…If this picture uploads incorrectly it only fits the off-centre feel of the night!

My best pal, Ing, writes reviews for a San Francisco website and is now officially considered “press” — this means she gets loads of free passes and that tanslates to opportunities to check out lots of cool shows/concerts in the Bay Area. Tonight, she was kind enough to invite me and B to join her at San Francisco’s infamous performance club located in the far stretches of The Mission, The Dark Room, for a performance by original punk rock writer/performer Jennifer Blowdryer. I want to share some of the show with you but it is so hard.

First of all — how does one describe The Dark Room space? How would I explain the way cool original art tiles I purchased in the lobby? (I will not attempt that, but I will post them here for you to check out! Aren’t they awesome?!?!? They were done by a local artiste by the name of Louise Varmilowecz and are very pretty) How does one describe Jennifer Blowdryer and her fellow performers and highly entertaining videos by her NYC artiste friends? (title: I Love You This Much)

Ing has a beautiful way of taking notes all of the time. You might be having a conversation with her about t-shirts — and, as you change topics you might notice her whipping out a tiny leather bound journal in which she is scribbling something down. As I’ve become close to Ing she has allowed me access to her notes. They fascinate me and have insprired me to attemp the same. I suck at it. Tonight, Ing sat with her pad in hand. Last week I purchased a way cool little journal which I now carry with me at all times to scribble down my ideas. (title: Tambourine With Nature)
So, I think I will just transcribe my sad little notes of the show for you. Unedited. I hope I captured the strange and surprisingly entertaining evening of fun. I wish I could tell you more about Ms. Blowdryer’s stories of Cher’s one night stand and drunken moments on Polk Street and at Studio 54 or her interest in people who tend to get tossed out of public places for bad conduct. But, my notes of the evening will have to do. I should note that Ing wrote a lot. I sort of stopped after the first 20 minutes.

And, please, admire my tiles!!!

@ The Jennifer Blowdryer Show at The Dark Room

Ing is wearing a vintage plaid fitted jacket, a cute designer print t, cool zipper suede boots with her jeans rolled up. B looks REALLY hot in my shirt and brown/orange jacket. His hair looks real atomic. Like the Blondie song. He (B) checks the time.

I wonder how many people have had orgasms in this art/theatre space? I suspect this place is haunted. Go Go Dancer/Surfer rock plays. B yawns. Ing swallows and stares out into space.

A container of milk gone rancid. B gets up. Ing’s boots have almost platform heels. Cool. B’s butt looks great. I wish I could get a Diet Coke. B goes out for a smoke, to get Advil for Ing who has a bad headache and a Diet Coke for me!

Apprently I gave Ing an idea for a visual blog.

More people are coming in now.

Jennifer Blowdryer is really cool! Funny. Smart. This show is going to be strange. I don’t think there is a plan. Improvised all the way.

“Every second is a precious moment”

“I wish there were as many people as there are bubbles in my bubble bath because that would mean there are as many people in the street as — Wait. No. It would just mean that the people in the street are bubbles.”

Funny stuff and off-insights about the fringe. Punk rock for the new century.

“I don’t work. So, I have lots of hobbies”

I envy people like Jennifer Blowdryer. Brave. Free. Not so much an artist as a person who simply lives and tranlates that into art. I feel like a stranger at her home watching her fave movies and talking about things. That drag queen seems out of place her. The girl in the stripes is really quite interesting. I could just sit and listen to her talk for hours.

(title: That Night At The Office)

Those were my notes. On our way to the car we saw a drunk homeless man who appeared to have been hit by a car. People were trying to help him and wait for the police. He was covered in blood.

…life in The City By The Bay.

September 15, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    Ahh, Matty, you’ve just helped me immensely. I didn’t know what to write about Jennifer Blowdryer, but your perspective helps me to narrow my ideas. That notebook was a good idea — keep using it!

    Once you start carrying around that notebook, you’re going to start looking like a writer. . . I’m warning you. . . Y’know what I do sometimes? I write things down and then when I type them up, I fix them up. You get your really great first ideas, and then a second chance to make sense of them.

