September 24, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Mark replied:

    Yeah, so?

  2. ginab replied:

    You know I’m a little with Mark except Matty whatever alerts you alerts you.

    I was changed by a documentary called WHY WE FIGHT. Informative, serious, non-entertainment stuff. I’m rethinking aplenty.

    Why did I ever return here, for one.

    Then Chomsky is selling AGAIN, thanks to the speech.

  3. matt replied:

    Mark & Gina! I was amused by this and really love that it is helping bring Chomsky back into view. Nothing more than that. …I was rushing out the door when I got an email from my brother that was this vidclip. My brother is a huge fan of Chomsky. just thought I would share it. I had read of the comments made but had not seen/heard this clip. I tend to do all my news gathering via Internet vs. TV. Actually, I don’t watch TV except to see DVD’s — so maybe everyone already saw it. LOL!

    Monday is less than an hour away! Time for bed!!!!

  4. Metalchick replied:

    First of all, I have read some of Chomsky’s books and I respect his opinions, but I don’t agree that this speech was the best way to promote his new book. I’m sorry, but I think Chavez comes off a little too extreme to me, plus we don’t know if Noam Chomsky actually agrees with everything Hugo Chavez is saying in his speech.

  5. matt replied:

    MetalChick! Hi! Yes, I agree. Tho, I did enjoy the man’s presentation. However, I also think President Bush is about as Evil as they come. And, on top of that — I think he is really quite stupid. …and he is the President of the US. Chilling!

  6. ing replied:

    I thought this was kind of awesome, actually. I heard about it, and I guess a few people (I sure don’t know who) were supposedly shocked that this guy would call Bush II “the devil”. I thought all the stuff about sulfur was kind of funny.

    But I sure as all getout don’t want to have to read that long, long, long Chomsky book. DRY!

  7. drc replied:

    I had heard about the comments, but this is the first time I heard the speech. Loved that stuff about the sulfur! This man obviously has a sense a humor. If he accomplished nothing else, he got the attention he was seeking and made a few people think.

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