promises to be!

I hope those of you in the UK will update me on how magical the film is!!! I am most jealous!!! I wanna be in England. …for TV shows. I wish I could tell you it was for something more important but Goldfrapp is there, too. So, it wouldn’t just be for TV and I would never adapt a silly faux accent like Madonna.


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  1. ing replied:

    Oooh, the show sounds good! Which reminds me, I have something for you and B. It will help you immensely to plan all the parties you will be having at your place.

  2. Kris replied:

    Just what kind of dvd player is this? Brand and model number please!! You make me wanna get one. I still haven’t seen season 2 of nighty night *le sigh

  3. ing replied:

    I need a stricter machine. Or I need to break through all those vines and branches.

  4. Kalvin replied:

    you know, I do love a lot about England. But I’ve lived with some English guys and they were all DEPRESSING. Maybe it’s just the European attitude, but Europe is so vastly different than here. Perhaps I’m just a cynic

  5. matt replied:

    Ing — We LOVE our gift! Amy Sedaris is showing us the light to entertaining friends and it make me feel good to know that she likes me. She really likes me. Oh, and I think we could all use a stricter machine. God bless Goldfrapp!

    Kris – Yes! You MUST get a region free player before they become illegal. You can find them on the Internet or go Chinatown — you can always find good ones there because it is so hard to get quality Asian films in the US that are on the US region code! And, you MUST see Night Night Series 2 — I think it may now be out on US region, tho. However, I am not sure if it has been edited down for US consumption. ????

    Kalvin — Hmmmm. Well, I’ve never lived with anyone from England but I correspond with quite a few pals from the UK and they are all quite charming, witty and very funny. Maybe you got caught up with “the wrong crowd” — I don’t find your writing cynical.

  6. Dessie replied:

    Darling, please update your Amazon whishlist otherwise it will be a boring birthday for you!

    And I just can’t jump out of a cake in these heels.


  7. matt replied:

    Dessie!!! I haven’t thought of my Amazon Wish List in so long! You don’t have to jump out of cake — you and your hubby just need to come to SF for a visit!!! Yay! That would be so much fun!!!

    kisses from GayTown,

  8. Dessie replied:

    Hmm I’ll be in GA in a few weeks… does that count? No? Well then you’d better update that account!

    Kisses from coldtown xx

  9. matt replied:

    Dessie — Why would you visit GA when I am here?!?!

    stay warm!!!

  10. drc replied:

    I loved Mary Hartman Mar Hartman!!

    British humor is great. Way too funny!!!

  11. Dessie replied:

    The perils of working for a Southern company babe 🙂



  12. Lubin replied:

    Thanks for reminding me about Fear of Fanny – just set my Tivo for it. If it’s any consolation, I find the US to be endlessly exotic – I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the Atlantic 🙂

    Oh, and Kalvin honey – England has nothing to do with Europe. And I’m sorry you lived with some depressing English guys, but unless you were the biggest slut in the world, let’s not generalise your relationship record to the whole country eh? Most of us are a lot of fun!

  13. matt replied:

    Dessie — Oh, just tell them that there are many lucrative deals and marketing strategies to be had in San Francisco. I will lead you to them! I updated my silly wish list but you don’t need to be doin’ nothing with it. Just send me some positive bday vibes for the day. Turning 40. Oy.

    drc — I know! I miss it so and I bet I would understand it better now as an adult. I don’t get why it has not been put to DVD!?!?!?

    Lubin! I wish there were a way for me to play UK video and I would wire you money to tape it for me! Wahhhhh! But, I can only play DVD’s. Oh well. You must tell me if it is as good as it appears it will be!!! Maybe the grass is always greener but I am fairly positive you live in a much better place than we liberal Americans. It is getting scary over here! …Thought control and Sex Crimes any minute. It is getting to Orwellian proportions here!

    Oh, Goldfrapp is in NY on Tuesday for a concert. Of course, I can’t be there but I hope to feel the groove over here while they perform in celebration of the release of WE ARE GLITTER!!!!

  14. Dessie replied:

    Think I’m missin’ somethin’. It says you have no address and you only have one item in your list? There can surely not be more than one of you… can there?

  15. matt replied:

    Dessie — oooooh, that is creepy! And, all the more creepy is that I have that CD! …so, my clone even likes the same band!?!?! …I know that there are at least 3 “Matthew Stanfield”‘s out there. One is in his very early 20’s and is some Southern religious guy and the other is a teenager somewhere.

    Odd, that.

    but my list is under both my email addy and the name matt stanfield.

    You don’t need to be getting me anything. Just send me some happy thoughts on the day! I will be 40. I’ll need ’em! LOL!

  16. Tim replied:

    Come on over Matty! England awaits! But, make sure you save a lot first – it’s bloody expensive over here 😦

    Also, it nevers ceases to amaze me how you manage to watch more British TV than I do! I haven’t seen half the series that you have …. what’s up with that?!

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