    I love you, Matty! And I’m so glad you approve of the screensavers I’m thinking about to replace your Goldfrapp one. As soon as I get some more feedback, Project S will be in its final quarterphase, or, as I like to refer to it, “Phase 4: The Final Proto-Kryp”.

  2. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert replied:

    “Not so much an artist as a person who simply lives and tranlates that into art.”
    Somewhere along the line, maybe in the ’60’s art started to become more about the creative process itself, rather than the finished product. There’s so much valid creative activity that’s about exploring process. I wonder if this a reaction to the crass marketing that is such a primary aspect of Western Social Culture.
    Taking notes about B-excellent reference material to be followed up with in depth research after the show.

  3. Kalvin replied:

    I like your notes. And it’s nice to hear you’re so passionate about B.

  4. ginab replied:

    Good notes absolutely. You’re generous too about Blowdryer girl. I did wonder if the performance gave you the sense you were a voyuer, an eavesdropper on a private evening among friends. You captured the essence (I am sure). But your role is really to write, and as Ing said “watch out!”.

    good for you!



  5. ing replied:

    Whoah, Gina, the thing I turned for my other blog was about the “little party” aspect. Hmmmm. I wonder if I got that from Matty’s posting, as in, he helped me understand what I already thought. . .


  6. Bunyan, Paul Bunyan replied:

    I carry a car hood to write notes on with an old growth redwood sharpie…Hard to find as in very rare,very classy in a nuvo backwoods philistine kinda way. PB

  7. Tim replied:

    Nice tiles, Matt! The wolf-heads look kinda Goldfrapp-y … was that just a happy co-incidence?!

  8. ginab replied:

    Hmm Ing, I dunno. When we spoke or when I was listening to you review the performance, or relay what you saw, it all reminded me of how I feel when I watch ITA. I feel like I am watching a private eve among friends (me excluded). I thought that environ or that impression had to do with the electronic format, but maybe Blowdryer G is a genius. Maybe she’s challenging voyuerism afterall. There’s nothing passive about watching, in other words.

    I think I’m hungry.

    Today’s a long’un.

    Hi Matty!!!


  9. Kris replied:

    Ok, I’ve never even heard of her lol There’s always something new I learn from you everytime, people I’ve no clue existed, places I’ve never been. Thanks for letting us see the world thru your eyes..

    Looks like all is well with you (^_^) and am glad about that. Know that you’re thought of it fondly on the other side of the world..ooops, other side of the country hehe

  10. matt replied:

    Ing — I’ve been carrying it about and taking notes! As things are so crazy I might end up transcribing a few here. And, you know, I love you too! And I can’t wait to have Liza and her back boobs as a screen saver! No matter what it might do to my rep!

    Daniel — Yes. I think “Art” is alway in transition. Actually, Art is a burly man who lives in the woods of Dakota but that is a whole other commentary. B totally rules! He rocks my world!

    Kalvin – Thanks!!!

    Gina — It was an odd evening, but I did enjoy it. My scribblings in my journal seem a lot like my writing. Sort of scattered experiences which do not really relate but on I shall push!

    Ing – Does this mean I am inspirational?!?!?

    Bunyan, Paul Bunyan — You are a credit to your gender! You work it with that wooden sharpie!!

    Tim, My Original Blog Hero! Thanks! I love those tiles! You know, I am not a good person to ask. I think everything is somehow related to Goldfrapp. I can’t help it. I believe this to be true. Train.

    Gina — Hi!!!! Hope you got something to eat!!!

    Kris — You should check out her new book. You can get it from Amazon. That is what I had to do — none of the indie stores had it. Sad as it was printed by a SF publisher. She really is quite talented and very smart. …just puts on an odd show. Know that you are thought of with many kind and positive thoughts from the wack’d out west coast!

    I need to catch up on my blog reading/writing but I am in the midst of a move! Exciting stuff I tell ya! Or, I shall soon be tellin’ ya!


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